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How to name a character in the game: recommendations and ideas

As you know, one of the most interesting and at the same time complex issues facing those who write books, scripts or comics is how to come up with a name for the hero. Like everything with regard to creativity, there cannot be absolutely right or wrong decisions, however, there are some principles, following which you can choose the character the most successful name.

Name must match hero

Many believe that the name determines our character and destiny - and not without reason. Professionals advise - first think through the image as much as possible, and only then decide what to name the character of the book or comic book that you are working on. In this case, it will be easier for you to evaluate the correspondence of the name and image. First, decide if your character will have a name (with or without a surname), a nickname, or both. Other characters can call a hero in different ways - after all, in life, the same person for some may be Natalya, for some - Nata, and for some - Agent Romanova. However, you, as the author in the author’s remarks, should stick to only one option - it will be the main one for the hero.

If you write about a superhero, it is imperative that the reader fully associates the name of the hero and his appearance. For example, a spider-man should look like a spider, an iron man should wear a suit of iron.

Pondering how to come up with a character for a book, story, or comic book, Pay particular attention to the harmony between the sound of the name and the image. Different sounds - deaf and voiced, vowels and consonants - and their combinations convey character in different ways. And although you can find recommendations which sounds convey anxiety and which convey strength, in fact, everything depends on the characteristics of a particular language and on the personal perception of each of us. Of course, there are a few general points - voiced consonants often transmit strength, character, charisma, especially sonorous ones - l, m, n, p. In turn, several deaf consonants (k, n, x, w, u, s, etc.), running in a row, are hardly needed in the names of strong goodies. Do not forget about euphoria - such names as Krzhizhanovsky or Vuchetich, not everyone manages to pronounce the first time. You should not reward characters with a similar combination of sounds.

Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor - each name has a “p”

As for the nickname, it should either directly characterize the image, or, conversely, move from the opposite - to create a comic effect. For example, a two-meter pitching can be called Hlyupik, but such a nickname is hardly suitable for a serious hero saving the world. The same applies to ridiculous surnames - with them the character simply will not be taken seriously. In turn, to convey special respect, you can use words such as a doctor, professor, colonel, etc. Similar respectful appeals can be invented by yourself, if we are talking about an alternative world.

Name must match the world

When thinking about what name to come up with a character, remember that it should be logically and harmoniously built into the world you describe. The name should correspond to the time and place of action, as well as the general atmosphere of the events described. For example, in the universe of Star Wars, Igor Ivanovich will look strange, just as Khavronya in Death Note will have to go to court. You should not call anyone Moses in dystopia, where religion is persecuted.

From an interview with Stan Lee on how to come up with a superhero name: “The editor for a long time could not come up with a name for the hero and came to me for advice. He showed a sketch depicting a character with several pistols and a skull on his chest. I asked: "What is he doing, what is his strength and purpose?" The editor replied that "he simply punishes the villains." “Then call him the Punisher,” I said, and that name came up to him. ”

If you are talking about the past, do not forget to find out exactly what names were used at that time and in that country. It is also important to consider the social status and religion of the characters in order to properly name them. The most reliable way of selecting names in this case is to find something in the corresponding works of historical and classical literature.

The name of the villain Brainiac came from the merger of the two words “brain” and “maniac” (“brain” + “maniac”)

If this is not about our world, especially non-humanoid characters, try to come up with a name for the hero of the book, relying solely on your imagination. Most importantly, do not forget about euphoria. To make the name harmonious, it is advised to combine the syllables of existing words and / or names. For example, Dikro - sofa + bed. However, one must also be careful here, in particular, if we call the main character of the book Nyab (melon + apple), then readers are unlikely to like it. However, if you do not want to invent something yourself, you can always do with ready-made options (they will be described in more detail below).

Name must not be long

The main characters are better to choose shorter names - a maximum of two to three syllables. It is believed that names from one syllable are the most powerful, capacious and emotional (especially if there are voiced consonants). Such an option is also possible - the hero may have a long name, but everyone will use his short version. For example, for Elizabeth it is Beth or Lizzy, for Vladislav it is Vlad or Glory. Secondary characters can be given more authentic names (and without abbreviations).

Do not get involved in double, triple, etc. first or last names - as a rule, it does not look very vital. After all, even those who really have several names use only one of them, a maximum of two, and a surname. For example, we know Martin John Christopher Freeman simply as Martin Freeman.

Note - you should not call the heroes of one work by similar names (for example, John and John, Tom and Thomas, Vlad and Vadik). The likelihood that either you or your readers will eventually get confused is very high.

Captain America calls his friend just Bucky (although his full name is James Buchanan Barnes)

The name should not have unnecessary associations

There are names that most people associate with the same thing - for example, Adolf, Hercules or Michelangelo. If you do not need such connections, do not hang up on the heroes “shortcuts”. Keep in mind that some names, although not associated with any particular personality, still cause certain associations - for example, Louis for many conveys the image of French kings. If you give the character that name, it would be better if his image and behavior are consistent with emerging associations.

Do not copy the names of famous persons and characters - Padme Amidala, Stirlitz, Robert Downey, Angelina Jolie, etc. Single borrowings are possible - as a literary device, to more accurately indicate the character of the hero, referring to other works. However, it is better if this is not explicit copying, but veiled references based on a game with readers (and / or a pun). On the other hand, if you want to “encode” something in a name, make sure that your future readers (at least most) will understand what you want to convey. For fidelity in the text, you can give a couple of hints.

Often, the authors recommend when creating a character to take as a basis the appearance of a model or actor. For example, Captain Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man was partially copied from actor Jazz Johnny. However, it is better not to do this with names - if you are planning to send work to the publisher, then you can not count on a positive answer.

When choosing a name and its meaning don't rely too much on traditional “decryption” like "Olga is the saint," "Alexander is the defender," "Nikolai is the victor of the peoples." A similar technique was often used, for example, by Dostoevsky or Ostrovsky, but at that time the Orthodox were called by Christmas time and the meanings of the names were known to a fairly wide circle of people. Now this symbolism works only in relation to Sophia, Faith, Hope, Love - most people will have to look at other names in the dictionary, but not the fact that it will come to anyone’s mind at all.

Marvel often traces the connection between the characters from different comics

Use various sources

Of course, one of the main questions facing authors who are tired of standard names and who want to name the hero of the book in an original way - where can I find something interesting?

Firstly, numerous lists and directories of names of different countries are available on the Internet. You can see lists of the most frequent names or reference books for future parents - but standard names are listed there.

Coming up with the Fantastic Four which is considered not just a team, but practically a family, the authors took as a basis for each character one of four elements: earth - for the down-to-earth Creature, air - for the Invisible Lady melting in the air, fire - for the Human Torch and water - for the spreading Mr. Fantastic .

Secondly, look through historical or fiction literature on the World Wide Web, where the past is described - well-forgotten names may well harmoniously fit into the world you invented. Thirdly, look at the credits of your favorite films - as we said, you should not call the hero Jude Law, but you can, for example, take the name of the make-up artist and combine with the name of the second assistant director.

Fourth, a storehouse of unusual names will be geographical, astrological and biological reference books. At the end of such books, alphabetical indexes are often given - you need them. Look at the names of streets, little-known rivers, mountains, cities, etc. Many stars are named very colorfully (but don’t take too famous ones - see paragraph 4 about associations). Latin names for plants or animals can also serve as interesting names. For example, Gruz is a crane in Latin, and from the nightshade family (which includes tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, etc.), the name Solanaceae can be formed. If you want, you can make this name speaking, symbolic, however, as we wrote above, make your readers see this symbol.

What is the name of the character in the game?

Choosing a character name depends on your imagination, goals and setting of the game. If nothing immediately comes to mind, and you do not want to think about it for a long time, then you can find a ready nickname or use the name generator. However, if you want to come up with a nickname yourself, here are a few ideas on how to name a character:

  1. If in the game you need to choose a class or specialization of a character, then you can name it accordingly. For example, if your hero is a mage, then you can give him the name Gandalf, Merlin or just a Wizard. But it is better to avoid names that do not suit the character, if you do not set as your goal to come up with a comic nickname.
  2. Take the first name that comes to mind and rearrange the syllables in it. For example, Larisa - Sarila.
  3. Combine the two names you know. For example, Irina and Anna - Anrina, Anton and Igor - Goran or Tongor.
  4. Swap letters in a name or word. For example, laughter - Hems, Danil - Alnid.

Character names in online games

In a multiplayer game, choosing a character’s name is more difficult than in a single-player game, because other players will see and evaluate your nickname. In addition, the originality and memorability of the nickname is important. In such games, you can find a variety of names of heroes:

  1. Own name or its changed forms (Alexander - Alex, Catherine - Kat). Often add additional letters, numbers and symbols if their nickname is occupied by someone else. For example, Ellen, P0man.
  2. Name of a favorite character from a book, movie, cartoon, game.
  3. Favorite name, word, event, place. It can be either a geographical name or just a beautiful word. But with such nicknames you need to be careful, because if you do not know the meaning of the word that was named, then it is better to clarify it.
  4. Names of famous personalities.
  5. Comic nicknames. For example, Horse Ball, UFO Driver, Sausage of Justice.
  6. Nicky characterizing the character. For example, Accurate Shooter, Artful Thief, Chosen One, Princess.
  7. Random set of letters. For example, Qwerty, Dfdfdf, Jkwasd. Most often they call characters so when they don’t want to think about a name, but sometimes in this way you can come up with an interesting nickname.

Try to choose a unique name for the hero in the online game. Of course, you can call a character by your name, the name of a popular movie hero or a famous person, but then your character will be lost among similar nicknames. It is also important not to use insults and obscene words in the name of your hero.

Elven Name Compilation

If you like the theme of fantasy, then you can try to make yourself an elven name. In the pictures you will find the prefixes and suffixes that make up the name. There is also a translation so that you can make a nickname with meaning.

Suffixes for female and male names are separated by a slash (/). Other spellings are indicated in parentheses.

The name is composed of a prefix and one or more suffixes. For example, consider what to call a female character. Take the prefix Syl-, combine with the suffix -vanna and get Sylvanna, which means "forest fairy".

You do not have to follow the rules by creating a nickname for your character. It can be changed and composed as you like, add as many prefixes as you like, or do without them at all. The main thing is that you like the result.

Names for male characters

To invent a nickname for your character is, of course, a fascinating process, but you can do it easier and choose from existing names. Since the familiar names are not so interesting, we turn to the Old Norse, Celtic, Slavic, Japanese and African. Here are some examples of how to name a male character:

Akihirosmart brightjapanese
Alan, Allenniceceltic
Andragastfriend dearSlavic
Arta rockceltic
Asbrandaces swordscandinavian
Bevanyoung warriorceltic
Brandsword firescandinavian
Weilinwolf sonceltic
Westgeirspear of the westscandinavian
Vincentarmy rulerscandinavian
Voenegenjoying the fightSlavic
Greenolphgreen wolfscandinavian
Iskra, IskrasincereSlavic
Rockerosixth sonjapanese
Runolvwolf of mysteryscandinavian
Ryuuthe Dragonjapanese
Tetsuothinking personjapanese
Torgeirspear of Thorscandinavian
Tatsuyabecome a dragonjapanese
Hotenthe one they wantedSlavic
Einararmy of happinessscandinavian

Names for female characters

As with male characters, the name for your heroine in the game can either be invented on your own, or chosen from existing ones. Here are some examples of how to name a female character in a game:

Akemibright beautyjapanese
Alastrionprotector of humanityceltic
Ayakacolorful flowerjapanese
Bergdisspirit protectionscandinavian
Dahliavalley flowerscandinavian
Jenniverwhite waveceltic
Isgerdice defensescandinavian
Keorithe scentjapanese
Lynettepolite, courteousceltic
Mikafirst soundjapanese
Milada, MilenasweetSlavic
Mihobeautiful bayjapanese
Ran, Renwater lilyjapanese
Rovenawhite, prettyceltic
Sayerismall lilyjapanese
Tsukikomoon babyjapanese
Worneshsimilar to goldAfrican
Eidisisland goddessscandinavian
Eikalove songjapanese
Enyasinging elfceltic
Eschea lifeAfrican

Comic names

If you want your character's name to evoke a smile and be remembered, then you can come up with a funny nickname. However, do not forget that such a nickname can spoil the atmosphere of some games with its frivolity.

Such nicknames are best invented on their own, so that they are unique. For example, you can combine two or three words together or slightly change the known phrases and phrases (Rake Runner, Baton of Fate, His Cateness). The success of this name will depend on your sense of humor and imagination.

How to name a character in "Sims"

"Sims" is a stimulant of life, so the characters here are best called ordinary names.

The easiest way to name a character in this game is to give him his own name or the name of a friend. The game also has a random name generator. Just click the cubes until the option you like falls out.

If you want to give your sim an original and unusual name, then you can use the methods described above or lists of names. You can choose a character’s last name by the same principle.

How to choose a name for the character

If you find it difficult to pick a nickname for your character in an online game, then our will help you game nickname generator. You can choose the race of your character (in the generator races of elves, orcs, dwarves, goblins, people and undead are available) and gender (male or cool female nickname) Pay attention to the fact that this is a generator, not a ready-made list of beautiful nicknames. Therefore, some options may not correspond to your ideas about the names of fantasy characters, and also some nicknames may not correspond to the chosen gender.

Using the online generator you can pick up a Russian male or female nickname for your character in WoW, Lineage, Aion, DOTA, nicknames for Minecraft and other online MMORPG games.

How to create a cool nickname

In the nickname generator, you can choose the race and gender of your character (for example, a male nickname for an elf). The generator will analyze the database of ready-made fantasy nicknames of the selected race and gender and, based on this analysis, generate a new random nickname. All generated nicknames are absolutely unique.

If you tell the algorithm the required nickname length, then it will try to generate a nickname of the specified length. However, if the algorithm cannot keep within the given framework, then it will not give out what happened, but will try to finish the nickname, going beyond the proposed framework.