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How to change Facebook password?

Every Facebook user is faced with the need to change the current password to a new one. The reason can serve as a hacking account, or just a desire to improve the security level of your page. Changing the password on Facebook is a matter of minutes, and having completed this action once, you can easily repeat it in the future.

Ordinary password change

Internet security experts advise users to change passwords from time to time to reduce the risk of unauthorized access to accounts. Doing this on Facebook is very simple. You must complete the following steps:

1. Go to your Account Settings by clicking the icon at the top right of the page,

2. Click "Edit" in the "Password" field located in the "General" tab,

3. Enter your current password, then a new one and click “Save Changes”,

4. If you use Facebook on multiple devices, select the "Log out on other devices" option. Otherwise, select "Do not log out." Then click Submit.

Forgot your password?

And yet, more often than not, the need to change the password arises because the user simply forgets it. In previous articles, we already wrote what actions should be taken in this situation, and now briefly recall them.

The Forgot Password? Button is a lifeline for forgetful and distracted users. By clicking on it, you open a kind of wizard to restore access to your account. Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that you have to change the password.

First, the system will ask you to indicate your account by entering an e-mail, mobile phone number or the username specified during registration. When your account is found, the system will offer available options for recovering a forgotten code word.

Once you’ve selected your preferred option, click Continue. An individual code will be sent to your e-mail or mobile phone, which will need to be entered on the site. After that, you only need to come up with a new password and click "Continue."

In the future, you can change the password according to the standard scheme.

As for the requirements for the passwords themselves, their length should be at least 6 characters, and they should consist of a combination of letters and numbers. The use of a different register is also encouraged - the security level is increased significantly. For prevention purposes, experts strongly recommend changing passwords and never use the same passwords in several social networks. And if you tend to forget your data, write it on paper. In this case, working with Facebook will be not only interesting, but also as safe as possible!

Easy password change

To reduce the risk of strangers accessing your account, Internet security experts recommend Facebook users to periodically change their password. On Facebook, this action is quite simple.

The following steps are recommended:

  • Using the icon in the upper right corner of the page, go to your account settings.
  • In the "Password" area, which is located in the "General" tab, we find the "Edit" item and click it.
  • There we prescribe our current password, and then a new one, and click on the “Save Changes” button below.
  • If you use the Facebook application on several gadgets, you must select the "Log out on other devices" command. Otherwise, select the "Do not log out" command. Then click on the “Send” command.

Watch the video tutorial - How to change your Facebook password:

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What to do if you forgot your password?

One of the reasons why people decide to change their Facebook password is that the user simply forgot it. Now we will briefly describe what needs to be done in this situation.

The "lifeboat" for scattered and forgetful users is the button "Forgot your password?". You deploy the account recovery wizard with its help. As a result, whatever one may say, you will come to the point that you will need to change your password again.

First, the system will ask you to enter the email address specified during user registration or a mobile phone number. When the service successfully finds your account, you will be offered alternative options for renewing the code word that you forgot.

Having chosen the necessary option, you click “Continue”. And then a personal code will be sent to your mobile phone number, or to an email address, which will need to be registered on the Facebook website. After which you come up with a “fresh” password, enter it and click on the “Continue” command.

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After the work done in the future, you can change the password according to the above scheme.

If we talk about the passwords themselves, then the number of characters must be at least 6 characters and must include both numbers and letters. The security level of your page will be much higher if you use different registers in the password. For preventive purposes, Facebook experts strongly recommend that you do not use the same passwords in several social networks. If you have a bad memory for passwords, then it is best to write them down, for example, in a diary. With this, working on Facebook will be not only exciting, but also extremely safe!

How to find out password from facebook?

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Many are eager to find out the current one or get a new password as soon as problems with it appear. But such an action is excluded! Facebook experts do not send a new version of the password. When access to your account is limited or impossible due to a password, you can change it again, but not get a new one or find out the current one.

This method is much more reliable than when the current password is sent to you - after all, a third party can access it, and at the same time someone will own information about your page.

How to change the password in the settings

We click on the link "Settings" or in the address bar immediately type It directs us to the corresponding page. It looks like the image below. The fourth paragraph is the “password” section, by clicking on the “edit” button, you can literally change the unwanted password in two clicks.

Here we can observe many different categories of your Facebook settings, but you won’t have to search for a long time, since changing all credentials and password in particular right away in the “General” section. Here we see the “Password” tab, and next to it on the right is the “Edit” link, which we need. It is also worth noting that Facebook is very worried about the security of its users' accounts. That is why you will often be asked to change your password. We advise you not to ignore these calls and try to change passwords if you do not want the contents of your account, photos, correspondence with friends, music, etc. became public. Even worse, if your account is hacked and they begin to publish prohibited content on your behalf. This can lead to the closure and ban of your account, as well as other troubles.

How to change password - step by step instructions

So, we are in the general settings of our account and click on the “Edit” link near the “Password” field. The password window opens, where we need to enter our current password and two times a new password. The second time you need to enter to verify the correctness of input to avoid ridiculous typos. If everything is correct, then a little lower green inscription will say that the passwords match. An analysis of the complexity of the selected password is also calculated. We can now say that we learned almost everything about how to change the password.

We press the blue “Save Changes” button below and sleep peacefully, because the new password is both more reliable and more memorable. After this procedure, we can continue to live an active life on Facebook - to continue communicating with our friends and subscribers. For those who very often change their password for FB, there are a variety of password generators that will help to generate a complex password of any length and any complexity for some fractions of a second. And be sure that such code will be very difficult to crack. One more tip - do not enter standard data such as: “111111”, “123456” or “qwerty”. It is better to use the generator and write a complex password to some secluded place, it is not necessary to remember it. You can create a text document, write all your data there and save it on a USB flash drive and on a computer. Just do not call the files "Passwords.txt". It’s better to call them something else. It is even better to password protect these files or make them hidden.

Step 2: Change

After you moved to "Settings", you will see a page with general profile settings in front of you, where you will need to edit your data. Find the required line in the list and select "Edit".

Now you need to enter your old password, which you specified when entering the profile, then come up with a new one for yourself and repeat it for verification.

Now, for security reasons, you can log out of your account on all devices where you are logged in. This can be useful for those who believe that his profile has been hacked or just learned the data. If you don’t want to log out, just select "Stay in the system".

Step 1: Email

To get started, go to the Facebook homepage, where near the login forms you need to find the line “Forgot your account”. Click on it to proceed to data recovery.

Now you need to find your profile. To do this, enter the email address from which you registered this account in the line and click "Search".

Step 2: Recovery

Now select “Send me a link to reset your password”.

After that you need to go to the section Inbox in your mail, where you should get a six-digit code. Enter it in a special form on your Facebook page to continue restoring access.

After entering the code, you need to come up with a new password for your account, then click "Further".

Now you can use the new data to log in to Facebook.

Restore access in case of loss of mail

The last option to reset your password if you do not have access to the email address through which the account was registered. First you need to go to “Forgot your account”as was done in the previous method. Enter the email address to which the page was registered and click on “No more access”.

Now you will see the following form, where you will be given advice on restoring access to your email address. Previously, you could leave requests for restoration in case you lost your mail. Now this is not there, the developers have refused such a function, arguing that they will not be able to verify the identity of the user. Therefore, you will have to restore access to the email address in order to recover data from the social network Facebook.

In order to prevent your page from falling into the wrong hands, always try to log out of your account on other people's computers, do not use a password that is too simple, do not pass sensitive information to anyone. This will help you save your data.

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