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How to become an author of articles

Writer - this is a person who creates works intended for public consumption. For the specified type of activity, he receives a reward. Another form of this activity is recognition of a person by the writing community, critics, or obtaining another expert assessment.

Is it a hobby or a profession

The writer must be:

  • Working age - between the ideas in the head and the book in the cover are hours of work.
  • Competent - no corrector can fix a huge number of errors.
  • Assiduous - you need to be able to present ideas that have arisen beautifully. To do this, you will have to spend many hours at the computer.
  • Educated - many authors keep diaries in which they write beautiful speeches, sensations, skits, etc. This material they will need to work.
  • Be able to express your thoughts, feelings, mood.

A writer can be a person who has talent. Appropriate skills can be developed, a sense of style can be instilled. However, it’s very difficult to train a person to beautifully transfer an idea from head to paper. But probably.

Is it possible to make money on it

Typically, publishers pay 10% of the cost of the copy, and retail makes a 100% margin. The author receives approximately 5% of the cost of the book on the shelf. Novice writers publish works in the amount of 2-4 thousand copies. If the fee for a unit is 10 rubles, then from this amount you can get 40 thousand rubles.

You can also sell books over the Internet, setting a price yourself. All profits will be wholly owned by the author. The circulation will depend on the popularity of labor.

Where to start a career as a writer

Writing, like any kind of art, is based on clear rules. To become a writer and make a living from this occupation, you will have to drive yourself into the framework of terms and topics. But first, a lot of work needs to be done.

1. Choose a genre and your style

The right genre is one hundred percent hit in the target audience. Many authors believe that narrowing the work to one genre will deprive their potential readers. This thesis does not apply to novice authors. If the latter does not want to define the genre, then it confuses the potential reader, that is, the buyer. The reader wants to purchase a specific product. If in a matter of seconds the author cannot explain which book he created, then the reader will leave without a purchase.

2. Make at least 10 attempts

Both beginners and successful writers often face the challenge of maintaining their “unique” worldview. Before you reach the literary Olympus, you need to study what has already chosen humanity. Then the author’s look will become truly original. In attempts to ignore the culture of mankind, the writer risks being left alone with his vision.

Need to constantly write. A lot about everything, try to choose the right words. Trying to keep a fresh look at literature. This is best done using wit. In order not to get lost halfway, you need to believe in yourself and your strength, write as sincerely and well as possible.

3. Analyze the result

Try to keep your literature fresh. This will determine whether the reader wants to study your book and tell others about it. To do this, you need to compare your work with the work of a famous author. This move has proven itself in communication with the editor. If a person at the first meeting says that he writes in the spirit of Saltykov-Shchedrin, then it becomes clear to the publishers that they are faced by an author who seeks to create an artistic and political satire. The search for style icons is important not only for comparison, but also for further training.

4. Listen to the opinions of others

Submit your work not only to the editor, but also to your relatives. If they express constructive criticism. Then you should listen to her. Unless you got in touch with the all-knowing "hitter." It is necessary to be able to distinguish the opinion of amateurs from people with professional and life experience and listen to the latter. Then work on the errors, that is, on editing the style and accessibility of the presentation.

Editor’s tips are very helpful. Most often, he gets a raw product with a lot of errors. Its task is to correct the shortcomings and create a stylistically competent and easy text. Sometimes it is quite sharp and tough. Because in many respects the final success of the book depends on the results of his work.

5. Listen to yourself - is it yours or not

The success of an essay depends on the author’s ability to bring the reader to the center of events. People do not care about the difficulties you experienced in childhood. If you can make the reader imbued with what is happening, learn a lesson, then the book will be successful. Another question is whether you can do this as an author. You need to listen to your inner voice.

6. Continue to write, no matter what

Popularity is the result of painstaking work on bugs. Becoming a writer is very difficult. Not everything depends on hard work and “training”. You can at least sit for 6 hours with a laptop and a voice recorder, but as a result, get a dull work. Not always the desire to write coincides with a person’s talent. If you make efforts, improve skills, read a lot, write even more and try yourself in different styles, then the chance to achieve success increases significantly.

7. Come up with a pseudonym

An author with a beautiful name is easier to remember. How to come up with an alias:

  • Determine which part of the name you want to leave, for example, instead of Alexander - San.
  • Choose a name that matches the genre. The initials are more suitable for the author in the style of science fiction, and the creator of literary works - “soft” names that will sound beautiful.
  • Come up with some pretty nicknames and give yourself time to learn each one.
  • Choose the one you like the most.

8. Try publishing your creations.

Publishing a book costs a lot of money. Even after going through a rigorous selection of works and adjusting the style, no one can provide a guarantee of cost recovery. In addition, the works of beginners are published in a small print run.

Therefore, editors advise starting with social networks and special online platforms. Electronic publication saves the author from several degrees of stumbling block: he can himself go to his readership and test various literary works. Joan Rowling received 8 refusals before publishing the manuscript about Harry Potter, and the work of E. L. James, "50 shades of gray," the Austrian publisher found on the fanfiction forum.

9. Spend a literary evening of their work

Another way to find your reader and to listen to the opinion of critics is to participate in a literary evening of works. First, it’s worth attending an event by a famous author, getting to know the “literary elite”, and listening to relevant topics. The evening takes place in two scenarios: either fans read the author’s favorite works, or the “idol” himself reads out new works. Meetings are also practiced, at which authors who write in different directions speak. Beginning creators at such events share their sketches and listen to the opinions of professionals, including literary critics.

Tips for beginning writers from world gurus

To become a writer, you need great talent and self-discipline. You must clearly understand what prose you want to get, have an example in front of your eyes and follow it.

The most difficult thing for a writer is to finish the job. This cannot be done without patience.

All really good books amaze with their believability. The reader seems to be experiencing all the events and emotions. Only a good writer can give all this to people.

What you need to become a writer in our time

If you want to write a novel in three parts, but don’t know where to start, just sit down and start composing. This is the main advice you can give a beginner. This includes not only the creation of works, but also the maintenance of diaries, blogs, letters to relatives, etc.

  • It is not necessary to describe events in chronological order. A writer is a creator! First you can come up with an ending, and then the story itself.
  • Russian is very rich. Try to use unexpected metaphors and comparisons when creating works.
  • It is very difficult to keep more than three characters in mind. Therefore, it is better to create a brief description of each of them. Names should be selected different from each other, but at the same time characterizing the heroes.
  • Works with unexpected endings cut into memory and cause a lot of emotions.
  • The finished work should be given to someone to read. If it is not possible to use the services of proofreaders, it is better to give the work to friends and acquaintances, but do it anonymously in order to get an objective assessment.

This is how Stephen King creates his works. The author needs to have two copies of his work: draft and finishing version. The first should be created without any help behind a closed door. It takes time to transform all expressed thoughts into a work. At that time, the writer advises to completely change the type of activity or to go to rest. The book should be kept for at least six weeks in a closed box.

After the specified time has passed, the first text corrections are carried out: all typos and inconsistencies are corrected. The main purpose of re-reading the work is to understand whether the text is fully connected.

Formula of the second copy of the manuscript = First option - 10%.

Only after reaching this proportion does the book fall on the table to the corrector.

How to quickly want to write if the muse has left you

Anyone can leave inspiration.

What to do in this case:

  • Are you concerned about some burning question? Try to figure it out yourself and help others do it.
  • Stephen King recommends writing for one perfect reader. It is no coincidence that books that have come down to us from ancient times are a letter to one person ("To Yourself" by M. Aurelius).
  • There are no bad sketches. The writer's task is to polish the text well. The source can be anything.
  • Trust intuition. Inspiration can come at any time. Try to grab it and use it to the maximum, and then work with the result. Another caveat: inspiration comes during work.
  • Work at 110%. Write about what interests you personally. Then other people will find something familiar in the written.

Develop your literary talent all the time

The author’s job is not to create ideas, but to recognize them. There is no Vault of Ideas or Bestseller Islands. Good ideas literally come from nowhere. The author's task is to recognize them.

When a poet writes, he creates an essay for himself, when he corrects it, for readers. At this point, it is important to remove all unnecessary. Then the work will be interesting for other readers.

The writer must develop his vocabulary. But by reading. Spelling dictionary is best put on a shelf with tools. Stephen King believes that any work can be spoiled if you add a bunch of long words to it. The author should state his thoughts quickly and directly.

A good description is the key to success. This is an acquired skill that can only be learned if you read and write a lot. Description is a visualization of an object, heroes, objects, which begins with the words of the author and should end in the imagination of the reader.

How to become a good children's writer

Creating books for children is a fashionable but challenging task. The perception of a child is not the same as that of an adult. They need not fashionable, but interesting books.

The poet of children's books has a great responsibility. They should not have violence, cruelty, bullying. The children's psyche is not yet formed, therefore it is difficult for them to understand irony and sarcasm. Children's author must clearly know the audience. The younger she is, the simpler the stories should be and the characters brighter. Toddlers perceive fairy tales well, while older children perceive intricate stories.

I want to become a famous writer, how to achieve this

  • Make sure that you really want to become a writer and are ready to work in this direction. Without self-confidence, moving forward will be very difficult.
  • Read as much as possible. Alternate short stories with serious masterpieces. This will greatly expand your vocabulary.
  • Write a 10-day story in 10 pages. Make full use of your imagination.
  • Keep a diary for the future "best seller" and fill out one page in it daily. It does not matter whether it is an artistic or documentary direction. The diary is needed to hone skills.
  • Submit your creations to the general public. You can start promoting the book yourself, via the Internet.
  • Listen to constructive criticism. Write down brief abstracts for yourself and leave them in a conspicuous place.
  • Try to create real heroes and love your characters.
  • Write about everything that interests you!


Copywriter - author of texts of various subjects, including advertising, journalistic and selling. The main task of the author is to formulate a topic, develop the structure of the article and write a unique text. The unique text is a completely original work, previously not used on other resources.

A successful copywriter should be able to take into account all aspects of the company's work in the process of creating sales texts. The author delves into the essence of the brand. Copywriters are also involved in translating texts (both artistic and technical), developing slogans for advertising. Sometimes authors can work as screenwriters for television news and other broadcasts.

The author of the articles is a diverse profession that will allow you to realize yourself and turn a hobby into a profession. It is easy to become an author of articles, only the desire and desire for development is important.

Labor market situation

Today, there are a lot of Internet resources that need unique content. The owners of all major websites resort to the services of authors. For magazines and newspapers, this practice is the norm - a whole staff consists of unique articles and advertisements.

An author of articles on the Internet may not have a philological or journalistic education. Everyone can try himself as an author. The author of the article should be able to interest the reader with interesting information, the syllable should be competent and easy to read. To acquire these skills, you need a constant practice of writing texts.

In the labor market, the profession is becoming more and more in demand. There are many companies and web resources that want to recruit their staff of copywriters. A person with the education of a philologist and a journalist, as well as a well-established copywriter with experience, can become an author of a journal. Copyright provides many career opportunities and self-development.

Before becoming an author of articles and entering a professional level, you can work on the so-called copywriting exchanges. Copywriting exchange is a web resource that acts as an intermediary between a copywriter and a customer. Such exchanges allow newcomers to gain experience, and professional authors to find new customers. Exchanges offer orders of absolutely all skill levels.

Rapid career growth

Your hobby can help you become an author of articles. Are you well versed in a specific topic or even in several areas? Try writing your lyrics. Author's articles are very popular on content exchanges, and you can sell them at a very good price. You can also cooperate with customers outside the exchange, thus saving an impressive amount of money, because exchanges withhold commission from customers and contractors in the amount of 5 to 15 percent.

Career growth of a successful author of articles depends only on you. Improve yourself, learn a lot of new things, become a specialist in certain topics, so there will be more orders. Read art books all the time. Soon you will notice that the vocabulary has expanded significantly, literacy has improved.

A talented author of articles will always find a job and will quickly succeed in this field.

Ability to work remotely

Becoming an author of articles and working remotely is the desire of so many people. Indeed, the profession of copywriter in most cases involves remote work. Remote work - work at home.

Thanks to this type of employment, you can independently distribute time. You can take the necessary number of orders for work yourself and execute them at any convenient time. A free schedule will allow you to devote more time to yourself and loved ones. You can arrange a workplace to your liking, not paying attention to corporate rules.

All communication with customers also occurs via the Internet. Fortunately, today there are many video communication programs that will help establish contact with the customer in case of urgent need.

Most Popular Article Topics

На рынке контента существуют самые востребованные и высокооплачиваемые темы статей. Если человек разбирается хотя бы в одной из них, то есть все шансы достигнуть высот в авторской деятельности.

Автор научных статей – одна из самых популярных вакансий на рынке копирайта. Specialized web resources and publishers always needed people who were able to write competent scientific articles describing various research methods and solving scientific problems.

The author of legal articles, who can easily write texts on any legal topics, is in great demand today. Good legal articles are valued quite high, because over the past few years, the number of people who want to get legal advice on a variety of issues is only growing. The author must be able to understand the issue and know the basics of law in order to write a truly unique and high-quality legal article.

If you are well versed in history and in everything that is connected with this, you can safely start writing articles of similar subjects. Authors of historical articles should be able to accurately describe all historical events and draw logical parallels between them.

If you have not decided on the topic, write some time on various topics and find the one that works best.

Fixed salary

All successful sites, of which there are many, need unique content. That is why authors of absolutely any qualification are constantly in demand. Payment in the world of copyright is carried out for 1000 characters without spaces. Basically, beginners start with a rate of 10 rubles per 1000 characters. The amount, of course, is not large. If you are a beginner, but are sure that you write correctly, after writing a couple of cheap articles proceed to orders more expensive (15 rubles per thousand characters and above).

Very little time will pass, and progress will be noticeable. Orders will be more profitable. The main thing is not to stop there, because all successful people started with something insignificant

Who can write articles for a magazine?

Anyone who wants! The main condition is competent speech to write articles, after all, but you must be able to build sentences.

You do not have to be an expert in any field, the owner of a blog and, even more so, a journalist. You can be a student, a beginner businessman, a cultural and art worker (artist, musician, writer), or just a person who wants to share his opinion or story with others.

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