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A coffee table is not an essential item in the house, but without it the interior is devoid of comfort. Such an insignificant detail noticeably changes the atmosphere in the room.

A table made of wood with your own hands brings a touch of home warmth. Therefore, it is better to make a coffee table yourself than to purchase in a store.

Before starting work on the preparation of materials, it is necessary to decide which model of the table will fit into the interior of the room. What preferences are in shape, color, height, etc. If a person has a sense of taste, he can create a coffee table project. Or do it yourself do-it-yourself a suitable option, found both in the network and in specialized magazines.

Modern design solutions suggest models of this element of furniture so diverse in form that you can get lost in this abundance. In recent years, not only standard geometric shapes of tables, but also bold exclusive solutions have appeared more and more often in interiors.

  • square little tables. Quite familiar to the layman option of a coffee table. The traditional shape of the countertops is acceptable in a room with a similar set of furniture that everything is designed in the same style. This form is quite functional if you equip the table with additional shelves and drawers. The dimensions of the countertops may vary, depending on the location and wishes of the owner. But usually used in the size of 80 by 80 centimeters,
  • rectangular little tables. This form requires more space in the room, so it is not recommended to place rectangular coffee tables in small rooms. The width of such a standard table is usually 60 cm, the length is arbitrary, but no more than 160 cm. A small company can be located at such tables,
  • round and oval tabletop shapes. Most often, this form of coffee table can be found in a house where there are small children or old people. The rounded edges of the countertop will not allow injuries and injuries to their owners. At the oval or round table it’s nice to have an evening tea party,
  • non-standard forms. It is very fashionable now to have furniture with non-standard solutions in the interior. Loving couples acquire tables in the shape of a heart. The triangular table looks fantastic, as if it is a gift from alien creatures. A coffee table in the form of a curved snake gives the room a unique and extravagance.

The height of the coffee table is of great importance, if not basic. The standards applicable to this kind of tables indicate that their height should be at least 40 centimeters, and also not exceed 50 centimeters.

These standards allow you to comfortably use it while sitting on an armchair or sofa.

But these recommendations are relative. The height of sofas and ottomans is arbitrary today. There are models that have a high arrangement of pillows. And there are models in which a person sits almost on the floor. Therefore, low models of tables today are quite in demand. They resemble oriental customs, where it is customary to sit on the floor during a meal.

The main criterion in choosing the width of the countertop is the area of ​​the room where the coffee table will be located. A small apartment involves compact furniture. And in a spacious room it is appropriate to place a large table.

In many ways, the shape of the table depends on the functionality that is assigned to it. The presence of attached wheels below is appropriate for frequent movement from place to place. You should also consider whether the wheels will not harm the floor. A large number of shelves is necessary for those who like to keep all sorts of little things at hand or want to use a table for creativity with their children.

What can be made of?

The most common material for making a table is natural wood. It is an environmentally friendly material from which wonderful furniture is obtained.

But over time, the tree can dry out and fade, change its structure and shape. Therefore, it is undesirable to place pieces of furniture from it near heating appliances.

In addition, such varieties of wood as wenge have a high price, which raises the idea of ​​making wood only countertops.

MDF, laminated particleboard, special furniture plates covered with plastic are cheaper options from which you can make a table. This also includes glued wood panels, which are made of less valuable wood species, which can significantly save, but at the same time they will look like a solid board of expensive wood. Making the basics of the table from these materials, veneered.

It is very fashionable to have a table in the interior with a transparent glass countertop. This table gives the room a luxurious and expensive look. But there is one significant minus in such tables.

In addition to wood, MDF and glass, you can use non-traditional materials: cork material, stone, ceramics, metal, plastic and other materials that can be found in construction stores.

Tools and materials

Before you make a coffee table with your own hands, you need to collect materials and tools:

  • Glue (preferably PVA)
  • Glue brush
  • Workpiece blank
  • Preparation for the legs of the table,
  • Wheels (if necessary)
  • Dowels
  • Hacksaw,
  • Jigsaw,
  • Roulette,
  • Elbow,
  • Marker or pencil
  • Drill,
  • Grinding nozzle for drill,
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver,
  • Clamps
  • Plane,
  • Chisel,
  • Bit,
  • Mallet.

How to cut elements from wood yourself?

The main elements of a coffee table are countertop, slats and legs. For the manufacture of countertops, you can take materials such as MDF sheet, boards, glass, plywood, etc., but traditions tell you to make your first wooden table yourself.

The main rule in preparing the elements of the table is to correctly markup. The proverb “measure seven times, cut once” fits perfectly in this case.

We cut out the tabletop using a jigsaw according to the intended marking. This tool will allow you to make an even cut and give the table any shape, from simple rectangular to curly. Legs (4 pieces) can be cut with a hacksaw and then give them any shape with a jigsaw. Planks (4 pieces) are also cut with a hacksaw. Then we make holes in the legs, and spikes in the trims. In the future, it is necessary to grind all the blanks of the future table.

We pre-assemble the table, followed by fitting all the details. The joints should fit tightly into each other with little effort by hand. If the coffee table turned out the way you conceived, then you can proceed to gluing the details.

The next day, we clean the legs with strips of glue residue. Then we attach the countertop to the slats using self-tapping screws and glue. Self-tapping screws must not go through the countertop. After drying, again clean all seams from glue residue.

When the coffee table dries well, you can start work that will protect the wood from moisture, decay, the appearance of fungi and mold. As well as decorating a home-made element of a home interior.

Protection is carried out with antiseptic agents that will protect the table from moisture and exposure to sunlight.

The most popular and affordable tool for wooden products is stain. It prevents material from deformation, fungus and mold.

Stain is a water repellent deep penetration. There is a large selection of color shades of this product, similar to different types of wood. After the stain dries, a colorless varnish is applied, which gives shine and gloss.

Yacht varnish protects the tree from swelling, drying out and decay. This varnish forms a film after a single application. Re-treatment should be carried out after two years.

Polyurethane varnish repels moisture and prevents deformation, drying out and wear of the material. This varnish is of two types - matte and glossy.

Acrylic lacquer helps protect the surface of a wooden table from the effects of external natural factors. With this varnish it is best to process furniture on a summer cottage. It protects the wood product from moisture. The main component of acrylic varnish is an aqueous dispersion of resins. It gives decorative properties to the finished product.

All of these products are easy to apply with a roller or brush. To work with them you do not need to be a great specialist in the paint and varnish business. The main thing is to arm yourself with personal protective equipment (mask, respirator).


A coffee table in the interior of the room is always a winning option. And made with your own hands is a doubly pleasant thing than what you purchased in a store. Pride and satisfaction from the contemplation of their skills and abilities of the master will be appreciated by all guests at home.

You can always purchase or order any furniture in the salon, but to fully realize your dreams and wishes is possible only if you do everything yourself. Moreover, this can guarantee the exclusivity of the product. Such a product will retain the owner’s aura and attract the warmth and comfort of the hearth to the house.

Do-it-yourself drawings and schemes of coffee tables

The simplest version of the coffee table is a classic rectangular shape with four legs.

It is comfortable, lightweight and versatile. For rigidity of the frame, the underframe is assembled from legs and drawers - a rectangle connecting the legs and supporting the countertop. Otherwise, the legs will move apart and the table will lose its stability.

But if you choose a drawing with an intermediate shelf and a platform, the drawer is no longer necessary.

At the same time, the complexity of the assembly does not increase much, but now you can store books, notebooks or other trinkets in the coffee table.

For small apartments, a folding table-transformer scheme is more suitable.

A feature of this design is the absence of legs - they are replaced by four sidewalls, to which an already ready folding mechanism is attached from the inside. To it, on a short pair of supports, a wide board is fixed - the underframe, and on the high supports a double tabletop is attached, which in the unfolded version and rests on the underframe.

Table for magazines from PVC pipes

The simplest and most economical, but very original version of a coffee table is to make it out of plastic pipes. Shape and height depend only on a wild fantasy. It can be a small round table that acts as a bedside table or a full-fledged coffee table with a glass top.

To create it you will need:

  • pipes of two diameters - thicker for the legs and already for the underframe, for example, 16 and 9 mm,
  • glue gun or a tube of transparent superglue,
  • medium grain sandpaper
  • hacksaw for cutting plastic pipes (can be replaced with a saw for wood),
  • acrylic paint to hide printed markings on pipes.

The process itself is simple to disgrace:

  1. Cylinders of the selected length are cut. 4 legs are made of a thick pipe - their length will be equal to the height of the future table (40-50 cm). 30 short cylinders are cut from a narrow pipe, on average 10-15 cm (depending on the shape of the table, the number can be changed).
  2. You need to start collecting the base from the center - so there will definitely not be large gaps between the cylinders. Glue is applied to the entire surface of the contacting pipes. A little trick - to accurately glue the cylinders, liquid superglue is poured from the end of the pipe so that it stacks along the entire length of the joint down. But the joints on the outside are simply processed with a glue gun - after painting they will become invisible.
  3. When the desired shape is reached, the legs are glued - you need to make sure that the distance along the diagonal between them is equal. Otherwise, the table will fall on one side.
  4. The final stage is painting. The easiest way to do this is with an aerosol method, although you can use a simple paint brush.

When laying glass countertops on your table, you should choose tempered glass 10 mm thick. So that the removable tabletop does not slip on the base, silicone shock absorbers are used for furniture.

If you plan a fixed tabletop, it is fixed with transparent silicone glue.

DIY wooden coffee table assembly

For fans of the classical style, there is nothing better than a wooden table. For him, you need to stock up:

  • planed bar 40x40 mm - for legs,
  • planed board 50x20 mm - for the drawer,
  • finished tabletop from a furniture board 800x400 mm (but MDF or plywood is also suitable),
  • putty for wood - wipe holes from screws,
  • sandpaper or sanding nozzle for a drill - process wood,
  • varnish or paint - for finishing the table.

Of the tools you will need a screwdriver (or screwdriver), saw on wood and a drill. After cutting the bar into legs, and the board into the drawer, the assembly of the table begins:

    The first is going to the underframe. For convenience and ease of assembly, everything is done upside down. The sides to the legs are fastened obliquely with screws through pre-drilled holes. But it is possible with metal corners, if aesthetics is not so important.

To prevent the wide tabletop from bending under heavy weight, you can add additional jumpers from the same board as the sidewalls.

The countertop itself can be either fixed from the inside with metal corners, or nailed from the outside. In the latter case, before painting, all holes are sealed with putty.

Wooden tables are made not only from planed wood. With minimal wood skills, you can create original furniture even from firewood. For example, picking up a wooden block and a pair of U-shaped thick branches suitable for height, having worked a little with a grinding nozzle and varnished everything, you get an excellent massive coffee table for a summer residence.

And if after the construction of the house there are several euro pallets left, there is no need to rush to dispose of them. It's almost a finished table!

It is enough to grind and treat the surface with stain, put them on one another and reliably connect them together. And to make the table mobile, 4 wheels are screwed from below, 2 of which with brakes.

Decorating a coffee table with epoxy

If there is a sawmill nearby and you can get a sawn board with a lot of defects for nothing, it's just wonderful! It is from these materials that the most beautiful tables decorated with epoxy are obtained.

The process is time consuming, but not too complicated:

    The cut board is glued with wood glue to the countertop. Smooth boards are always placed under the clamps - for even fixation.

  • After the glue has completely dried, the countertop is polished, all cracks and holes from the knots are cleaned. Before applying epoxy resin, the surface must be cleaned of dust and fine chips.
  • So that the resin does not spill through the through slits or does not spill over the edge, the bottom of the countertop is sealed with an acrylic film, and the ends are closed with plastic borders.

  • To make the table glow effectively, use luminescent paint in powder. For 2 liters of the finished resin solution, about 100 g of paint is needed. The resin and hardener are mixed 1: 1, the dose should be measured accurately and so that the hand does not tremble. Having gone too far with the hardener, the resin will crack, the lack of a hardener will delay the solidification period.
  • Filling takes place in several layers, as the resin is gradually absorbed, and it is necessary to achieve complete filling of the holes.

    After the resin has hardened, its residues are carefully cut off, the surface is polished and everything is covered with polyurethane paint.

    Such a tabletop is suitable for a coffee table in the living room of the cottage, and in the bedroom of a city apartment.

    If at home there are several meters of wooden blocks left, a table can even be made of them! The video shows in detail and in an accessible way how to make unusual designer furniture from construction residues:

    Materials for the manufacture

    In the manufacture of modern coffee tables, a wide variety of materials are used. Unlike in the past, when standard rectangular constructions made of MDF were stamped, today's models amaze with their diversity. One of the expensive options are wooden tables made of natural wood. Such a little thing will decorate any interior, it will always look elegant and respectable. Designs come in a wide variety - from simple, rough, Scandinavian-style tables to classic ones decorated with forged or carved decorations.

    Since wood is quite expensive, chipboard and MDF boards help to replace it. If we talk about durability, they, of course, are inferior to wooden ones, but they look no worse. To compensate for the simplicity of the material allows design tricks, for example, transforming worktops, built-in sockets, etc.

    Metal also takes part in the design of coffee tables. Frames are formed from metal pipes, then supplemented with countertops from other materials. Elegant curls of forged elements with glass countertops look very beautiful. Иногда можно встретить дизайнерские разработки, в которых столик полностью состоит из металла.

    In modern furniture production, it is increasingly possible to meet glass interior items that bring a certain lightness, airiness to the atmosphere. Products are made of heavy-duty tempered glass that is resistant to all kinds of influences, so you can not be afraid that such an interior item will break or deform under the influence of high temperatures. In some models, glass is designed only on the surface of the countertop.

    Plastic is used much less often, since it does not differ in high strength, but has a large color palette and low cost. Most often, it is found as components of a wooden or metal structure.

    In home-made original coffee tables, the choice of material is significantly increased, since, in addition to traditional materials, various improvised tools are used.

    How to make a coffee table: beautiful ideas

    For the manufacture of coffee tables with their own hands, plywood is most often used, which is relatively inexpensive and easy to process. You can also use various improvised materials and build the most bizarre designs. More complex details, such as curly handles, legs, wheels, accessories and other decorative elements, can be purchased at a furniture store.

    Contemporary plywood coffee table

    Making such an original coffee table does not require much time, but the product will take its rightful place in any interior with notes of minimalism. To work, you need to purchase a sheet of plywood, three legs with mounts, a thick thread, a pencil, a centimeter, a jigsaw and paint (preferably white or black).

    So, the first thing you need to do is cut the countertop. On the back of the sheet, select the point that will be the center, drive a small carnation. Cut a piece of thread the length of the radius of the future table. We fasten one end to a clogged clove, and we attach a pencil to the other and, pulling the structure, draw a round shape of the countertop. Then you can dream up and give the canvas a more original shape. It is noteworthy that for the manufacture of such a table, drawings and measurements will not be needed at all. The cutout figure of the tabletop is cut out with a jigsaw, grinded and painted. When the structure is completely dry - fasten the legs. The table is ready.

    Coffee table made of pallets (pallets)

    This original design perfectly fits into many style designs. Most successfully, it will complement a daring loft or a natural eco-style. Designing such an exclusive table is not difficult: to work, you need to get a pallet, metal legs or wheels (at your discretion). Also, you can not do without screws and a screwdriver, saw, paint or varnish with a brush.

    Step by step, all work on the design of the table will take place in the following order:

    1. We designate the size of the table on the pallet and saw off the excess part.
    2. From the residues we take the planks and cover them with gaps in the main structure, so that a solid surface is obtained, we fix using self-tapping screws.
    3. Turn over and draw five cross bars: two on the sides (legs will be attached to them) and one in the center for stability.
    4. We mount the supports and open the structure with varnish or paint.

    Coffee table

    An old worn tire can be a good basis for creating a great home coffee table. Additionally, you need to prepare plywood. Before proceeding with the design, it is necessary to thoroughly wash and dry the tire. Next, you need to measure the diameter of the tire and cut two circles from plywood: one - the countertop - should correspond to the diameter of the tire, and the other - the base - be several centimeters smaller. To the base, you can immediately attach the legs, wheels or leave without support at your discretion. We fasten the round sheets of plywood to the tire with the help of self-tapping screws or we sit on building glue - the base is ready.

    Next, we choose one of two ways: we wrap with a rope either the entire structure completely, or only the sides. In the first option, you need to think about how to process the countertop - perhaps paint or cover with shiny varnish.

    Winding should start from the center: we fix the end of the rope with a self-tapping screw or glue gun and begin the movement with winding circles, gradually moving to the sides. There is no point in wrapping it up, unless you decide to make the table half two-tone. At the end of the winding, the entire structure should be covered with transparent varnish to extend the service life.

    Coffe table

    If your farm was littered with wooden boxes of vegetables - do not rush to throw them away. Only four of these containers can turn into a beautiful and useful part of the living room interior. If you do not have drawers, the most difficult part in making the table will be to get them. Then everything is simple: the boxes need to be sanded, painted and folded, as shown in the photo. We use a sheet of plywood, which must be screwed on the underside of the structure so that it does not fall apart. So our coffee table is ready. The advantage of this design will be the organization of spacious storage spaces for various magazines, books and other gizmos.

    Coffee table for travel lovers

    Nowadays, travel to different countries has become available to many. But there is a special category of people who simply cannot live without constant trips to distant corners. They will surely like a coffee table reminiscent of certain pleasant voyages. For manufacturing, any old suitcase with hard walls is suitable, not suitable for use for its intended purpose. You will also need a sheet of thick plywood, a screwdriver with screws, paints and, if desired, legs or wheels.

    From plywood we cut two sheets with an area equal to the base of the suitcase, we fasten them from the inside to the base and the lid. We fasten the legs or wheels. Next, you need to decorate the table - for this, different methods are used. One of the simple options is to paint it white, and when the structure dries, use abrasive paper to make scuffs that indicate the antiquity of the item. Such a product will adorn the living room in the style of shabby chic. The black color of such a table will harmoniously fit into the loft living room, and decoupage decoration will become a real masterpiece of Provencal design.

    Snag coffee table

    The uniqueness of furniture made of stumps and snags lies in its originality - that which is created by nature itself does not have similar patterns and textures. Such products always attract the eye with their bends and weaves. In addition, it is not so difficult to get the source material - it can be found in the forest, on the shore of the reservoir. The snag must be washed, cleaned of bark, and remove rotten bends. Next, you need to adjust, align the form under the countertop and base and allow the workpiece to dry thoroughly (if there are large holes in the wood, it can be puttied).

    The dried driftwood is carefully ground, covered with stain (you can choose the most liked shade) and varnish. The foundation is ready. The tabletop can be attached with construction glue or self-tapping screws (depending on what it is made of). Glass tops are very popular now, through which the winding wooden branches are clearly visible.

    2. For the smartest

    Books with beautiful covers and a small glass for the countertop - that's all the materials for such a coffee table. Books need to be glued together, and the glass on them can be fixed with silicone glue, which after drying becomes transparent.

    3. Ordered chaos

    A coffee table made of flat elements fastened together in a chaotic manner is an idea that is easy to implement. Suitable wooden saw cuts, parts of boards, large books.

    4. Industrial style

    Coil for industrial cables - a thing that can not be found on every corner. But if you are nevertheless lucky enough to become the owner of this item, you can make an excellent coffee table out of it.

    7. The second life of old boxes

    Another way to become the owner of a coffee table made of natural wood is to use old boxes as a material for its manufacture. Four large drawers stitched together form a stylish table.

    15. Of ordinary wooden beams

    A wooden beam folded in a checkerboard pattern will become the countertop for a makeshift coffee table. The legs can be made of thick metal wire.

    To make the interior look harmonious, you need to take care not only of the details, but also of the decoration of the room. In continuation of the topic - 12 impressive ways to decorate the ceiling.

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