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How to Make Cricket Better

Cricket cannot be called a game that everyone loves without exception. But still in England, Australia, New Zealand, India, cricket is extremely popular. Cricket is a slow game. Players can interrupt the match and go to drink tea, and thus, one match sometimes lasts several days.

The main cricket accessories are a solid red ball and a massive wooden bat. A huge amount of this inventory is manually produced in Indian factories such as this.

1. This factory is located in Miruta, 80 km from Delhi. Pictures taken on January 28, 2011. Manufacturers of cricket equipment are in a hurry to satisfy the demand wave that has risen in connection with the approaching Cricket World Cup. A factory like this can produce up to 600 balls a day. Such a ball in retail costs from 60 to 600 rupees (or from 1.3 to 13 US dollars).

The BDM factory has been producing balls, bats, and cricket equipment for a friend for almost 90 years. Local and international cricket stars such as Sanat Jayasuria from Sri Lanka and Brian Lara bought their inventory here. The best cricketers in India are highly respected. Workers in this factory receive about 5,000 rupees ($ 110) per month, plus bonus for exceeding the norm. There are practically no cars here. From morning to night, the factory workshops are filled with the knocking of hammers that drive the cork core of the balls into shapes, and the tinkling of needles with which workers sew the balls in a hurry with all their might.

2. The worker is busy dressing the skin from which the shell for cricket balls will be cut.

3. The cork core of the balls is laid out on the ground for drying.

4. Worker busy processing leather

5. Using a hammer, the worker attaches the cork wrapped with threads to the required spherical shape. This is how the core of the cricket ball is made.

6. The worker sews together two halves of leather trim, placing the cork core inside.

7. The worker sews the halves of the leather casing of the cricket ball.

8. Before packing, the balls are polished.

9. Worker stamps the balls.

10. The process of packing cricket balls.

11. The process of polishing cricket balls.

12. Workers carry trays of finished cricket balls for packaging.

13. Coloring the skin for casing of cricket balls.

14. Worker sews casing for cricket ball.

15. The core of cricket balls is made of cork with a hammer and threads.

16. A worker cuts a cricket ball skin from leather.

17. First, a piece of cork is wrapped with threads, and then molding is carried out using a hammer.

18. The spherical core of the ball, wound with thread, and two halves of leather lining are first weighed, then, if everything is normal, these parts are assembled into a finished ball. The weight of a cricket ball can range from 155 to 163 grams (0.3-0.4 pounds).

19. A customer (pictured to the left) buys a cricket ball at a store located in one of Delhi's old neighborhoods. February 4, 2011.

20. Worker cuts from willow blanks for cricket bats. About 150,000 bits and 220,000 cricket balls are produced in this factory per year. For the bits, willow wood is used, growing in England and in the northern region of Kashmir India. 10% of the factory’s products are exported mainly to countries where people are addicted to cricket - the UK, Australia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

21. A worker cuts a blank for willow cricket from willow.

22. Workers polish the wood from which the handles for cricket bats are made.

23. The worker smooths the bits smoothly and inserts the wooden handles.

24. The process of fastening the handles.

25. Workers push the workpiece bits onto the handles.

26. Grinding cricket bats.

27. Mount handle.

28. Polishing bits.

29. Polishing bits on the machine.

30. The final stage of polishing bits.

31. Workers polish the bits.

32. After the bat is completely polished, the worker winds a special cloth on the handle of the cricket bat.

33. The worker carries the polished bits.

34. Workers store bits.

35. The worker adjusts the handle of the cricket bat.

36. The worker packs the finished bits before sending them to stores.

Bits for Russian bast shoes

The baseball bat is made in the form of a round rod in cross section. The player holds the bat in its thinnest part. The bat evenly thickens, reaching the maximum thickness in the part used to hit the ball. The bat is generally limited in size to 42 inches (106.7 cm) in length and 2.75 inches (7 cm) in diameter. Players try to hit the ball, holding the bat with both hands.

In professional baseball, players are required to use a bat made entirely of wood, not containing cavities and foreign materials, such as corks. Wood bits are usually made from ash. Maple, hickory, beech, and birch are also used as material for making baseball bats.

In amateur baseball, bats made of metal can also be used. Aluminum alloys are commonly used. A metal bat allows you to hit the ball at high speed, while making less effort.

In the early 1990s, the baseball bat was widely spread in activities not related to baseball. It began to be used to beat people and other activities related to the commission of various crimes.

Bits for Russian bast shoes [edit |

What is a baseball bat

A baseball bat is a smooth wooden or metal pipe used in a sports game - baseball.

According to the rules can be:

  • no more than 70 mm in diameter in the thickest part,
  • no more than 1100 mm in length.

In history, there are cases when the weight of the bat was close to 1.4 kg, which forced athletes to wear out gruelingly. Today, the weight of a baseball bat ranges from 0.94 kg to 1 kg of weight.

It goes without saying that a heavy bat requires more energy to swing and hit the ball. In this regard, it is necessary to consider the weight of the bits, choosing a piece of wood. So it will be easier to use, which will facilitate the game process. Better if the bat will be easily felt in the hand.

Each category of players: from children to adults, must choose the size of the bits to match their age.

Making bits, what material manufacturers use

What wood is better to choose for the manufacture of bits:

  • Ash.
  • Maple. Its popularity can be explained by ease. The first maple baseball bat was spotted in 1997. The first player to demonstrate it was Joe Carter from the Toronto Blue Jays.
  • Hickory. A rather heavy type of wood, which makes the bat very weighty, slowing the speed of flight of the bits.
  • Bamboo.

The increased interest in maple bats was reduced in 2010 by withdrawing from sale some models that were banned for use in a minor league game.

The destruction of different types of wood occurs in different ways. Bits of ash have a label in the area where the location of the grains at the widest distance. For maple bats, they are characteristically located where the grain is the most dense.

Bits made from maple wood can be destroyed to a traumatic hazard. The destruction of this tree can lead to sharp edges, which sometimes, during the game, can lead to serious injury to the player. When choosing this tree, it is worth paying special attention to the slope of the tree grain and spots.

The most popular production of maple baseball bats was in 2008. This is due to increased control over the safety of the tree by the Baseball League.

Conducting many anonymous surveys among sellers of large stores selling sports equipment, a report was created confirming the decline in sales of maple baseball bats. The same report said that he replaced the hickory maple, becoming the most popular material in the United States. Then bamboo bits became even more popular. This tree has gained its popularity due to its fine grain, the possibility of increased impact force and lower weight of the tool, despite its size.

Baseball League used to have strict standards that all sports equipment had to meet. It concerned not only the parameters, but also the quality. Then the bit was made manually, taking into account the exact calibration points, based on the template. Today, most of the bits are made using special machines with a special fixed metal pattern. The inventory that has become a legend has its own template in the bit storage.

Turning the production bat, you can notice the manufacturer’s name, serial number, player’s signature on it (necessarily from the best side of the tree).

Most bits have a rounded top. However, it is worth noting that about 30% of players prefer the top with a "balanced cup" with a notch. Such a bat is lighter, moving the center of gravity to the handle.

Baseball Bat Care Rules

Making a baseball bat is far from everything you need to know about this tool. Proper care will help to keep him in good condition, improving his playing qualities. World baseball players have their own storage features.

For example, Ted Williams protected his bits from excessive moisture and dirt, for fear of overweight tools. He never went to bed, did not intend to beat with alcohol. Also, in order to check the exact weight, Ted often sent his bits to the post office. He believed that lying on the ground, the bat was able to instantly absorb excess moisture.

Ichiro Suzuki, protecting his instruments from moisture, kept them in humidors. One was in a sports club, the other was portable, for transporting bits with you.

Rob Carew put bits in special boxes full of sawdust. He explained his choice of the ability of sawdust to quickly absorb moisture, until the moment moisture reaches the wood. Crates were stored in the warmest part of the house.

In order to preserve the hardness of the wood and close the pores, players rub the bits before the game. For this, they often use:

  • animal bone
  • sliding pin
  • a bottle of soda
  • the edge of the porcelain sink.

Pete Rose came up with his own unique way to strengthen wood bits. He filled the pan with engine oil and put a bat in it so that the oil completely covered it. He left the pan in the basement for a while. Then he took out and weighed the instrument to dry.

What size bits to choose

Choosing the right size for your preferred baseball bat is very important for the game to be exciting.

It is important to understand that the ideal size cannot exceed the length of the hips of the player. This rule allows the player to feel comfortable during the game. A bat exceeding the maximum allowable length is likely to interfere with the game. At the same time, a too short bat will create more effort, giving more strain on the muscles during the game.

Most beginner baseball players under 12 years old can use bats with a diameter of up to 5.8 cm. Older players, as well as those who play baseball in professional clubs, should use a tool whose diameter in the handle does not exceed 6.2 cm. The maximum diameter bits allowed for use by adolescents is up to 8 cm.

Being engaged in baseball professionally, before you make a bat, you should familiarize yourself with the internal documents of the club, league. Usually they contain provisions and requirements regarding the size of the inventory. To avoid wasting time, you should study them in advance. In addition, some leagues require equal players, providing the same size of the game tools.

A good, high-quality handle is able to provide perfect grip. The thick handle of the bit is a stable grip that will absorb most of the impact from the bit. The thin handle, in turn, allows players to quickly mix their hands during the game. Choosing a size also depends on the player’s preference and playing style.

There are several baseball bats that come with base handles. This ensures the rigidity of the bits in the vibrations. Often a bat with such a handle is preferable, as it is safer to use without interfering with any participant in the game process.

Metal and wood: what to choose better

Wood is predominantly the most common type of material used to make a baseball bat. However, in recent years, the popularity of metal baseball bats has also grown incredibly, as they are lighter and longer than wood. Most professional players practice using wood bats and then prefer to use metal tools while playing in the field. This is mainly because metal baseball bats are easier to swing and provide better ball handling and control.

There are also combined baseball bats that are usually preferred by children and other young players. This is due to the fact that these bits are designed in such a way that the weight is evenly distributed over all components. That makes it easy to control such bits and gives the player an additional advantage over opponents.

How to make a baseball bat yourself

Since not everyone can have a standard set for creating a metal bat, let us consider in detail the master class: how to make a baseball bat out of wood.

Before starting work, the master must know that the size of the baseball bat is strictly prescribed by the rules of the game. Therefore, for starters, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the game itself. If the bat is not the decor item, but the main tool of the game, it is recommended to use the following sizes: length - 106, 7 cm, width - 7 cm.

To do this, you need to do the following steps:

First, you need to make sure that all materials and tools are in stock. When choosing a tree for a bat, it is better to give preference to bars of maple tree, white ash, bamboo, or hickory. It should be borne in mind that the size of the bar must be taken about 4-5 cm larger than the size of the future bit. You will also need:

  • sawing wood
  • a circular saw,
  • lathe,
  • sandpaper,
  • ruler and standard set for working with wood.

The next important step is determining the size of the future bit. To make the bar the right size, you need a circular saw. Then you need to shape the future bit. To do this, you need skills on a lathe. If there are none, it is better to contact a workshop where professionals work. This will not only save your nerves, but also time. If you have the skills, you should take care of self-defense by wearing protective gloves and glasses. If you have neither skills nor the desire to resort to help, you can use the tools that you know how to use, for example, an ax. With its help, you can give a log of the necessary forms. It is also possible to use a chisel and a hammer. The main thing is compliance with all forms and proportions.

Having driven the wood into the desired shape, it is necessary to resort to work with a chisel. This tool will help in controlling the amount of wood removed. Then comes the moment you create the handle bits. To form it correctly, you need to measure exactly 4 cm with a tape measure from the narrow end of the workpiece. Actually this is the length of the handle. With convenient movements, remove the layer of wood, keeping to the circle.

Having formed the handle of a baseball bat, we can talk about the completion of work. Since the smallest part of the work remains, but no less interesting. To give a bit of smoothness, you need to process its surface with fine sandpaper, or a special power tool. It will also provide the perfect surface for decorating bits. After processing with paper, the bat needs to be varnished. They usually do this in several layers. This will make her more shiny and beautiful.

Unconventional use of a baseball bat

A baseball bat is not just a tool used by players to hit the ball. Often this tool is a dangerous weapon.

No less popular function of the bit is the decor of the room. To do this, the bits are painted in all kinds of colors, apply different patterns. Many create name bits, which looks pretty creative. A great idea is to create bits of incredible shape, or to complement some part of the interior with a bat.

A good baseball bat in a store can cost a pretty round sum. Therefore, if you have the skills in working with wood / metal and a great desire to have your own bat, it is worth trying to do it yourself. In addition, such a bat can have a unique, personalized design, which will make it not only a means of playing, but also an object pleasing to the eye. As an option, making bits with your own hands is a good way to make money.

Players have different gaming skills and preferences when it comes to baseball. There are players who prefer to play with long baseball bats, while others prefer short ones. Whatever option is chosen, the bit must be the right size, in accordance with the needs of the player in the game. Ideally, the player should get a bat, convenient and not causing difficulties during the game.

When planning to make a bat with your own hands, it is worth considering the fact that the choice of material and bit size directly affects the quality of the game and gaining experience, good or bad. Так, смастерив слишком длинную, либо слишком короткую биту, либо слишком тяжелую для игрока приведет к трудностям в контроле таким инвентарем, возможно мячи будут пропускаться, колебания станут медленными, а баланс, во время размаха и вовсе пропадет. Поэтому важно не только изучить тонкости процесса, но и учитывать при изготовлении важные параметры.

Bita. How to make a real baseball bat yourself at home. Manufacturing technology for a homemade baseball bat with visual drawings, illustrations and photos

Today we’ll talk about how to make a real baseball bat yourself at home. We also consider the manufacturing technology of a homemade baseball bat with visual drawings, illustrations and photos

To make a home-made baseball bat, we’ll like:
1) Planer
2) Insulating tape
3) File
4) Larch bar (rounded, 65-70cm long.)
5) Sandpaper

We take a planer and a block, mark 26 cm from the bottom of the bar, make a mark with a pencil and begin to plan it. We plan to about such a diameter of the bottom-3 cm.
Next, we round off the upper (thick) part with the file and the lower (thin) sandpaper. We remove all the protrusions and notches that remained after the planing.
We wrap the handle on the thin part with electrical tape, make a bump so that the hand does not slip.

To make a baseball bat requires patience, perseverance and, of course, the right materials. First of all, it is a wooden block, and the tree species can be any: ash, hazel, maple, bamboo - you choose. Further, in order to make a bat at home, you will need a circular saw, chisel, sandpaper, measuring tape and other wood tools.

There is a good way to make a bat much faster: you can use a lathe. But this is at your discretion: some want to make a bat with their own hands, without involving technology, others prefer to work with the machine. In the end, how to make a bat is up to you.

You will need to decide what size you want to make a baseball bat. To make a bit of wood about a meter long and 7-8 cm in diameter (which it usually happens), it is better, of course, to use a lathe - this will make your fate easier. And if you decide to make a baseball bat with it, then you should not forget about the safety rules: before working with the machine you need to wear gloves and safety glasses!

If you decide not to resort to technology and make a bat at home, then you will need a circular saw - it will help to make a bat from a tree of the shape you want. After you give your beat more or less the desired shape, work with a chisel to make it easier to control the amount of wood that you remove.

How to make a bat the most correct in terms of the ratio of its elements? We went over to the need to shape the handle. To make a bat out of wood so that it does not fly out of your hands is easy: you just need to leave a wide part 1-2 cm long under the handle.

The next part, coming after the handle, you need to handle so that it evenly thickens. By the way, the length of this part should be about 1/4 of the total bit length. Almost half of the total length of the bat remains, which serves as a site for beating the ball. There is practically nothing to do with it.

How to make a bat at home if there is no machine for turning? To do this, take a block about 8x8 cm in size and a planer, and first you need to cut the corners so that a regular octagon is formed. Then you need to cut 8 angles a little more so that you get a hexagon. And then, until you can make a rounded baseball, you need to cut the corners a little.
In the end, you need to make a bat made of wood smooth. How to make bit polished and smooth? Take the skin and very carefully in a circular motion remove all surface defects. After the mission "to make a bat with your own hands" is over, you can varnish the finished product to give a little sparkle, beauty and completeness to your creation.

Another option for making bits. But for this you will need to prepare materials and tools.
To make a wooden baseball bat, you need a wooden block, the frame itself, for such a tree species such as maple, white ash, oak, birch, chestnut, etc. are suitable.

In addition to the bar, you need to purchase an ordinary saw, circular saw, lathe, sandpaper or grinding machine, as well as a ruler and tools for working with wood.

Let's get started. You must determine the size of the bits, but do not forget to take into account various factors (for what purpose the bits will be used, where they will be stored, etc.), think through everything to the smallest detail, and you will succeed. To adjust the bar to the desired size you need a circular saw.

After that, the bar is given a certain shape, for this you will need a lathe. But if you do not have the skills to work with a lathe, it will be better to turn to professionals. If you still decide to work on the machine yourself, do not forget about safety glasses, gloves, a helmet ..

It should be no longer than 105 cm long, 7 cm in diameter. If there is a machine, then well, if not, then you will have to take a steam bath. Somewhere 1/4 goes under the handle, it is flat. diameter to make it comfortable to hold. there are no particular restrictions. then there is a 1/4 section with uniform thickening. Well, 1/2 - the area for beating. Under the handle you need to leave a wide part 1.5–2 centimeters long so that the bit does not fly out of the hands. You can simply wrap the handle with electrical tape if it is too slippery.
Once you have shaped your bar, you can refine the bar with a chisel, with which it is better to control the amount of chips.

An important process in creating bits is the formation of the handle, the handle will provide you with a certain comfort in the bits you use. Take a tape measure and measure 4.5 cm from the narrow tip of your workpiece - this will be your handle. To clean the tree, when forming the handle of a baseball bat, it should only be in circular motions.

After completing all the work on your workpiece, you need to make it smoother, for this you can use a regular skin or a grinding machine.

But if you want to make a bat, you can also from wood. The main thing is to have at hand the necessary material for this, as well as tools. So how to make a bat at home? What is required for this? Since you can make a bat yourself, you should choose the right material and calculate the dimensions of the finished product. To make this you will need: Hardwood. As a rule, for baseball bats use bamboo, hickory, white ash or maple. Saw. Sandpaper.