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Friendship with a teacher

Think about why you want to make friends with a teacher. If the goal is to hand over his subject without hard study, forget about this plan. Keep in mind that your mentor is a smart, insightful person, and he will surely bite you and dislike you for using it for your own purposes.

If your task is to establish good relations with a teacher, whom you highly value as a professional and respect as your teacher, then you should demonstrate good academic performance in his discipline. Prepare well for seminars, repeat past topics, and learn material in preparation for tests, tests, or exams.

Correct behavior

Show the teacher that you recognize his authority. Just try not to cross the line and not turn into a sneak student. Teachers do not like those who openly suck at them. Therefore, with excessive zeal, you can only push away a mentor from yourself. Adequately perceive criticism in your address. Do not start a conflict with the teacher.

Demonstrate interest in the subject taught by the teacher. Actively participate in workshops. If there are electives in this discipline, sign up for them. Study additional literature on this subject.

Svetlana Chernyshova

Psychologist, Consultant. Specialist from the site

yes it happens, I have a best friend when we began to be friends was our teacher at the institute, now he is dean, still friends, 12 years already

yes it happens, I have a best friend when we began to be friends was our teacher at the institute, now he is dean, still friends, 12 years already

yes it happens, I have a best friend when we began to be friends was our teacher at the institute, now he is dean, still friends, 12 years already

Yes! I believe that such a friendship is absolutely real! But it’s better to start friendships after he / she ceases to be your teacher. Then there will be less gossip) and if you will be of the same gender, then generally excellent)))
Of course, start with social networks, it’s easier to establish communication there)
I relate to such friendship) naturally, if a student does not have any selfish goals!)
I invest in this concept. Well, it depends on the age difference! If it is small, then everything is the same that Maria listed.
If the difference is big, then the teacher can simply become an adviser, mentor, assistant! And you will respect him, love with all your heart)
I myself have been friends since school with a couple of teachers. We call back sometimes, correspond, congratulate each other on holidays, address some requests to each other, and meet when they arrive in the city where I am studying! More than 4 years have passed since graduation. I love them very much, respect and thank them for the knowledge that they gave me at one time!
And at the institute. Here I communicate well with one teacher who has not been with me for two years. We began to communicate with the company from the group, but gradually everyone moved away from it, I remained alone from the previous company. We correspond, we go somewhere together.
In addition, I communicate a little more than studying with my teacher from the department. She immediately struck me with her mind, ability to present material, responsiveness, kindness. She became insanely dear to me just like a man! And I am very glad that it is in my life. We communicate in social networks, at the university, it helps me a lot.
But this is still a kind of friendship) you can’t show it at school, otherwise they’ll peck after all))) and you just have to follow the rules of decency, subordination!
Maria, what made you ask such a question? Do you want to make friends with someone?

Action plan

In addition to the zeal for the subject, take a few steps to get closer to the teacher. Just do not overdo it. Otherwise, you risk exposing yourself as a very intrusive student.

After the lecture or seminar, approach the teacher. Tell me how you like his subject. Praise the style of presentation of a particular topic and note the successfully composed class structure.

Frankly tell the teacher that you are so interested in his discipline that you would like to get more knowledge on him. Ask what literature can be read on it and be sure to check out the books that will recommend you.

Next time you can discuss what you read with your mentor. Show your deep knowledge of the subject and express your intentions to devote yourself to this subject or related discipline.

If the teacher appreciates your efforts, then he will deal with your additional education in his personal time. And you can not only better study the subject you are interested in, but also get valuable lessons and advice from a professional whom you value and respect.

How to make friends with a teacher

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Friendship with a teacher can open up many useful opportunities, especially if you are a graduate student or a resident. Thanks to a good relationship with the teacher, it will be easier for you to get job recommendations or internships after studying. It will also help enrich your experience and deepen your knowledge. To make friends with a teacher, start with a friendly, friendly acquaintance. Then demonstrate good behavior in the classroom and maintain a good relationship with him in the future.

Start of conflict

If you are in the “enemy of the people” position, then you should return to the very beginning. Since no conflict is born from the air. Most likely, somewhere you really crossed the path to the teacher. There are, of course, cases of unjustified aggression, but this is rather the exception (we will analyze this case at the end of the article). So think well what you did wrong:

- maybe you are late all the time for a couple
- or maybe don’t come to them at all
- or you rude on purpose or by accident
- or.

The list of reasons is not limited and goes down to infinity. The main thing is to find the root of the problem and proceeding from this, proceed to the next stage of solving the problem of interpersonal relations. If you went through all sorts of options in your head, but none of them fit, then perhaps the best solution would be to ask the teacher himself. But only if he is not an aggressive orc, then the relationship can become even more aggravated, as your attempt to talk will be perceived as an attack.

White flag or reconciliation

When you understand the reason for the dissatisfaction of the teacher, you should develop a plan for networking. Not everything is so simple, because depending on your goals, there will be different methods. Only we do not advise you to foment conflict even more and dig a hole for a harmful teacher. As a well-known saying goes, do not dig a hole for another ... You probably know the end. If not, we recommend google.

So, there are three main tactics on how to position a negatively minded person toward you. But remember that all three strategies work from the starting point - the causes of the conflict. That is, if you ask for forgiveness for being late, but in fact, the teacher is dissatisfied with you because you publicly insulted him, then you risk giving him another reason for aggression. Since before talking with you, he might not have noticed this problem.

Guilty plea

In fact, this is one of the most effective ways to make contact with a person. After all, this is what he expects when he begins the war. Its purpose is to make it clear that you were wrong. And if you admit this, apologize, and also promise that from now on this will not happen again, then the enemy will be neutralized. The reason for anger will simply disappear. And do not think that in this way you will show weakness, on the contrary, it is an act of a mature and confident person who is able to analyze his own actions.

We prove by deed, not by word

If you don’t really like to talk, and verbally it’s hard for you to admit your guilt, you can prove everything by deed. Show the teacher that you are capable of other behaviors, and he, as an adult, is likely to appreciate your action. In addition, in the modern world, actions are much more valued than words. Here it will not be necessary to flatter, drive up on a gray mare and smile deceitfully, just do what you must, then they will notice it and take note.

A heart-to-heart conversation and a nice gift

Another effective way at all times is a heart-to-heart conversation and a small gift. Just keep in mind that this should be something insignificant, and better edible, otherwise a gift from the heart can be perceived as an attempt to bribe. Try to talk frankly with the teacher about what happened, why tensions arose and politely explain your position. And don't be afraid to apologize if necessary.

Pin result

When you have already talked with the teacher, and he even tried to understand you, do not rush to relax. In order for the conflict to exhaust itself to the end, most likely, you will have to make an effort - and confirm your words with deed. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you be a diligent student, or at least create the appearance, another two or three weeks after the conversation. And remember that the main thing in any relationship is a benevolent disposition, since it completely suppresses attacks of aggression. Therefore, keep calm so that it does not happen.

Aggressive orc or how to build relationships with someone whose name cannot be pronounced aloud

There is also such a category of inadequate teachers with whom it is simply impossible to establish contact, and they are angry for no particular reason. But, in fact, there is an approach to them. Here are some suggestions for better communication with such people:

1. Do not defend your point of view - you still do not prove anythingjust spend your nerves and time. In this situation, it is better to behave tactfully and not wave a red rag in front of the bull.

2. Do all the work on time. Or at least just hand over all the tasks. But if you do not have time for the deadline, it is better to work hard to come up with a weighty reason why it did not work out by the right date. Just do not go too far in excuses. And it’s not worth it to make excuses either, otherwise let the dictator feel weak, he will immediately begin to take the opportunity to assert himself at your expense.

3. Do not give cause for anger - be one step ahead. Remember that you hide your burrows not because you cannot stand up for yourself, but in order to avoid unnecessary problems. It is better to restrain your ardor than to go to retests ten times and deal with the situation through the dean’s office.

4. If the conflict did happen, and there is no way to establish communication, then tactfully ask the dean’s office that another teacher take the discipline, explain the situation, and most likely, they will meet you. Only in this case will you already have to work hard and, indeed, prove that you know the subject at the proper level.

Whatever the teacher, he is still a man. So, you can establish a relationship with him. The main thing is to keep the mind flexible and remember that the spirit of rebellion is good, but a friendly attitude gives far greater results than hysterical cries.