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Five non-classic shirts that a man should have

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Flannel shirts resemble the image of lumberjacks in hard work, or, conversely, grunge fans, enjoying their favorite group. These opposing visualizations prove how versatile this classic basic wardrobe can be. Men and women can wear flannel shirts for any occasion, with a bit of light styling. Try these ways to wear a flannel shirt and you will catch glances and compliments throughout the city.

1. Denim shirt

Denim is the most fashionable fabric of the season, which means that every stylish man definitely needs a denim shirt. Cool universal thing that does not require complicated care. It is sewn from natural material, so it is comfortable in almost any weather. Similar shirts can be found in Dsquared 2, Calvin Klein, and in a more affordable price segment.

What to wear? It is possible with jeans. Total denim bow is relevant. With chinos of any shades: beige, blue, white. With a leather jacket, a bomber jacket, a bright cardigan. With a jacket, but not classic, but informal - for example, tweed. Alternatively, you can wear a shirt over a T-shirt - in summer it will replace a light jacket, especially if denim is dense and high-quality.

2. Hawaiian shirt

Saturated color, loose fit, short sleeves, floral print - the brightest and most attractive shirt in our selection. Ideal for hot summers and maritime countries. We saw the most beautiful options on the Etro catwalk - the brand is famous for its ethnic motifs.

What to wear? With shorts and slip-ons or espadrilles. With light chinos and white or light blue jeans. Cool to combine a hawka with a cap or hat and put on over a white T-shirt or T-shirt.

3. Flannel plaid shirt

Soft and comfortable, often checkered, although other colors are sometimes found. Warm enough, but is it really a problem for a Russian resident? Flannel shirts are always sewn with long sleeves, very often with pockets and additional details - for example, fabric epaulets or patches on the elbows.

What to wear? With jeans and any pants (except those from the suit). Can be worn over t-shirts or tied around a belt. When it finally gets colder outside, try combining a flannel shirt with a quilted vest or your favorite leather jacket.

4. Shirt with cufflinks

Model with long sleeves, double French cuffs and solely for special occasions. And to save on such a shirt is simply indecent: ideal options await in Hugo Boss, Van Laak.

What to wear? A shirt with cufflinks is worn with a jacket - the rule is not mandatory, but very desirable. Typically, the cuffs protrude slightly from the sleeves of the jacket, so their length must be chosen carefully. Cufflinks should organically complement the image of a man, making him more elegant and presentable.

5. Shirt without collar

From a classic shirt, you guessed it, this model is distinguished by the absence of a collar. And thanks to this, it looks much more interesting! It is with such a shirt that it is easiest to create an original image in a business style.

What to wear? First of all, with a jacket or vest and tight trousers. In summer - with denim shorts, breeches, light chinos. By the way, the outfit can be supplemented with suspenders. The shirt may be worn with both the top buttons fully buttoned and unzipped. Which is better and more convenient - the man himself chooses.

What is flannel?

The history of the appearance of flannel shirts is associated with their transformation from work clothes into casual and even elegant form. A variety of styles and decoration methods allows the use of flannel shirts with the goal of creating a men's wardrobe for any event. A patchwork flannel shirt can be worn at a party or cafe. A plain product is useful for studying or walking around the city. Checked shirts are acceptable for everyday life or on hikes. At the same time, flannel clothing is very convenient and practical.

Flannel products are valued for their extraordinary comfort, wearing comfort and attractive appearance. Flannel is a fleece fabric based on linen weaving, soft and warm fabric with amazing properties. The main advantage of flannel fabric is its naturalness and ability to save heat. In winter, a flannel shirt perfectly protects from the cold, absorbs moisture well and allows air to pass through. Even without the bottom layer - T-shirts or T-shirts, the shirt will retain heat well. It is a pleasant to the touch, convenient and comfortable thing for all occasions.

Many years ago, a flannel shirt served as work clothes. Particularly popular products won in the mid-twentieth century, when representatives of bits of a generation began to wear flannel shirts in everyday life. In the early 90s, rock youth gave priority to flannel shirts, combining them with T-shirts, jeans and sneakers, varying styles and fashion trends. A special place is occupied by a flannel shirt in a cage, which is worn open on a t-shirt, tucked in or out.

Designer Shirts

Design ideas fill flannel products with special charm and elegance. You can see shirts with fur or jeans appliqué, with decorative elements in the form of inserts or patches. For every taste and preference, you can choose a shirt with buttons or buttons, with one or more pockets, with long sleeves or short ones. Men's casual shirts with a round bottom, triangular, round collar or stand are offered. The design of flannel shirts is very diverse. On the Internet you can see on the photo shirts with buttoned-down, classic or oblique collar.

Fashion designers annually present new collections of shirts of different styles and trends. At the peak of popularity, checkered flannel shirts made from woolen and cotton fibers. Such products are beneficial for people with sensitive skin and for those who are allergic to synthetic materials.

Flannel is a hygroscopic, environmentally friendly material that protects against hypothermia and colds. No wonder flannel shirts are the favorite clothes of celebrities such as Jared Leto, Hugh Laurie, Terry Richardson, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham.

The loose-fitting shirts are not only simple and easy to use, they are elegant and attractive. This wardrobe element cannot be called a trend, however flannel shirts are as fashionable as products from raw denim or blue oxford.

Flannel shirts have won a high rating due to their versatility - they are suitable for men of any age and social status. It is convenient to wear a flannel shirt in the country, at home, at work, on hikes and on a walk. The material is easily washed, retains its novelty and attractive appearance for a long time. A flannel shirt with a lining, which retains excellent heat, is very convenient. A soft fleece or fluffy faux fur can serve as a lining. It is customary to consider fleece as goat or sheep wool before processing, in the modern version it is polyester fiber replacing woolen fabric. Lined products fully replace warm sweaters or knitted pullovers.

To enhance the thermal effect, it is recommended to wear thermal underwear under the shirts. In the off-season, you can wear a flannel shirt without underwear, since the wool blend is skin-friendly and pleasant to the touch.

The design of flannel shirts is quite diverse.

  • Look stylish and fashionable. hooded shirts. They fit perfectly with jeans, sweatpants, short jackets or windbreakers. Clothing of this style is suitable for fans of cowboy style or country. This is a sports direction that emphasizes masculinity and the uniqueness of a masculine image.

  • It looks elegant plain shirt flannel, more acceptable for the classic style. Such products will decorate, add individualism and emphasize the dignity of the figure. You can combine light shirts with dark trousers, and combine color with jeans or plain velvet trousers.

  • Today, designers offer a great variety of colors, combinations of materials and styles of shirts. Meet shirts with decorative elements in the form of embroidery, fur applique on pockets, jeans collar.

  • The classic option is button plaid shirt. Such a shirt may not have pockets, but most often models with one or two patch pockets are presented.

  • They look extravagant and attractive zipped shirts. This is a convenient option, featuring an original design. Shirts with zippers are acceptable for a sporty style and go well with straight-cut trousers. As for the length of the sleeve, flannel shirts with a long or medium sleeve are more often offered on the market.

How to wear flannel shirts. Photo

Trust your own intuition and don't be afraid to experiment. Regardless of age and complexion, flannel shirts adorn all men and look harmoniously on any figure. To make a wardrobe, short sports jackets, windcheaters, cardigans are suitable. Under shirts put on shirts and t-shirts. Shirts are ideally combined with such styles of trousers as cargo, chinos, cordeoise, stroks, bananas. Sneakers and moccasins are more acceptable as shoes.

In the cold season, an insulated flannel shirt is relevant, which will replace a warm sweater and protect against wind and cold. These are functional and practical products with fans all over the world. Despite the apparent simplicity, a flannel shirt can become a stylish and original decoration for any man. Decorated with a print, products favorably emphasize the originality of the image. And having rolled up a shirt, you can create a special casual style.

Each model is unique and unique in its own way. It is important to choose the style of the shirt and harmoniously combine it with other elements of clothing. Famous fashion designers use different methods of tailoring and tailoring technology for the manufacture of flannel shirts. A huge range of products allows you to find a product for every taste and successfully replenish your wardrobe!