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Shopping on eBay: Walkthrough

As you know, eBay has many branches in different countries of the world. The shopping algorithm is the same both on German eBay and on eBay England. For example, take the most visited and most popular auction site in the United States among our compatriots - We must say right away that we tried to generalize this algorithm of actions as much as possible and simplify it in places.

Step 1. Registration

Registering on eBay is easy. Of course, some users may have problems with this, especially if the interface is not Russified. Especially for such cases, we wrote the article "Registration on eBay: a step-by-step guide." Using the hints and recommendations given by us, you will register without any problems.

Without registration, you will not be able to shop or sell products. See them, yes, read reviews, too, without any problems, but this is where all the possibilities are limited. Therefore, if you want to shop on eBay, you first need to register at the auction.

Step 2. Product Search

After registering and familiarizing yourself with the structure of the site, you can proceed to the search for goods. I would like to say right away that the eBay site is made very intellectually correct. There are no unnecessary details, everything is as simple and clear as possible. It is enough to see once what functionality a particular button has, and there will be no more questions.

The search itself is not a tricky occupation. It is made in such a way that you quickly and without any problems find the category you need, a group of goods, or a suitable lot.

Both registered users and those who do not have an eBay account can search for products. In the picture you see the standard search bar (1), in which you need to write the name of the product, brand or brand that you want to find. Since all users indicate names in English, it is advisable to conduct the search in this way. Then you can select a category (2), and click “search” (3).

After you have entered the name of the product you are looking for in the search bar and clicked “search”, the system will select for you all the products that match your desires. For example, we wanted to find a "gold ring" - a gold ring. As you can see in the picture, in eBay 1.453.812 products are suitable for this request. Each product (3) has a description, price, reviews that you can familiarize yourself with. It is clear that revising them all is unrealistic. Therefore, the system offers various ways to simplify the search. You can sort goods (1) by price, from low to high and vice versa, by date of addition, by popularity. EBay also offers popular subcategories (2) in your relative to your request. We searched for a “golden ring”, but the system offers us to see also a “diamond ring”, “jewelry”, “designer rings”, etc.

Step 3. Evaluation of goods and seller

And so, you have chosen the product you like. Next, go to the page of this product, in order to familiarize yourself with the description in more detail, see the photo, find out delivery details and other features of the sale.

We continue to consider the product page on the example of the gold ring we liked. So, what will you see in front of you by opening the product page?

  • Photos (1). As a rule, good sellers try to add a few photos of their product so that you can maximally imagine how it looks.

  • Classification of goods. Depending on the group of products, you can choose their specific characteristics. For example, in our ring you can choose the size (3), and color (2).

  • Number of pieces (4). If you want to buy more than one unit, then this can also be indicated. Choose as much as you want, the main thing is that there is enough money to pay everything.

  • A very interesting thing is the number of goods sold in the last hour (5). As you can see in the picture, in the last hour our chosen ring has been sold 7 times. So it is popular.

  • Price (6). As without the price. The seller must indicate the price. Moreover, you can see what the price was earlier, what the discount is now, how much you are saving, and the final price that will need to be paid.

  • Delivery (8). A very important question is regarding delivery. Some sellers offer free shipping, and someone may charge you extra shipping fees. All information regarding delivery is also on the product page (7). You need to carefully familiarize yourself with it before making a payment. Perhaps the seller does not deliver the goods to your country, or the terms of free delivery do not apply to your region.

Before making any purchase here, it is very advisable to familiarize yourself with the description of delivery services, as well as with customs nuances. At a minimum, it is worth remembering that there is a concept of duty-free limit and for residents of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan is 1000 euros, for residents of Ukraine 200 euros, Belarus - 120 euros. And the fact that courier services, such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, TNT, etc., are characterized by the high cost of international shipping and the fact that they often force their customers to fork out for customs clearance of goods, despite the fact that state postal services, such as USPS they do not create such problems.

eBay is not just an online store, but a huge trading platform where hundreds of thousands of sellers represent their products. It is not strange, but among them there are many unscrupulous people whose purpose is not to sell goods, but to deceive the buyer. Therefore, choosing a product, pay attention to the block with information about the seller (9). Read the reviews, look at the rating, its sales history. In more detail about how to choose a good seller, we wrote in our article "How to assess the reliability of the seller on eBay: tips and tricks"

Step 4. Purchase of goods

You have found the product you need, got acquainted with the delivery information, looked at the photos, and you are sure that this is exactly what you need. Do not forget to study the seller? No? Well then, you can move on to the main thing - the purchase of goods.

On eBay, all products are divided into two types: those that can be bought immediately “Buy it Now”, and those that are put up for auction, where the sale is of the type “who will give more”. Often these two types combine. There is an auction, but anyone can buy the goods at a fixed price blitz.

Trading on eBay is generally a separate issue. In a nutshell, you won’t tell the whole art of trading, making the right bets, and buying good products at a price significantly lower than the market price. Not one book has been written in the world regarding bidding on eBay, hundreds, if not thousands, of successful buyers keep their blogs, where they tell the basics and secrets of how to make the right bid. We also studied this issue, and wrote the article "Trading on eBay: how to make the right bet."

Very often, residents of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries are faced with the fact that the seller does not deliver the goods to their country. If you try to bet on such a lot, or pay for the goods, the system will not allow. eBay will display a message informing the buyer of the transaction error. What to do in this case? You can make an order through intermediaries who will receive the goods from the seller, and will already be sent to you. Read more about this kind of cooperation in our article “eBay Resellers: How to Choose the Right Reseller”

When buying a product, you can use three different options:

  • Self-purchase with direct delivery of goods. This is the most common option for shopping on eBay. The user selects the goods, pays, and waits until the seller sends it to the specified address. But, as we wrote earlier, there are often cases that sellers do not deliver to the countries of the former USSR. What to do in such cases? There are 2 other options.

  • Self-purchase using the address provided by the forwarding company. Such a company, for a fee, provides the user with a box in his warehouse in the United States, where all the packages received in his name get. The user enters as the delivery address in his eBay account not the home address, but the one provided by the forwarder. And then he buys any goods, independently paying for them.

This kind of purchase can solve several problems at the same time. Firstly, you are now unlimited in purchases. Choose any product and safely order it. Secondly, if you have made several purchases, then you can combine them into one, removing the excess packaging. International delivery of one large package will be much cheaper than a dozen small ones. A similar purchase option is now more and more popular among our compatriots, especially those who buy often and a lot.

  • Purchase through an intermediary. This is the easiest option, but here you have to overpay. The intermediary takes care of the purchase, payment and delivery of goods. All you need to do is replenish your account on the intermediary's website, and select the product of interest. The company will do the rest. It is clear that their services are not free, and they cost a certain percentage of the purchase price. As a rule, such a commission does not exceed 10%.

Step 5. Payment for purchase

So the purchase process is coming to an end. You have chosen a product, and it is up to you to pay. In one of our previous articles, we looked at payment methods on eBay. The auction provides many payment options for your chosen product, but the leader among all others is payment via PayPal.

According to statistics, almost 99% of all purchases made on eBay are paid through PayPal. This is a very convenient system, which residents of all countries of the former USSR can use without problems. We advise you to read articles that will help you understand why PayPay is so popular and why you should use it: “PayPay: answers to basic questions”, as well as “Registration in PayPay: a step-by-step guide”.

Step 6. Delivery of goods

Delivery of goods to Ukraine and Russia, as a rule, takes several weeks. Of course, if you pay for shipping, the seller can send an international carrier that will bring your purchase in 2-3 days. But be prepared for the fact that it will cost a decent amount. If you have chosen the goods with free delivery “free shiping”, then earlier than in a couple of weeks, do not wait for your purchase.

Almost all mailings, depending on the delivery method, are insured for a certain amount. If desired, the buyer may ask the seller to purchase insurance for a large amount. If the package was never received by the buyer, for example lost or damaged, then he contacts the seller, he initiates the receipt of insurance compensation and compensates the buyer for costs.

Step 7. Getting

And then came the moment when the parcel came to you in the mail, and you are inspired to go to receive the long-awaited purchase. Many, especially beginners, forget that you always need to open the package right at the post office. Why is this done? There are times when the seller mixes up the goods and sends you the wrong one for which you paid. Or the purchase received is different from the one on the site. It is clear that you want a refund or exchange of goods you do not need. All this can be done if you open a dispute on eBay, as a result of which you will need to prove your case.

Therefore, experienced buyers always take a photo and video camera with them to capture the process of receiving and opening the parcel. These materials can be indisputable proof that the goods did not arrive as you ordered, or with certain defects and damages.

But we wish you that all purchases be successful, and you get only pleasure and benefit from working with the largest eBay online auction.

EBay Auction Interface Basics

Your nickname is displayed in the upper left corner, you can also find the rating there.

If you click on My eBay in the upper right corner, the following information will be displayed:

  • Summary - basic information about all your actions
  • Bids / Offer - bids / deals, I will talk about this a bit later
  • Watch List - Waiting List
  • Wish List - Wish List
  • All list - all lists
  • Purchased history - purchase history
  • Selling - sale

By going to the Summary section, on the left side of the screen you can find information on bids, purchase history and Sell.

D principles here are more than understandable, especially since recently you can just turn on the Russian language (although out of habit I always set English as default)

We continue our section on how to use eBay and go to the Messages tab of the Internet auction.

By going to the Messages tab, we find ourselves in the mail service of the eBay online auction. Here you can find letters from the online auction and from other eBay users, including sellers.

    Inbox - Your Inbox

All messages - all messages
From members - from users

  • From eBay - letters from the Internet auction itself
  • High priority - letters marked high priority
  • Send– sent letters
  • Trash - Recycle Bin
  • Folders– here you can independently create and edit your folders for letters.

    Also here is the item More optionswhere you can save your messages (save your messages), Find and contact an online auction participant (find and contact member), get help with the message section (messages help) and get help from the ebay online auction customer support service (customer support).

    The ebay message service has a very interesting anti-spam system, so interesting that if you are a recently registered participant in an online auction, the system blocks you from having the opportunity to write messages after about 10 messages you send per hour. That is, until you earn yourself a rating of at least 10 stars, you will have extremely limited opportunities in the mass mailing of questions to all the seller in a row. Therefore, before asking this or that question, clearly state what you want to hear.

    EBay Account Settings

    This is one of the very important pages in your understanding of how to use ebay. On this tab, you can edit all the information related to your account.

    Here you will immediately be offered to register for PayPal, if you have not done so already, if you have already done so, here you can enter the logs and password to access your PayPal account.

    Section Personal information - Your personal information.

    In my description of registering on ebay, I often told you about the importance of filling in the correct contact details. In this article, I will remind you once again, and in this section you can correct your personal data.

    Account type –Type of account, in our case, Individual, that is, individual. Here you can change your account to Business if there is a need (in our case, this is not necessary). Push button Edit, enter the business name and then follow the instructions. But, in our case, I describe how to use eBay, namely, the sequence of purchases on the ebay Internet auction. We will consider the possibility of selling below.

    User id - Your nickname, in our case vladimir.pup, with a button edit can be edited.

    Password - Actually access codes to launch inter-ballistic missiles to Mars. Since Mars is extremely dear to us, and we must protect this planet, your mega password must be complicated. Simple passwords break quickly and steal even faster with your accounts, ratings, paypals, credit cards and ballistic missiles. Remember, the password must be complex and do not need to be stored on the computer.

    I advise you to read the useful tips section.

    Telephone PIN - in our case, it is not filled, this option is relevant if your telephone operator supports this feature. То есть к примеру к вам пытаются дозвониться Ваш родственник из Магаданской области, Вениамин, он набирает ваш номер, и ему предлагают ввести PIN код доступа, пережде чем Вы услышите звонок. Если Вениамин не знает Вашего PIN телефона, то он не сможет до Вас дозвонится. На настоящий момент эта опция актуальна для США.

    Secret question – помните, при регистрации Вы указывали мега секретный вопрос? Так вот, здесь Вы можете его подкорректировать и задать собственный мега секретный вопрос и мега секретный ответ.

    About Me page – нажав кнопочку edit Вы перейдете в раздел Интернет аукциона, в котором сможете создать собственную мини страничку на ebay, в которой расскажите другим пользователям Интернет аукциона о себе, о своих увлечениях и хобби. Next, click the Create Your Page button and begin the process of creativity and creation. In fact, this is not necessary, so run shopping! <> / P

    Email and Contact Information - editing your email inbox (registered email address) specified during registration on the ebay online auction, editing your contact details (registered name and address).

    The following is financial information. Here you will see automatic payment in case of registration and entering the login and password of your Paypal payment system account (update your payment method) You can also make one-time payments using the paypal payment system, or some other payment system.

    Here you need to understand that PayPal is owned by ebay, it is essentially the same company. Ebay loves only paypal, with all the ensuing consequences. But about this, let the sellers headache. In this context, we are going to deal with purchases, that is, we as a buyer do not care. In addition, the Paypal payment system is very loyal to the buyer and defends his rights in every way. So for the buyer paypal it is convenient, safe, reliable, use your health!

    Reimbursement payment method - in our case we do not use.

    eBay Giving Works Donation Payment Method - select a donation method. This item is for patrons, kind and just not greedy people. With each payment, you can donate 1 dollar to a charity event. Someone somewhere will thank someone.

    Checking account - payment account

    Credit card - credit cards

    PayPal Account - Your PayPal account, in our case we are interested in this particular item. You can study the PayPal payment system in more detail in the corresponding section.

    In this section you can edit and add your addresses. The address in this case is extremely important. When you pay for the purchased lot, you select the delivery address that you specified in this section.

    It is in this section that we write the address that Shipito service issued to you. Let me remind you that Shipito is a service that helps you create a virtual address in the USA and buy in any online stores and online auctions.

    There is a little trick. Many sellers place restrictions on the sale of goods in a particular region. For example, I encountered such a problem that many British people sell only to those buyers whose address is the English postal code and address, respectively. Here you can cheat, before you buy things or make a bid, you can create a mythical address in England, put a Primary shipping address (that is, your main delivery address) and make a bid or purchase at an online auction. When, say, you bought or won a lot, change the address to your current in Russia and negotiate with the seller for delivery in Russia. Otherwise, if the seller puts restrictions on the sale only in England, you generally do not have the opportunity to buy.

    In the right context menu, there are several items left, and in spite of everything, we continue to learn how to use ebay.

    Communication Preferences - communication settings. Here you can configure the notifications that come from the ebay online auction about the sale, purchase, news, advertising, etc.

    Site preferences - setting the display of the site.

    Feedback - all regarding the feedback received from sellers, or delivered by you to sellers.

    PayPal Account - information about your PayPal account

    Donation account - setting up and launching your account for donations. Welcome to the patrons.

    Subscriptions - here you can manage all the subscriptions that the ebay Internet auction kindly sends you in the form of electronic sales spam.

    Resolution center - center for resolving problems. Regarding this item, I strongly advise you to read the relevant section.

    Hurrah! Now you understand how to use the world famous online auction! You can safely proceed to our next article, how to buy on eBay.

    What is ebay: basic information and terms of use

    Many have heard the name ebay, but not everyone has an accurate idea of ​​what this concept is and what capabilities one who makes purchases on this service has. So, ebay is the largest online trading platform that no other can compete with. Millions of users make purchases and sales on this site, and the categories of goods can be very different.

    In order to quickly and, most importantly, successfully make purchases on ebay, it is important to understand the principle of the trading platform. First, the seller places on the site his advertisement for the sale of goods, which can be anything - a car, a book, mobile, antiques and much more. The seller himself chooses the method of sale: bids are accepted either in the form of an auction or in the instant purchase mode - “buy now”, which allows anyone who wants to make a quick purchase at a fixed price.

    If the goods are placed in the form of an instant purchase, then the first buyer who agrees to pay the price set by the seller on the site will become its owner.

    If the goods are put up for auction, then the initial price set by the seller will be only the starting price. And after the opening of the auction, which lasts several days, the person who offered the highest bid of all will be able to purchase the thing.

    Recently, ebay has become very popular among residents of Russia. Unfortunately, there are enough positive and negative reviews. In general, it all comes down to one main message: when making purchases on ebay, you should carefully study the information about the product (especially the delivery time and its cost), as well as be careful when participating in the auction (this will be discussed later).

    To get access to a wide option of the site, you must first register on it. To do this, go to the official website and accept the offer of registration (in the upper left corner there are two words - Sign in and Register). We choose the second option. An empty window will open in front of you, in which you need to fill in the fields: the system will ask you to enter your e-mail, last name, first name, etc. Do not forget to come up with a nickname and a password. It only remains to activate the created account and you can begin to familiarize yourself with the world of ebay.

    Consider a schematic diagram of an ebay auction interface. So, first go to your profile: to do this, click on the line My ebay (it is located in the upper left corner). You will see the basic information of your profile, consisting of the following subsections:

    • Summary - general information about your activity.
    • B> How to buy on ebay: detailed instructions

    So, registration has been completed, the profile has been studied, completed and corrected, now you can start searching for the right product and making pleasant purchases. At the top of the page there is a search bar in which you need to enter the product you are interested in (do not describe it for too long - a couple of words will be enough) and start the search.

    After a couple of seconds, a window with the search results will open before your eyes, moreover, they can fit on more than a dozen pages. To save yourself from unnecessary work, put a filter that will allow you to sort the product found in such a way that the one most suitable for you is in the first place.

    Choosing the right product, you can see all the information you are interested in (detailed description, product location, seller rating, etc.), just click on the name of the lot with the mouse. There you will see how the seller sells: in the form of an auction or instantly. In the first case, there will be a Place bid button near the lot, in the second - Buy it now.

    If the selected product is completely suitable for you, you can make a purchase. If the seller has arranged an auction, you will have to take part in it. It is important to understand what its principle is. So, for example, the last bid for the selected product was $ 20. In this case, you can raise the bid, say, to $ 50. If no one interrupts her, then you can buy the goods for $ 20.

    If you are not very lucky and someone “breaks” your bet, you will either have to raise yours or give up the chance to buy the selected product. By the way, it is worth noting that there is a certain bid step at each of the ebay auctions. In most cases, it is about $ 0.5.

    Tip. Interrupting someone’s bid, you can set your own, either by increasing the previous one by an auction step, or by putting the one you consider necessary. And you can speed up the process and save yourself from "waiting" for the end of the auction, sitting at the computer, making the maximum bid that you can afford. In this case, the system itself will participate in the auction, periodically raising the bid until it reaches the established limit (which you will be notified).

    If you win the auction, then you will also receive a notification in the mail. You just have to contact the seller to discuss the details of payment for the purchase and the possibility of its delivery to your country. Or you can wait for the seller to contact you first.

    What to avoid: pitfalls ebay

    This section is especially relevant for those who like to take part in auctions or those who are just about to begin to do so. So, participating in the auction, remember the main subtleties:

    1. If you do not have a sufficiently large financial “potential”, but really want to get the chosen thing, then use a little trick when participating in the auction: monitor the course of bidding and literally at the last minute before closing the lot, make the maximum bid (within your means).
    2. Do not forget about the cost of delivery of goods - be sure to look at all the information about the lot before bidding. Sometimes the shipping cost may exceed the price of the goods several times. In this case, it would be wiser to refuse this proposal.
    3. In no case do not place bets that you cannot pay, since any of them is a priori considered mandatory. And if you are not solvent, then either get a negative review (why do you need it) or (even worse) your account will simply be blocked.
    4. Although bets “at the last” moment (referred to in the first paragraph) are a tactical tactical move during the bidding, nevertheless, if you make a bid at the last minute, you can either fail or pay extra.

    So our article came to an end. Of course, ebay is a huge platform about the intricacies of working with which one could talk for a very long time. Nevertheless, the minimum information provided will allow you not to get lost in all its diversity and make a purchase at a reasonable price.