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How to flash hard drive for Xbox 360?


Most recently (albeit a little late - in the end of 2017), I became the proud owner of the Xbox 360 game console! There are still problems with aiming in shooters using the joystick, but I succeeded in recording games on the Xbox 360.

It is this information that I hasten to share with you in this article.

Baseline data, or What is required for this

The principle of installing pirated games on a flashed Xbox is similar for different versions of firmware and shells used, but at the same time it may vary slightly. Therefore, in this guide I will give an example of my configuration, starting from which, you can download games to the Xbox.

Operating Configuration: Xbox 360 E (2014) Freeboot + LT 3.0, Freestyle Dash Shell, and 500 GB Hard Drive

In addition to the console itself, we need access to a PC or laptop, a flash drive with a capacity of more than 8 GB (the size is due to the average size of games for the Xbox 360) or an external hard drive.


I did everything according to the instructions but the prefix does not see the hard drive I can not understand what the problem is, help please

Which winchester? Did you backup?

Thank! I requested the WD3200BPVT according to the instructions. The disk was determined (I requested two times in a row for this, after the first boxing I did not see the disk).

Hello. Tell me what the problem is ... I flashed the disc according to the instructions, it became known as hitachi but the prefix does not see it. I try to flash again but after starting hddhackr it says that there are no suitable disks ...

I did everything according to the instructions hard WD Blue WD3200BPVT, the console does not see, I try to flash it a second time, it says that the firmware is already installed and should work on the console, it’s working, flipped the firmware from the backup back, the computer sees the hard drive. What could be the matter?

I did it in science, on the command line I wrote that you can use it on the console, but the console does not see it. What am I doing wrong? Tell me.

Thank you for the article. The firmware took 5 minutes.

Hi everyone, my boxing doesn’t see hard, I don’t know why although I have never connected it to my computer by the way, my mother is gigabyte and here is my friend when he didn’t see boxing he just asked for it and that's it! And he has seagate like By the way, I tried to flash everything according to the instructions, but I have one problem! Is Undo.bin already on the screw or should I throw it on a USB flash drive? In short, I want to flash it and, by the way, the manufacturer is not important for Freeboot and even let it see a 2TB box there that's it! by the way and I have Freeboot

Hard drives only WD, other manufacturer will not work?
What is the method of selecting hard drives?

Hey, Vasya ... everything is fine. Thanks for the instruction

good article! thank))

The hard drive has a WD Scorpio Blue 160 GB and there is no firmware for it. Tell me what to do.

And with a disk from Samung not a ride?

WD Scorpio Blue Series 250gb BPVT, everything turned out the first time

My WD3200BPVT has flashed everything as it is written, I insert a hard xbox, nothing shows only the black screen, and the indicator lights up in red. Without hard works. Tell me what to do?

You will need:

1) HDD 2.5 SATA, Any firm and volume.

2) Case for the HDD Xbox, if you have a Slim or E version, you can do without it. If Fat - you must buy.

3) The console itself with FREEBOOT installed.

So, let's begin.

We insert our hard drive into the Xbox, and turn it on.

Enter the serial number of the console, it is located on the back of the Xbox.

Formatting of our HDD will begin.

After the process is complete, the hard drive will appear in the list of our devices. You can start pouring games, applications, etc.

Why do I need to install the game on the Xbox 360

On standard consoles, games are launched from licensed discs only. It would seem that if there is a CD and the game is recorded on it, then why do we need to install it on the HDD?

Copying part of the data from the disk to the set-top box guarantees minimal cd access when playing. That is, you can copy data even if the game is on the same drive, then it will load faster. In addition, the drive will make less noise.

Due to the fact that the maximum volume of one CD is 8.5GB, and the game itself, for example, the same GTA V, weighs more than 16GB, developers have to split its files into two disks. Part of them installed on the hard drive.

Installing the game on your hard drive may require approximately 4-8GB of free space. You can run it with disk only and nothing else.

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How to install the game from disk on the Xbox 360

First you need to insert the game disc into the DVD drive. If the game started automatically, just exit it to the main menu.

To save a game from disk to the Xbox 360, you need to select the game whose disk is in the tray, and press the button X. Next, click "Install".

Usually, copying data takes 10-15 minutes.

If there is not enough space on the hard disk, the system will display a warning message indicating the amount of missing space. Need to click "Yes" and delete the data until a sufficient amount of free disk space is typed.

You can also try install the game on a flash drive, but this method is not suitable for every case.

How to remove a game from your hard drive

Go to the Xbox 360 menu. We are looking for the game that you want to erase and click Y on the joystick. Select item Delete.

You can also delete not one game, but several at once. To do this, go to the "Settings" menu and select "System Settings". Are looking for "Storage"go to “Hard Drive” - “Games”. Next, just select the necessary items and delete them.

How to download a game update (Title Updates)

On non-flashed consoles, games are updated automatically, but for this the console must be connected to the Internet and have access to Xbox Live.

On consoles with Freeboot, it is not possible to configure automatic updates. Patches can be downloaded from a flash drive.

First you need to prepare a flash drive. Then we search the Internet for updates for a specific game and download them to your computer.

Updates need to be downloaded for a specific version of the game. If you install an update, for example, for an old version of the game, and a newer game is installed on the Xbox 360, may stop starting.

Then you need to insert the USB flash drive into the computer and run the USB Xtaf program. You can download it on the Internet.

Next, do the following:

  • Push File - Open Drive,
  • In the tab File system you need to drag the downloaded files into the folder Cache,
  • Click Close drive, immediately after the inscription appears on the screen Done.
  • After that, you need to insert the USB flash drive into the Xbox and copy the data to the directory with the game.

Installing patches on the Xbox 360 is needed to fix bugs in new games, add all kinds of content like achievements, clothes of heroes, etc. But the official update can erase pirated data, for example, crackers.

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Such a problem: I bought an Xbox 360 (flashed), I got 40 games there for the bonus, it lasted for a long time, but over time I got fed up with these games, went to buy games (pirates), I bought it, but the console did not read the disc, I asked to clean it drive a soft cloth and reload the Kansol, it didn’t help, I gave the prefix to one master, he said everything will be ready in a day, in a day I came in and picked up the prefix, and voila everything works, I sat playing a new game (from the disk), and then I wanted my old games (on the hard drive), so I go into one game, and she asks for the disk! And all these games were written to me as a bonus on a hard drive !! What to do.

Stage 1: Preparing the flash drive

Xbox 360 recognizes external drives labeled only in FAT32 format, so the first thing to do is open Windows Explorer, find the USB flash drive (or external hard drive) in the list and open the context menu by right-clicking.

In the menu that appears, you need to find the line "Format ...". In the window that opens, specify the type of file system you need (FAT32) or simply use the "Restore Default Settings" button. Then click "Start."

Attention! Formatting will destroy all data on a flash drive!

After a while (usually very fast), the flash drive will be formatted, and you can continue to the next step of the instructions for installing games on your Xbox 360 hard drive.

Stage 2: Copy game files to a USB flash drive

Before you copy the files of the downloaded game for Xbox, you must create the GAMES folder on the USB flash drive. It will look like this:

Then copy the downloaded game files to GAMES.

Please note that when you download a game from a torrent tracker, the file folder (in our case - 54510842) will be enclosed in another (for example, Metro 2033), but I recommend that you copy only the main folder with all the game files to the USB flash drive (54510842).

Stage 3: Install the game on the Xbox 360 from a flash drive

The resulting USB flash drive with downloaded game files must be connected to the Xbox (for this it is convenient to use the front USB ports).

After that, turn on the console (unless of course you have already done so). You will see the main menu of the Freestyle Dash shell.

Scroll up or down until you see the Programs menu. In this menu, select the "Explorer".

"Explorer" is an interface with two windows (a la Total Commander), each of which can display and interact with the contents of a specific directory.

In the left window, open our USB flash drive (Usb0 :) and the GAMES folder contained in it. In the right you need to open the directory with games on your hard drive at: Hdd1: / Content / 00000000000000 ...

Next, using the joystick, select the folder with our game (54510842) in the left window, hold down the RB button (right shift, used to indicate the direction of copying: in our case, from left to right) and start copying the game to the HDD using the A key.

After the installation of the game on the Xbox is completed, you need to return to the main menu of the console and go to the settings window. In the "Content Settings" open the item "Scan" and click on the item "Scan". The scan process will detect all recently installed games on the Xbox and add them to the general list.

Please note that if you have unchecked "Turn off auto-scan at startup" in the "Scan" item, you can simply restart the console, thereby starting a scan of new games. However, this process takes a lot of time, so I recommend scanning manually.

Voila! Now you know how to install the game on the Xbox360!

Xbox does not see the flash drive

Make sure the file system on the flash drive is of type FAT32. If so, and your console still does not recognize the drive, resort to low-level flash drive formatting. For these purposes, I recommend using the HDD Low Level Format Tool. After that, follow all the steps in this guide, starting with the first step.

I hope this article helped you figure out how to record downloaded games onto the stitched Xbox 360. Ask your questions in the comments and share the article using the buttons below! Thank.