Useful Tips

Booklet folding methods

A triple-folded sheet of paper is very convenient for use as advertising booklets, invitations, flyers, and so on. You get as many as six columns on which you can provide people with the necessary information: three on the inside, and three on the outside. An additional plus is that the booklet looks more professional than just a sheet of paper folded in half. Try to use high quality paper that can be easily folded.

Zigzag folding booklet (accordion)

This folding method is great for demonstrating large images, graphs, charts, maps. A booklet folded this way easily unfolds in the hands of the client. For her, you can use large text that will interest the client, and he will want to expand the booklet. Booklets folded in this way are very productive, but they do not have a lot of space, so with their help, most likely, it will be possible to present no more than one item of a product or service, but it often happens that this is enough for this type of advertising material.

Folding the booklet in half

Booklets folded in half are an excellent springboard for their developers' imagination. Some designers use them as a user guide because their pages are wide. They allow you to accommodate large images, graphics, without violating, at the same time, the integrity of the latter, as happens when transferring part of the images to another page. Booklets folded in half - a great way to give a comparative description of the goods, they can also be used in the form of menus, playing fields, etc.

The pages of the booklet folded in half are wider than the pages of advertising materials folded in other ways, so they are attractive, have a professional look. At the same time, because of their width, they, as a rule, cannot be distributed on shelves of shopping and entertainment outlets, hotels, etc., therefore, booklets that you intend to distribute in this way should be folded differently.

Having studied all the ways of folding a booklet, a graphic designer can choose any, or even several, of them. It is important to remember that there are no restrictions on the number of pages and bends of your booklet. You can apply any of the options for folding it in order to make it original, catchy, and with its help expand your customer base. If you plan to print your advertising materials on professional equipment, in a printing house (and this is a prerequisite for their high quality), make sure that the template for your promotional materials is completely ready for printing. Before you start printing, you need to know how booklets on paper will look. Today, many printing houses offer ready-made booklet templates to their customers. If the printing house where you print your advertising materials provides you with a template, you should use it.