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How to make mucus at home


Lizun - this is the toy that will not leave indifferent any child. Such mucus first appeared in American stores around the 70s of the last century. At first the children didn’t really like the toy. The American company spent a huge amount on product advertising. However, success came only in the 90s. If desired, the product can be created independently. So, from what and how to make slime slime at home?

Toy out of the water

There are many ways to make such a toy. It can be created from hydrogen peroxide, PVA glue, alcohol and just water. So how to make mucus? To make a toy from water you will need:

  1. Water - 200 milliliters.
  2. Potato starch - 200 milliliters.

If desired, you can take more. However, proportions should be observed. Components must be taken in equal quantities. To avoid mistakes, you should use a special measuring cup.

Manufacturing process

In a deep container, mix both components. That's all. The toy is ready. Since it is very difficult to make mucus look like a store, it is worth dyeing it. To do this, you can use gouache or zelenka.

The main thing is to mix everything thoroughly so that the composition is homogeneous. The result should be a fun toy. However, few components are required. It is worth considering that such a slime has a clear drawback - it does not jump.

How to make mucus from shampoo

To make a toy you will need:

  1. Clay "Titan" - 300 milliliters.
  2. Any shampoo - 200 milliliters.

This cooking method is ideal for those who love cleanliness. Buying expensive shampoo for making a lizun is not necessary. Any toy can be used for a toy. The two components should be combined and mixed thoroughly until a homogeneous composition is formed. If desired, a little dye, such as gouache, can be added to the resulting composition. Thanks to this, the toy will turn out beautiful and more vibrant.

Alcohol Based Toy

How to make mucus from alcohol? This process is more complicated. To make the toy, you should strictly follow the instructions. For cooking you will need:

  1. Polyvinyl alcohol.
  2. Sodium tetraborate.
  3. Water.
  4. Dye.

Sodium tetraborate is available at the pharmacy. Polyvinyl alcohol is a powdery substance, not a liquid. It is he who is the main component of mucus. Regular vodka, as well as medical alcohol, are completely unsuitable for this.

First you need to boil alcohol. This should be done on a small fire, as the substance may burn. It should be boiled for 45 minutes. During this time, you can prepare the remaining components. In the container, you need to mix water and sodium tetraborate. The substance must completely dissolve. A glass of water requires two tablespoons of the component. The resulting liquid should be filtered, and then poured into the finished alcohol in a ratio of 1 to 3. It remains to add food coloring and mix well. Now you know how to make slime mucus at home from the available ingredients.