Useful Tips

I can’t write the percentage method

Calculating a percentage can be a big help. But when the numbers get large, it will be much easier to use the program to calculate it. Here is an instruction on how to create a program for calculating percentages in Java.

Write the code. To calculate the percentage, you will need two parameters:

  • Total score (or the highest possible score), and
  • received gradewhose percentage you want to calculate.
    • For example: if a student scored 30 points out of 100 possible in the test, and you want to calculate the percentage of points scored by the student - 100 - the total score (or the maximum possible score), 30 - the grade you received, the percentage of which you want to calculate.
  • The formula for calculating interest is:

    Percentage = (Grade x 100) / Overall score

  • To get these parameters (input data) from the user, try using the function Scanner in java.