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Beautiful apologies to the girl or beloved guy in your own words


Building a serious relationship with a loved one is not easy, because even if feelings are strong, petty quarrels will not disappear anywhere. Sometimes the beloved's resentment can be extremely strong - up to the desire to leave. In this situation, the guy will want to apologize in order to rectify the situation. There are many different ways that will help strengthen the relationship and make the girl smile and forget about all the differences.

Girls are more emotional, so a loved one can scroll through a recent quarrel in her head for a very long time. The decision to forgive the young man or not, she makes with her parents, girlfriends, pride and pride.

But there are no situations in which there is no way to receive forgiveness. You need to stock up on perseverance and desire to achieve a positive result.

It is important to adhere to the rules:

  • Girls need time to calm down, so do not rush, otherwise she will get angry even more.
  • In order for her to take apologies seriously, it is better to ask for forgiveness in real life, and not through a social network.
  • It is worth showing that she is significant for the guy and he is ready to spend his whole life with her. It is necessary to talk about a joint future, where the couple are happy together.
  • Do not forget about originality, because she will be doubly pleased that a friend not only thought about her feelings, but also tried to apologize beautifully. You can call the radio or write an apology on the flyer. Fantasy will help get rid of the conflict.

Before proceeding to the process of apology, you should find out the reason for the resentment of the girl or wife. Do not forget that in some situations it will be difficult for her to forgive her beloved. If a man was late for a meeting or forgot about joint plans, he will be saved by a pleasant pastime with a girl in a restaurant or a movie. If he did not answer calls for several days and ignored his beloved, resentment will be strong.

A reasonable explanation should be thought out that would justify the man. No need to lie and evade answers, as women easily catch lies. Warm and affectionate words will help show the warmth of feelings, cheer up and create a connection between lovers. It is necessary to sincerely regret the deed and promise that more such situations will not happen again.

If the guilt is serious (insult or treason), you can not try to appease the girl with sweets and going to the movies, as your beloved is unlikely to agree to spend time with a person who is not pleasant to her. Here you need to prove to her that the guy’s words and feelings are sincere.

Some tips:

  • You should not make impulsive decisions, you should think it over and then decide how and when to apologize.
  • Honesty is what will help in restoring trust and preventing a breakup. Apologies should not be fake.
  • It is important to take measures to solve this problem, since the usual phrase “forgive me” is not enough.
  • It is necessary to monitor your intonation, as a humorous tone can instantly destroy relationships.

In order to apologize to a girl, you should remember that she needs time to absorb information. She may not listen to the man, try to protect himself from him and throw out all the accumulated anger and resentment. It is important not to back down and try to make sure that the beloved still hears the arguments.

If the beloved does not want to see next to her the one who ruined her mood, you can use options such as writing or a social network. To ask for forgiveness in the original way, you should include fantasy.

Letters can be anything: a note that is left on a table or attached to a mirror, a message in a mailbox, text on paper that is enclosed in a bouquet received from the courier.

Any of the options involves romance and mystery. Even if the spouse does not want to listen to her lover, she will definitely read the letter, as curiosity will not let him ignore.

What should be the letter:

  • Interesting, gentle appeal, conducive to further reading.
  • The purpose of the letter: “I'm afraid that I can’t contact you in another way ...”
  • The realization that the man is to blame.
  • True explanation of the act.
  • Request for forgiveness: "I do not want to lose you," "You are dear to me, forgive me."
  • Words ending the letter. Here should be a text about a joint future or admiration for a loved one.
  • Original signature: “A man forever loving you”, “Your guardian angel”, etc.

A request for forgiveness can be written in poems, even if the poems are inept, not too good and awkward. The girl will appreciate the efforts made by the guy to ensure her location.

If a man wrote a letter with tears in his eyes, do not reread it after writing, as this will lead to a feeling of awkwardness. Thinking that opening a soul is not entirely pleasant, a young man may not send a message. It will be right to quickly “get rid” of it, until the romantic and frank mood is gone.

Advanced technologies allow men to ask for forgiveness not only in life, but also through social networks or SMS. Even if a guy strongly offended his chosen one, there is a chance to soften her offense with a pleasant message.

Some methods take only a minute, and some require effort. Examples:

  • To ask for forgiveness on a social network will help prose with beautiful graffiti, which your loved one will certainly appreciate.
  • You need to find the right music for the situation. But you should be extremely careful, as a woman will listen to every line of the song.
  • You should select a number of the best collaborative photos and make a collage of the happiest moments. Here you can attach the words of apology, making excuses for the fact that sometimes quarrels take away particles of happiness from a couple.
  • An option suitable for a girl with a good sense of humor is a cool apology. You can use a cat with a sad face, describe how sad the apartment looks without constant singing in the shower, etc.
  • Make a video by asking passers-by, friends, acquaintances, relatives to record small videos with the text “He really loves you”, “This is true love”, etc.

SMS allows you to apologize easily and simply, because it does not take much time. It is important to express your thoughts sincerely. The easiest option is to admit that you are wrong and promise that this will not happen again. You can focus on the fact that a man is very sad and ill without his beloved and he is ready to do everything in his power for reconciliation. No need to write short SMS, as they can produce the opposite effect.

Situations when you definitely need to apologize to a girl

Below we look at various situations that require a mandatory apology. However, it is worth noting that not all women are ready to make concessions in the examples below, and forget the insult. However, you may well try to do your best to fix it.

Of course, you must understand that this is more than a serious reason for female resentment. In addition, note that not all women, however, like men, are ready to forget about this misconduct and continue the relationship. Words in this situation alone will not be enough, and most likely you will have to prove your fidelity for a long time to come. Often, women first forgive traitors, fearing to be alone, but over time they realize that trust is lost, and still leave.

If you have inflicted any insult on a woman, then, of course, you should apologize to her. It can be an insult by certain actions, or verbal insults. Surely, you yourself would not want to survive such a grudge, and you understand that in this situation you should definitely ask for forgiveness.

Alcohol destroyed many relationships and destroyed many couples who could live happily ever after. If your chosen one periodically has to endure your drunken tricks, then be prepared for the fact that these relationships are short-lived. It’s one thing if we are talking about a random incident, and quite another - if you regularly allow yourself to "sort out". In the first case, apologies can still play a positive role, but in the second case only a complete rejection of alcohol will help.

Pretty controversial case. Inattention on the part of lovers seriously injures many girls, but men do not always pay attention to this, letting the situation go by itself. Of course, most often they have a good reason for such behavior - employment at work, family problems or something else like that. And yet, for a girl, most often, this is not a consolation - she wants her chosen one to recall at least sometimes that he has a beloved woman in his life. In these cases, an apology “in words” will not be very appropriate - over time, this is already perceived as an excuse. Apologize differently - periodically still find time to please the girl with a bouquet of flowers, an invitation to a theater, movie or cafe, as well as small surprises.

We are talking about groundless jealousy. Some guys probably know that they are jealous. Some of them understand that the problem is not in the chosen one, but in themselves, but others are convinced that the beloved should accept this “feature” and adapt to it. If you still understand that sometimes you are jealous of a girl for no reason, then this circumstance necessarily requires an apology on your part.

Beautiful apologies to the girl

  • My lies may have been dark clouds, but your forgiveness will be stars and the sun in our relationship. I beg you to excuse me.
  • If you don’t see my tears in my eyes, I beg you to at least feel the pain in my heart. I am sorry.
  • It is sad that your love is so amiable, has been spoiled by my selfish mind. It’s sad that your so disinterested love had to face all this mess. And now, ironically, my regret and grief are regarded as a fake. Tell me, what do I need to do so that you believe in the sincerity of my apologies? I am ready to do it.
  • My dishonest mind made a mistake - to lie to you. But my heart and soul are forever devoted to love only to you. Therefore, I ask for your forgiveness.

  • Before you forgive me, I want you to hug me and put your hand on my heart. Maybe you will feel how it is torn to pieces. Because my actions hurt you. But with every blow you’ll hear, I’m sorry.
  • I apologize! Let's move on from anger or resentment to love and fellowship if you are ready to accept my apology. (We advise you to read ways to successfully manage your anger and irritation).
  • I am ready to apologize to all my friends and family. And even post your apologies on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Vkontakte. To let everyone know how sorry I am to offend you.

A beautiful apology if you strongly offended or messed up

If you seriously offended your beloved, then, of course, you need to do everything possible so that she forgives you. Of course, it is worth starting with a sincere apology. Invite the girl to a meeting or fine-tune her, after which admit that you really regret your action and want to fix it. Then give the chosen one a large bouquet of her favorite flowers.

Particularly entrepreneurial guys can go even further. If a girl lives in a block of flats, ask her to look out the window. Your “apology” must be prepared in advance. In the evening, you can lay out the word “I'm sorry” with candles (letters should be clearly visible). If possible, “Sorry” can be made up of the car of your friends and acquaintances (for this you will have to connect a considerable number of people).

In addition, you can send a courier a bouquet of flowers and a large soft toy - for sure, the girl will be impressed. Be sure to attach a letter or note to the flowers in which you express your sincere apologies.

Apology to the girl in her own words

When you say your apology, speak in your own words, but sincerely, from the heart, and then you are more likely to believe such words. Below you will find some examples of such apologies. (You can read more about how to correctly apologize to your girlfriend by clicking on the link).

  • I never wanted to be indifferent and stay away. I'm sorry that because of my behavior you had the feeling that we were drifting apart. My behavior was stupid, but my love for you is the greatest evidence of my bitter regret about what happened. If you can excuse me, please forgive me.
  • I know that you want to leave, because you are tired of me. But I won’t calm down until finally I see you. I understand that you want to live separately, because after our quarrels you feel sick. But I will not calm down until I do everything right. And I will not make amends so that you can excuse me.

  • Forgiveness is an integral part of being in a relationship as intimate as ours. Accept my apologies by putting an end to this painful watch for both of us. I'm sorry.
  • I repent of my mistakes and howl from pain. Since I worry that if you do not forgive me, my whole life will be in vain.
  • I remember you once said that you would do everything for me. All I ask for today is to accept my apologies. I made a mistake, but I promise not to allow this anymore in relation to you, please forgive me.

Write an apology letter in your own words in VK (in contact or other social networks)

There are times when the simple words “I'm sorry” may not be enough. Some situations require detailed explanations in order to resolve any misunderstandings. Tell the girl why you did it one way or another and what you think about the situation. If you understand that your act could offend the girl in some way, and just explaining it to her will not be enough, then, without fail, apologize to her.

SMS apologies to the girl for the insult

  • I'm sorry about what happened. I fully admit that this is only my fault, so I want to do everything to fix my mistake. Because I love you! And the last thing I want to see is your suffering because of me.
  • I never forgot you, but now I apologize for the evil that I did to you. I want to light your smile again where it was turned off by me. Allow yourself to restore your heart.
  • I really do not want our story to end in a misunderstanding. Therefore, I am ready to compensate for my apologies not only with words, but also shower you with kisses. Since I love you too much to lose.
  • Life is like a book, where every day is one page, clearly different from another. Each of us has pages that he would like to tear and throw away, but this is forbidden! Instead, we can take the pen of the heart and the power of love to start writing a new chapter together if you forgive me. (I advise you to read interesting proverbs about the meaning of human life).

  • I know that when you hurt the person whom you love most, there are hardly any words that can correct this mistake. That’s why I’m not going to apologize just for the words, but I want to apologize for the facts. Small household facts, if you give me the opportunity to apologize to you.
  • Forgive me for the evil that brought your heart. I hope you forgive me and erase the day that I offended you, even if it was marked with indelible ink. Of course, there is no excuse for my actions, but I will continue to hope for your forgiveness.
  • I can’t forget you, it’s too difficult for me. I must hate myself for the evil that I have done to you, but I hate even more that I do not know how to write a beautiful apology to my girlfriend in my own words. Sorry to write to you about this, but it's true. Please do not hate me, but understand.

Text sms asking for forgiveness and funny pictures

After a quarrel and misunderstanding with her lover, the girl usually hopes for an apology from him. She often glances at the screen of her phone, in anticipation that the offender will call or at least write something. The girl may not admit that she is waiting for words of forgiveness, but she really needs them. If you feel guilty, then be sure to apologize to your beloved, and you can do this through SMS. As you know, SMS does not imply long texts (for this it is better to use social networks), so limit yourself to a laconic phrase. Examples: “Forgive me, I was wrong! I love you very much and do not want to lose our relationship ”,“ You are very dear to me, forgive me! How can I make amends? ” By the way, the text can be accompanied by a funny picture. A good option would be the image of a cat from "Shrek" with his famous "teary" look.

Say "sorry" to touch to tears when you apologize

If you hope to touch your beloved to tears during the utterance of your apologies, you will have to try a lot. By the way, most likely, you will have to remember all the most significant moments for the period of your relationship. Of course, we are talking about pleasant moments, which include acquaintance, the first kiss, marriage proposal and much more. Tell us what you felt in these seconds, and how would you not like to say goodbye to all this. Также попросите девушку о шансе все исправить, и позволить вашей любви жить дальше. Впрочем, если вы искренне будете извиняться, и в ваших глазах будут стоять слезы, то, наверняка, это сможет тронуть вашу возлюбленную. Также можно сказать избраннице, что встреча с ней – это самое потрясающее, что случилось в вашей жизни, и вы не хотите ее потерять.

Apologies to your girlfriend

With one of the apologies listed that you will read in this section, you can not only show your feelings, but also succeed in your apologies in the best way.

  • If you can’t forgive me, at least give me the last dance. Then you can feel the pain of my heart and the anguish of my soul. I want to apologize for what I did. And to assure you that for me you are the only and desired!
  • I am sure that you never fooled and will not fool me, but possessiveness prevailed over me. Please dear, excuse me.
  • I do not expect that the situation will immediately become normal. But until this happens, I will continue every day to apologize to my girlfriend, giving her flowers.

  • My apology to you is like suicide - brutally honest and direct in your face. Please excuse me and stop being angry. I miss you real.
  • I apologize and promise that from now on I will no longer consider you as some kind of property. But this does not mean that if the other guy tries to cheekily flirt or flirt with you, I will remain indifferent. Therefore, I’m sorry in advance, my dear.
  • To say that I will never again be angry or argue with you would be a false promise. But I assure you that I will try to do this as little as possible so that you are less sad. Please forgive me for accepting my apologies!

You can originally ask for forgiveness from your beloved in poetry or prose

If you feel the creative potential in yourself, then you will be able to very originally apologize to your lover. To do this, write a poem about your feelings for the chosen one. It will be great if the rhymed lines contain the real facts from your relationship. You can also apologize in prose by setting out your love story. Of course, do not forget what the purpose of your creation is - it is important that she sees in your verse or prose an apology or repentance.

Apologies to the guy in his own words

Are you looking for a beautiful phrase that can reflect your feelings? You think about the words of apology to your beloved guy or man, but have not yet found the right words? Then you don’t need to look anymore, because below you will find samples of such apologies that you can send to your boyfriend.

  • Since we started dating, you have been doing everything I asked you to. As a last resort, please excuse me so that now I also begin to fulfill your requests.
  • I cried while I still had tears. Then she sobbed until her head began to throb. And then she screamed until my voice disappeared. She was heartbroken because you turned away from me and we stopped talking. I am very guilty before you. Please accept my apologies.

  • A break with you is something that never crossed my mind. It seems you adamantly decided to part with me. Yes, I know that you have the right to do this after the humiliations and insults that you experienced because of my act. But please let me make you a romantic evening. Let me win your heart again to show how desperately I love you. Calling for mercy, please forgive me.
  • I apologize for the angry messages on your Facebook, emails and all the SMS on your mobile phone sent by me. My jealousy and possessiveness led me into a very unpleasant zone. For my excuse, try to understand my feelings. What could I do if I have the most handsome guy that other ladies would not mind taking? I did not correctly interpret your behavior with them, and so I broke. If you love me, then please excuse me and help my jealousy to end it.
  • It really annoys me when beautiful girls try to flirt with you. Since I am your girlfriend, I can’t feel calm. But I promise that next time I will try not to lose my head and behave more restrained. I’ll try to learn to believe you, especially when the girls "drool" at the sight of you. I beg your condescension and forgiveness.

What is the best way to apologize to my wife for cheating or drinking

Such unreasonable acts as constant drinking or treason, extremely negatively affect family life. Even if the wife forgives you for something similar, harmony in the relationship will come far from immediately. Offended and offended by your actions, a woman will still remember what happened for some period. Even if she does not begin to tell you directly, the transferred disappointment, most likely, will still make itself felt. How can this be manifested? In general, a recent resentment can “pop up” again and again in various little things. A woman can become colder in her sex life or periodically express her irritation, seemingly from scratch. Although, of course, there are no rules without exceptions, and perhaps your chosen one will find the strength in herself to behave the same as before. However, women with such strong self-control are still in the minority. Be that as it may, forgiveness must still be achieved first.

There are many ways to apologize to your spouse, consider some of them. So, in addition to verbal apologies, you also need to be noted by some specious act.

Many women dream of breaking out of the cycle of everyday worries or simply diversifying their impressions with positive emotions that can give a fascinating journey. If you know that your wife likes trips to warm regions to the sea or to ancient cities with magnificent architecture, and you can find an opportunity to realize this desire, then be sure to use this. After your unseemly deeds, for sure, your spouse’s mood leaves much to be desired, and a trip to an interesting city will be able to change that. Of course, it’s better to take a joint tour. If you, even with the best of intentions, buy a ticket only to your wife or send her on a trip with your best friend, she may decide that you just decided to "get rid" of her, and at this time return to drinking or cheating (depending on what situation you happened).

It is possible that your spouse has long asked you about some business, but you only promised to fulfill it, and never reached the fulfillment of your words. Think well about what you recently or a little earlier spoke with your wife, and what she wanted. Cases may be different. Perhaps she wanted you to finally fix some thing, buy a dog, take the time and opportunity for a short trip or something like that. Surely, if the wife’s request is fulfilled, she will relent. However, note that this is a serious matter, and not about sharpening a kitchen knife.

If recently in your family life there was a place for cheating or drinking, then this clearly indicates that your wife had to be in a state of tension, and, surely, she suffered many disappointments. When marrying you, most likely, she hoped for a completely different life together, and now it is not easy for her to come to terms with the revealed reality. And yet, you have the opportunity to return at least some of the feelings that were at the dawn of your relationship. At any stage of the relationship, a woman needs a manifestation of romance on the part of the partner, and in your power to realize this desire. How to do it? You can quite start with cute little things - all the more, it is relevant, if there were none at all in your family life. Bring flowers to your beloved woman periodically. This does not have to go about luxurious bouquets of one hundred and one roses (although this should be spoiled by the wife at least occasionally). Surely, wild flowers, banal tulips, chrysanthemums will also please her - the main thing is to show her that you want to please her.

In addition, it does not hurt to periodically arrange romantic dinners - you can organize something similar at home on your own or invite your spouse to a cozy restaurant. In general, if you have such a desire, you will certainly find a way to please your wife with romantic surprises.

Apologies to the man in his own words

  • To you so kind, generous, beloved and merciful in tears I appeal for forgiveness. You and only you can certainly forgive me. Please believe my feelings and how bitterly I regret the circumstances. Beloved, please excuse me.
  • I am very sorry that I doubted your honesty. Thought you were fooling me. After all, for me you are hotter than fire and sweeter than honey, and this is my problem. Therefore, when I see how other girls curl around you, I start to get sick with jealousy. But now I promise to try to control my jealousy.
  • I crave to see a smile on your face. I crave to be in your hands - there is my favorite place. I know that I did completely wrong things. But please, I beg you for forgiveness. Sorry if you can!
  • I apologize for my craziness the other day. I swear that I didn’t act like that, my hormonal changes and mood swings are to blame. Because of them, I annoyed you in every possible way. But I promise that I will fight this because I do not want to lose you.

  • Bring me back to your arms, holding me tight. Feel my heavy breathing from sadness because I offended you. Look into my eyes, hearing an apology, and hold me in a kiss. Forgive me darling!
  • I know that because of my character, I'm not the girl you deserve. But I promise you that I will never stop trying to become her. Forgive and excuse me, please.
  • Sorry darling! I thirst to put my head back on your strong shoulders. I'm sorry, and I really want you to hug me again. I'm sorry, and I hope you can love me again. I'm sorry ... I just want to hope that you make me smile again.
  • I look ugly when I cry and howl in pain. Now it’s in your hands to forgive me and make me look beautiful again. I beg your beloved, I'm sorry!

Ways to earn trust and beg forgiveness

When the situation is such that a man has to earn the trust of his beloved woman, we can conclude that for some reason this trust was lost. It is necessary to build on precisely the case that spoiled your relationship with the chosen one. So, consider the most common options.

In many couples, confidence is lost after the betrayal of one of the partners. If you want to prove to your beloved that for you there are no other women other than herself, you have to show it in practice. First of all, you need to interrupt any contacts with the object of treason. If you started an intimate relationship with an employee, it is possible that you can restore confidence in the family only if you change your job. In general, the beloved must be sure that you do not intersect with your former mistress, and this is a natural desire.

Perhaps flirtation by correspondence has become a problem in the relationship? Then you should show the girl that you are no longer doing this and do not strive for virtual romance. Remove from your contacts all the persons who, in the opinion of the chosen one, can do some harm to your relationship. Many men are reluctant to take such a step, and women regard this very negatively. However, since the situation has reached the point that you still need to gain confidence, then you have no other choice. At the same time, try not to spend much time on social networks - this can cause a girl to suspect.

Of course, such an infringement of the freedom of choice will seem humiliating to most men, and in the usual situation, when there is no real reason for jealousy, it is. However, if you were caught in betrayal, and you yourself understand this, now, in order to maintain relations, you still have to make sacrifices.

If your beloved happened to witness your drunkards some time ago, then your situation is unenviable. Surely, during this time she managed to seriously become disappointed, and you have to earn trust, so that the relationship is back on track. By the way, we can talk not only about drinking, but also drugs. In general, the impressions of life with a dependent person in women are usually similar. In any case, most likely, your companion in such a situation had to face lack of money and inappropriate or unpredictable behavior on your part. To again earn the trust of a lover, these factors must be excluded.

Let her know that bad habits are over, and make your own efforts to make this true. There can be no talk of “another” or “last” time. A woman should see that past hobbies cause you to be rejected, and not that you can hardly control yourself and only dream about the possibility of “tasting the forbidden fruit” again.

In addition, during the drunken period, the quality of your life together has probably worsened. Most likely, you spent a considerable amount on alcohol, and it is possible that there was not enough money for a family or (if you are not married yet) for a full-fledged relationship. Show your beloved that she was not mistaken by forgiving you, and now your life will be much better. Give her small and big gifts, invest in a joint life. If a woman sees that you have redefined your values, then she will begin to trust you.


Look your loved one in the eyes when you apologize before saying beautiful words. Of course, it’s difficult to count on a sincere apology for the innocent side if you apologize for something unpleasant - a lie, a lie, a grief or a betrayal. Building a broken relationship isn't easy, but don't give up.

Write a letter or SMS or try to personally speak with someone who intends to ask for an apology. Open your heart to him, showing sincere regret, which just the same can become the basis for forgiveness. I hope you find on this list a beautiful apology to a girl or boyfriend, a man, who will help you reconcile and build relationships.

Regards, Helen

I recommend watching the guy’s original apology to his girlfriend.

What to give the girl as a sign of reconciliation, so that she forgiven for sure

Of course, it is no secret that many girls like to receive gifts, and if you want to present your chosen one an interesting surprise as a sign of reconciliation, then approach this with all responsibility. There are times when you can restrict yourself to just a bunch of flowers, most often the situation requires a more thorough approach.

So, what a gift can please your girlfriend

SPA treatments. If your lover likes various procedures for the body and face, then a visit to the spa will be a good surprise for her. You can give her a gift certificate, or pay in advance for some procedures, if you know exactly what your girlfriend will like. By the way, we can talk not only about SPA, but also about some hairdressing services and the like.

Tickets for the premiere or concert. It is possible that your girlfriend will be delighted with tickets to any premiere in a movie or theater or to a concert of some musical group. However, it can even be a circus! Think about what your darling would like and buy tickets in accordance with her preferences.

Travel. A trip to another city or country can be a truly amazing and welcome gift for your sweetheart. However, a joint trip, for sure, will not only please your chosen one, but also significantly improve the relationship between you. Of course, the main thing is to choose a city that your favorite will definitely enjoy. Most likely, you already know what kind of rest she likes - active or passive. Ponder what she would like more - sunbathing on the beach by the sea, excursions along the old streets, a ski resort or something else. If you choose a trip in accordance with the preferences of your sweetheart, then this will most favorably affect your relationship.

Dress. Here is such a banal gift that can significantly raise the mood of most girls. You can simply invite your sweetheart to shop at her favorite store and make a pleasant purchase for her.

Romantic dinner. It’s not just about eating pizza together in a cafe where you have been together more than once. Choose a cozy restaurant in which you have been rarely or not yet familiar to you. Pre-read the reviews about the institution to make sure that the romantic dinner will go as it should. By the way, dinner can be organized on your own. It can be a candlelit meal in your home or a romantic picnic in some picturesque place with light snacks and delicious wine.

Photo album. If your beloved can be considered romantic, then most likely a photo album with joint pictures will be a pleasant surprise for her - especially if you do not have one yet. Buy a beautiful album and put your pictures in it - from the beginning of your relationship to the present day. Of course, this is true if you have a sufficient number of photos.

Pet If a girl has long dreamed of a kitten or puppy, and you know for sure that she has opportunities for keeping an animal, then such a gift will certainly cause her great delight.

Jewelry. Возможно, вашей девушке нравятся ювелирные украшения? В таком случае кольцо, серьги или же браслет, подаренные в знак примирения будет весьма уместным сюрпризом. Можно выбрать не одно украшение, а красивый набор. Впрочем, если вы не уверены, что возлюбленной нравятся такие подарки, то лучше остановить свой выбор на чем-либо другом.

Нужно выждать небольшую паузу

«Женские страсти» имеют пик и спад. Не стоит просить прощения в период пика напряжения. Remember that it is not a word or an action that hurts, but thoughts that comment on this behavior. The so-called "winding up" occurs much later. Therefore, if it was not possible to apologize immediately, as they say, in hot pursuit, then it is better to wait a pause so that the girl survives her thoughts and was ready to accept others. A long pause can sow doubt in the girl’s heart: is the guy really to blame for everything, or is there part of her guilt? A very long pause can cause the girl a sense of priesthood and excitement. The girl will begin to doubt the correctness of her resentment, will begin to get bored, and may even want to take the initiative in reconciliation. In any case, your attention after a while will be her joy.

Organize a personal meeting

Do not call or write a message. You need to see the eyes of your chosen one. It is there that you will find the answer to all questions and the willingness to forgive you. If for any reason you do not have the opportunity to meet in person, it is better to come up with something original: a letter in an envelope, a telegram, a carrier pigeon (with a courier). The girl will appreciate your action, which means you will be forgiven.

Show particular interest in the girl

The girl must believe that she is the only, special, very, very. Each girl considers herself unique, but it is much more pleasant to hear this from a loved one. Tell the girl how much she means to you, how beautiful and charming she is. Focus on its individual virtues, not the details of your conflict. Do not justify yourself or repeat separate quarrel phrases. You need to make the girl believe in your repentance without focusing on the details.

Do an act

If the first attempt did not produce results, then the reason may be either your deep fault or excessive stubbornness of the girl. In any case, the usual apology is clearly not enough and it is necessary to commit a special act that will exalt it in the eyes of others. Women always depend on the opinions of society. And the ability to surprise others will cause the girl more delight than a sincere intimate apology, especially since the latter has already been used to no avail.
We offer several options for special surprises:

  • A traditional large bouquet of flowers, donated subject to the accumulation of significant for the girl people: work colleagues, classmates, friends.
  • A special way of presenting gifts: balloons, a kite, a parcel, a courier in a special carnival costume, etc.
  • The inscription with a declaration of love on the asphalt, banner, poster.
  • Announcement by radio, selector, lecture at your request, etc.

Surprise options can be limited only by your imagination.

Opinion of authoritative people

This option of reconciliation is actively used in diplomacy and is well suited for personal situations. It is necessary to win over people who are authoritative for the girl: girlfriends, parents, relatives, a leader, etc. Try to explain to them that you made a mistake and really repent. People who are not emotionally involved in this situation will look at it from a logical point of view. And, most importantly, to convince them in two situations: you love a girl. and you are very repenting.

Show pride

If for a long time your efforts have no effect, stop all efforts. Let the girl remain without your attention for some time. If she really is dear to you. Start again with the first tip.
Remember that no criminal fortresses exist.
And a few more tips:

  1. Be patient. Remember that the offended girl can commit rash acts. Forgive her in advance for all unnecessary words.
  2. Try not to justify your behavior. The fact is that in the eyes of the girl he has no excuse and to do this is useless. Better to just admit your mistake.
  3. Make it a rule not to use rude words in communication with a girl. This will protect you from trouble in relationships.
    Let your relationship be filled with love. And love can forgive everything.