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How to persuade parents to buy an iPhone?


To ask and to starve. They must feel that you cannot live without it.

you don't need him. You grow up and for the first salary you buy both yourself and your parents)))

No way.
There is money, they will buy, there is no money, go earn.

Why MacBook? Is it cool among teenagers?

Why is he? If there really are any reasons, then list them to their parents. Well, indeed, she herself could earn money and buy it.

iPhone for baby

If we are talking about a child of preschool and primary school age, then the question of buying an expensive smartphone is better left open for a couple of years. The child can be reassured by the fact that in the near future, Apple will release devices that exceed the current model by ten times. Of course, it’s difficult for kids to understand parental anxieties - children attending elementary school often become victims of street robbers. It is not sad, but the mere fact that a young child has a telephone puts his life and health at a certain risk. Sometimes it’s enough to get a phone out of a backpack to attract unwanted attention. And due to age carelessness, it is the elementary school students who become ideal candidates for illegal actions.

As an alternative, we would suggest buying a full-fledged iPad Air tablet computer (5th generation) in the family. A large 10-inch screen will not let the eyes of a small child get tired. And the mass of educational games, books and activities will be an excellent help in learning and developing your beloved child. The possibilities of the modern iPad are endless: watching any video materials, learning to count, write, read, develop logical thinking, sense of rhythm, increase the intellectual level of education ... These are not all the advantages of using modern technologies in teaching and developing children.

Do not be afraid that the baby will become addicted to a tricked out toy. Thanks to reasonable rules, restrictions and incentives, it is possible to maintain the necessary balance between vigorous activity and the interactive benefits of civilization. The world does not stand still and technology evolves with it. The sooner the child is included in the modern digital environment, the easier it will be for him to perceive and master the realities of the future.

iPhone for teens

If the iPhone asks for your teenage child who has already crossed the threshold of high school, then it is worth treating his desire with due attention. Modern children differ from past generations as "heaven and earth." They hold their heads from birth, their instincts are better formed, and their thumbs are longer and more mobile. Scientists connect the latest genetic transformation of humanity with a leap in the development of multimedia technologies. Moreover, the teenager is already able to assess the environment and he can be responsible for his actions. A gift like the iPhone speaks of unlimited trust in the child and recognition of his growing up as a whole.

Many parents fear that a teenager, having plunged into a new acquisition, will postpone his duties, studies and additional classes. In other words, the parents are driven by the fear of dependence on a “smart” smartphone. Be wiser! Choose the day when the gift will be presented. Don’t give your child an iPhone in the evening before school. Leave at least two days off for your child to get acquainted and enjoy the long-awaited gift. Ideally, generally coincide with the purchase of the iPhone for the New Year or seasonal holidays.

iPhone is not just a tribute to fashion and a design “feature.” This is a high-tech device that will serve your child more than once faithfully. This can be a program for calculating complex algorithmic functions, an excellent 3-D biology manual or an interesting application for learning English. Consider a purchase as a good investment in the future of the child.

Are modern children unaccustomed to learning? Not at all. The educational system is so frozen and conservative that only mentors and enthusiasts who can not be afraid, in order to learn new knowledge, can go against the established regime to awaken a child’s real interest in the subject.

A preschooler learns the world through a game, a schoolchild through interest. So why not give modern technology a chance to arouse real interest in those items that currently cause rejection of young talent. Believe me, it’s worth seeing a model of the starry sky on the iPhone and you will immediately want to learn more about the Solar System and Astrology in general.

Of course, do not forget that the iPhone is an expensive purchase and not every family can afford such a purchase every minute. Parents should be honest with themselves and their children. If the family is experiencing certain financial difficulties, and the child is madly eager to become the owner of the new smartphone from Apple, then do not despair. Show your child that hard work always leads to goals. It can be extracurricular work after school or a full-time summer part-time job. The child will gain valuable experience and will feel his contribution to the common cause. And parents will have time to set aside funds and later add them to what your adult child could earn.

By the way, the new iPhone 5C opens a bright palette of colors and distinguishes the model from its predecessors. A small difference in characteristics will not become critical for the student, and the family will be able to quickly achieve the goal.

iPhone for student

What to answer the child student to the request to buy him a new iPhone? A recent student unexpectedly enters the big world and is still not quite firmly standing on his feet. Yes, every second student in Russia, from time to time, works part-time. But children always remain children for their parents. It doesn’t matter if they are seven or twenty.

In my opinion, the iPhone reveals all its secrets just before this age group. A lively inquisitive mind, long-term plans and goals, a series of successes and failures, and life “from session to session” - this is the image of a young student, a future specialist. But he is only at the beginning of the journey. And what is characteristic of youth? Right! Great expectations and small opportunities. Parents have a unique chance to give their child not only the desired phone, but also support him at the beginning of his professional development.

And where is the smartphone? He is always there. At school, at work, in the subway, in the cinema and even nearby on a pillow. The iPhone has long ceased to be just a phone - it is a unique device, unique in its internal content. The recorder will provide invaluable assistance in recording lectures. A diary and reminders will teach a young specialist to plan their time and leisure. A variety of applications in the App Store can serve the benefit of any profession, from the design of Flying Devices to the Collection of quotes from philosophers of past centuries.

iPhone for those who are "a little for ..."

Is it possible that children who are "a little over thirty" can bury the hope of buying a super-modern smartphone iPhone 5S? Not at all! “Adult” children are already able to pamper themselves. It is always pleasant to receive gifts, but it is even more pleasant to give them. Imagine your mom’s surprised eyes when you present her with a bright iPhone 5C and tell her that now you can communicate thanks to iMessage and distance will not become an obstacle thanks to Face time? As a gray-haired dad smirks, for the first time sending a red bird to smash evil pigs. Do you think parents cannot afford to master such devices? And you will check and be amazed at how quickly the older generation will discover for everyone the advantages of Apple smartphones.