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In the upper horizontal line of the working window of the Word text editor, click the menu item "Tools".

In the list that opens, click "Envelopes and Stickers" (for Microsoft Word XP and 2003 - "Letters and Mailings", and then - "Envelopes and Stickers").

In the "Envelopes and Labels" window that opens, click "Labels", then click "Options" in the list on the right.

Select the printer type and paper feed option in the bright cells, then click Create.

Select the line with your label in this table and enter the data when preparing the printer for printing.

Using table N1, enter information about the label that you want to duplicate: the size of the top margin, side margins, etc. In the "Type" box, enter the size of the label or the name that you will assign the label. Finish the configuration by clicking "OK." Close the "Label Settings" window ("Settings" tab), and then the "Envelopes and Labels" window is activated.

In the light rectangular cell of the Envelopes and Labels window, in proportion to the label format, once enter the text that the computer automatically places on all the labels on the sheet. Access to font formatting is opened by right-clicking with the mouse cursor in a rectangular text box.

Insert the Mega Label sheets into the printer and click on "Print" in the upper right corner of the "Envelopes and Labels" window. In the future, when reusing the label, just double-click on the name of your label in the "Type" window, enter the text and click "Create". You can use the Word file you saved as a template for creating a new label of the same format.

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Creating a layout for self-adhesive paper in MS WORD

Very often, our customers when buying self-adhesive paper ask the question of how to make a layout. In this regard, we decided to develop step-by-step instructions.

2. Open MS WORD and select the "Newsletters" tab

3. In the tab that opens, select the "Stickers" item. This item is specifically designed to work with self-adhesive paper.

- if you have the same information on all stickers, you can pre-print the text that you would like to see on self-adhesive paper. Highlight this text and click on the "stickers" button

4. In the window that appears, select "Options"

5. In the sticker options in the "Label Provider" select Planet

6. In the item "TYPE" we select the article that is indicated on the box of PLANET self-adhesive paper, it starts with the letters UT, PL, UTBP, then the numbers that we need are displayed. If you have an earlier version of WORD, then there are no numbers in this paragraph, but there will be a list with the names "White labels in box". But do not despair, because to the right of “Type” we can see data on the height, width and size of the stickers, which are also indicated on the bundles of Planet self-adhesive paper. We just look for the size or article we need and click "OK"

7. In the window that appears, click "Create"

8. So, you have a sheet already with the necessary markup. And here we print the necessary text.

- If you previously selected the text in paragraph 3, then you will get the following picture.