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Game 2048 - how to win? The best winning strategies

2048 is an addictive logic game for iOS, Android and browser. Today, she breaks all records of popularity, although winning in 2048 is not so simple. But there is a strategy that almost always brings the puzzle to the end.

The rules of 2048 are simple (this is the key to the popularity of any mobile game). It is necessary to move the chips with numbers (left, right, up or down). When the sides of the chips touch the same numbers, they merge, and the number doubles. So, for example, the contact of twos gives a four, thirty twos - sixty four.

The goal of the game is to merge two chips with the number 1024 and get 2048. As soon as you do this, the game ends in a win. It sounds simple, but try to go all the way to the end.

I will help you. Get to know an almost win-win strategy game in 2048.

In fact, there are several ways to almost certainly get the tile number 2048, but I will describe one of the simplest. It is called the angle technique.

  1. The playing field is a square with four corners. You need to choose one of them and remain faithful to him until the end of the game. Make sure the chip with the maximum number is always in this corner.
  2. Other chips should be centered around the maximum. And at the first opportunity, merge it with another tile that has reached the same value.
  3. It is possible that a situation will arise when the maximum chip should go out of its corner. Push it forward but always bring it back.

Attention: The angle technique does not give an absolute guarantee of winning in 2048. When you have to exit the corner, another maximum chip may appear that cannot be driven here. You can continue further, but from now on the game will become noticeably more difficult. It is best to start all over again and hopes that this situation does not happen again.

I wish you enjoy the game in 2048!

Game story

This game, as it happens sometimes, was not created for the purpose of enrichment, for the author it was only entertaining and informative. An Italian 19-year-old guy one evening decided to test his knowledge and write a game. The idea is not completely his, he modified a very similar to this game. Then she began to gain wild popularity, literally in a week the whole world found out about her, and all thanks to the simplicity and addictive gameplay. This game has open source code, which anyone can see, including for training. But we do not need training for anything other than this game. After all, we are here and want to win. So what is the secret of 2048, how to win it?

How to win? First you need to understand the game itself and its rules. Everything is extremely simple. A field of 4 by 4 cubes. At the beginning of the game and at each turn, cubes with numbers 2 or 4 appear in random places (the deuce appears more often). The game has 4 actions, up-down-left-right. Each of them, the player moves all the cubes on the playing field in a certain direction, if they have somewhere to move. If, when moving between each other, two cubes with the same number meet, they are combined, and in their place appears twice as large cell. For example, moving two deuces together, we get fours, from two fours we get eight, and from two eights - 16. Experts of mathematics immediately noticed that all these numbers are powers of two. And given the fact that 2048 is 2 to the 11th degree, you will have to work hard.

How to win in 2048: scheme

There are many schemes and strategies for winning this game. Read carefully and choose the one that suits you. And you can try everything and for yourself to find the most effective and the one that will allow you to find out the answer to the question of if there is a 2048 game, how to win. You can see that the strategies are becoming more complicated, from the simplest to the most complex and effective. Therefore, go in order, and you will win.

List of strategies for winning in 2048

  • Snake: to start the game, you can try this strategy, its essence is that alternately click in all directions. Thus, you won’t be able to gain much, but you can study the game mechanics. Therefore, if you are new to this game, this is what you need.


On this you can end this article about the game 2048. How to win it, you are now
you know, and it's time to put knowledge into practice. Download this game to your phone so that it is always at hand. Or play it right now on your computer, because when it got its popularity, many developers remade it in their own way. And now you can play it on hundreds of sites, with different variations, starting from slices of pizza, which turn into different food, ending with various actors.