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Star2: Emerald Pokemon Exchange: star2


So, insert the cartridge into the GBA (or Rum into the Emulator) and start playing what we all have been waiting for - the Pokemon Emerald Version! A new splash screen is already noticeable. Apparently, the whole game revolves around Reykwaza.

Beginning of the game. Often a small step forward is the result of a big kick in the ass.

Birch will welcome you (by the way, it is interesting - in the R / B / Y / FR / LG series, Oak was the professor (English "oak"), in the G / S / C series - Elm (elm), and in R / S / E - Birch (birch), what kind of tree will be in the next series of poker games?), Will say some nonsense and ask your gender (he is visually impaired) and name (and with memory of trouble). Now everyone will have to enter the name with pens; there are no options. The game started!

Littrut. The city of lazy builders.

You are driving in a truck with things (the scruffy father did not buy a train ticket). Come out. Mom will approach you and call you into the house. For some reason, things are not carried by Machoki, but by Vigorota. Get up and set the clock. Get down. On TV, it’s like they should show your dad, but, alas, the film ended before the transfer. Go to the next house, go upstairs, take a pokeball. For some reason, Meyo is against it. Well, it's her pokeball, so what? Okay. Go north. Awkwardly, for some reason Zigzagun attacked Birch, and not Puigena. Take some from your bag for now (I advise Torchik) and start the battle. WAIT! Do I have glitches or do I have ANIMATIONS at the pokes? Play will be more fun. Wet it (not Birch and not yours yet, but Zigzagun). In the lab, Birch will give you yours for now. Go to May if you haven’t done it yet (house on the right). Now north to Olddale.

Olddale. The store is the only attraction.

A guy near Pokemart will give you a Potion. North again. Pump up to 8-10 lvl. At the same time, watch the animations. Go to May. Fight. Your pokemon is weaker in type than her, but that’s nothing. Blow it to dust. Damn, ran Birchu to complain. Run after her, otherwise she’ll say such a thing now! Come to the lab. Oops, Birch praised, gave Pokedex and Pokeballs! And I thought, now they will flog the hero. Go out and go north. Mom will give you running shoes, hold [B] while walking and run! Very useful if you have a GBA or emulsion without acceleration or with buggy acceleration. In houses and caves, running does not work. Go, catch a bunch of docks (in the north you can catch Zigzagun, Wumprla (catch two), Puchenu, Wingulla). Now back to Olddale, then west. Interrupt a bunch of trainers. By the way, catch Zigzagun, and the sooner the better. You will save a lot of money, because Zigzagun / Linun very often has all sorts of things, and sometimes such as ultraball, HyperPotion, MaxRevive, RareCandy, Nugget, etc. In addition to a bunch of trainers, in the grass near the water you can catch Lotada and, if you look good, Ralts.

Petalburg The first or fifth GMM?

If you get to Petalburg, go to the State Historical Museum. The leader is Norman, your father (the one who is mean-spirited). He believes that your Pokemon is weak and it’s too early to fight with you (he correctly believes that fighting with him is not easy). Nevertheless, you can fight with him, but only when you earn the 4th badge. And now Wally (another of your future rivals) will teach you how to catch Pokemon (he will teach ME !?). Although everything is arranged so that you will teach it. In front of your eyes, Wally will successfully catch Ralts (fools are lucky). At first, Ralts is very weak, but then he starts to fight well (Wally will train him well).

Get out of town. A journalist will come up to you, but ask nothing, because Doesn't consider you a good coach. Go further west. Catch someone water there - Wingull, Meryl, Lotada. Useful in the State Historical Museum. Go to the beach, defeat 2 trainers. Now in the forest, at the entrance you will find another. Rummage through the forest - you will find a bunch of useful things and trainers. You will meet an employee of Devon Corp (he is looking for Shrumish). A member of the Aqua team will attack him. Bring him along with his Fluffy lvl 9. A member will run away, and an employee will run away with him, giving you a Greatball. Pump up your water (herbal) while as it should. Get out of the forest through the north passage.

Rastborough. All the builders who were lazy in Littlerut came here.

Go into the dick from above, take Wailmer pail from one of the girls. If you grow berries or just see a tree sprouting somewhere, water it - it will grow faster. Next to the berries, the guy will give you a Bullet Seed. Now east. As you can see, the developers swapped the guy at the entrance to the forest and the girl near the bridge. Then go to the bridge, take out the twins. There is a fisherman by the lake. He has three magicars, fight him. Talk to the old woman next to her, she will give you the berry. Now go north to Dewford. Go into the house to the left of the pocenter, the person will give you HM01 Cut. Teach him some kind of Pokemon (note that you will not be able to forget HM soon!). Have you reached at least 10-11 ur (am I talking about water or grass)? Go to the GMM. Since R / S, it has changed a lot. Kill all 3 trainers (all Geoduds). By the way, did you notice the innovation? The second coach will give you a challenge, the third will immediately suit you, i.e. this is a new kind of double battles where your rivals are different in type! Go to Roxanne. She has a Geodud (x2.12 level) + Know-pass (Lv. 15). Nouzpass - the strongest, because he has a strong defense. Take her out. Fine! Now you have a stone icon! It boosts the attack and makes it possible to use cut outside the battle to cut small trees and grass. In addition, you get Rock Tomb, a stone type attack that slows the enemy apart from the main damage. Get out of the GIM. Oops, the same member stole from the same Devon Goods employee (in order to find out, talk with him, he’s not far from the exit) Take some flying from your computer (if you haven’t done so yet) and start training him , the next battle is just around the corner. Go east. There are already 10 trainers! Kill everyone. At the same time, catch Vishmur and two Ninkads (Ninkada is evolving in Shedinja, if you have pokeball and a free slot, otherwise in Ninjask, both of them are at level 20) Old Brini is waiting for you at the cave. A member of Aqua stole Wingull from him. Come into the cave. In the north lies the pokeball. In the east, the one we came for. Bring it to Puchen (11). Brini will come and take her Wingull. Get out of the cave and go to the guy from Devon. He will take you to the president, give the Greatball and the package, which must be delivered to Slateport to Captain Stern. The President, Mr. Stone, will ask you to take the letter to Stephen in Dewford.

Dewford. Small town, but long.

Leave the building (the bespectacled man will give you PokeNav, a telephone has been added there, and there is also a map and a device for competitions). May is waiting at the exit from the city, she will give you her phone number and fight (in R / S she says at this place that she has run out of pokeballs), she has Torkoal (13) and starting (15). Go through the forest (in the forest cut down the trees on the right and take the Miracle seed from the girl) to the beach house (near Petalburg). In the house, Brini plays catch-up with the Wingull. Talk to him. You will sail to Dewford. Halfway your father will call you. Then his number will be registered. So you are in Dewford! Dufford is a small town, there is not even PokéMart! At Dewford Hall everyone is talking, don’t get it. In the house to the right of the poker center, they will give you Silk Scarf (This thing enhances attacks of the normal type by 10%. If I say "amplifier of such and such attacks", this thing enhances attacks of this type by 10%). Go to the cave. At the lower level, Zubat, Makukhita, Geodud are caught. Go down the stairs. Go 1 time left, 7 up, 3 right, 2 up, 14 right, 4 down, 4 right, 5 down, 4 right (catch Aron along the way). You climbed the stairs. Now 3 up, 20 left, 2 down, 4 left, 5 up, 17 right, 2 up, 8 right (try to catch Sabers along the way). Have you risen? 4 to the left. And we do not need any flash! Further it is clear, because everything is seen. Stephen will give you Steel Wing and his phone number. Kill the trainers on the shore and go to the gym. (pah, I almost forgot the fisherman to the right of the GIM gives OLD ROD. Now you can catch Magicarpa and Tentakula). Here everyone uses combat pokes (there are not 3 trainers, as in R / S, but six). Beat everyone, because 1) it will take a lot of experience, 2) a small radius of visibility, which increases with each victory. There is a double battle here too. You still do not understand that Emerald is more complicated than R / S? Then I inform you about it. Brauli Machop (16), Makuhita (19) and Mediti (16) (Note! Attack Medity every turn, because Brauli always uses Focus Punch. If his Pokemon takes damage this turn, he will not be able to attack). Just use flying and everything will be tip-top. Makuhita is the strongest. Did you get a Knuckle Badge? Now you can control the stocks up to level 30 (I mean exchanged ones, those caught are always obedient to you), and also use HM05 Flash (you will receive it from the guy at the entrance). In addition, you will get Bulk Up. This TM boosts attack and defense. MANDATORY return to Rastborough (talk with Brini, tell Petalburg), go to the president (Roxanne will call you along the way, I will not say that every time you get a call, the caller’s number is registered). He will give you exp.share! If you give this thing to a Pokemon and X exp is given for defeating the enemy, then: 1) if he fought alone, he gets 2X, 2) if n of your Pokémon participated in the battle, including him, then X + X / n, 3) if he did not fight at the same time, then X exp. This way you can swing Pokémon very fast. Sail back to Dewford, then to Slateport (say Slateport).

Slateport. Local Sochi.

Have you seen how many swimmers along the way? You have to kill everyone! But then, then. Come to the children a little in the east - get Soft Sand, an amplifier of earth attacks (then it will come in handy for you). Stop! Do you have a Madikip starter? No?! Did you catch Geodud? No?! Run fast to Dewford and catch. Start downloading it immediately! In a GIM without earthly Pokemon yours should have a handicap of 10 levels for now (and that is not a fact that you will win), but electric attacks do not work on earthy ones. Rummage along the beach. Here are a bunch of trainers. By the way, there are double battles. In the north is the Seashore House. Go into it, defeat 3 trainers and go to the owner (he is in the north by the machine). Get 6 SodaPop as a reward (this is better than Super Potion, because it costs half the price, heals more HP and increases the happiness of Pokemon). In addition, now you can buy them for 300. The beach is over. Go to the market in the north. One seller sells dolls for 3000, another sells vitamins for 9800, the girl next to him checks to see if your Pokemon is happy. If so, she will give you something (I don’t know what). The third will be able to sell you things for refuge when you find the appropriate TM (Secret Power). The fourth will give you a Powder Jar, with the help of it you can grind the berries into powder and make medicines from them. I don’t know how. until there is an emulator that supports GBA Wireless Adapter. Go to the house in the north. Innovation: some people teach your Pokémon one attack. One of them teaches Swagger, stands in this house near Azumeril (or Azurill). At the top, a journalist will interview you. The woman at the window will also give something to the Pokemon who loves you. There is nothing more to do here. In a house even taller, an old man can rename your Pokemon. In the east of the city is a museum. Aqua team closed the passage. I hate queues! Go to the large building in the south, go to the peasant at the table, talk to him. Come out. Oops, the line is over! You pay $ 50 for entry. In the north of the entrance is the guy whom you have already won 2 times. He will give you a Thief and run away. Go up the stairs and talk to the captain. Now score 2 members of Aqua. Their leader will come up and all three will wash off. Come out. The guy (and his name is Scott) will come up to you, who branded you as a worthless trainer. So you. No, do not beat his face, but exchange phones with him. By the way, go to Pokemart and buy a Harbor Mail-come in handy! Go north from the renamed building. Yes, I was surprised too. This building is called the Battle Tent. (Scott is waiting at the entrance). 6 Pokémon are generated - choose three. If you defeated one of the three trainers, you can exchange one of your Pokémon with him. Now north to Mauville.

Mauville. Small town with a big casino.

On the way past the bike path (you don’t have a big one, so they won’t let you in) you will meet Birch. He will give you his number and say that May has disappeared somewhere. We’ll find it now. By the way, in the grass you can first find electric Pokemon! Go north (double battle). In the north is Trick House. Enter, stand on the upper right chair facing the table and press [A]. A host will appear. Press [A] on the scroll. Fight with trainers, cut down trees. Find the white package (there is a password), go north, press [A] on the parchment. Talk to the owner. He will give RareCandy! This thing raises Pokémon one level! Exit through the gap in the wall, then through the tunnel. Now to the west - there are many trainers. By the way, get Wingull from the coffin. Go east from Trick House (catch Gulpin, Oddish and all electrics). Defeat the coach. Go north. May is waiting for you. Take it out to Slagma, Lombre and Marchstompa (the set depends on the starting Pokemon, I have Torchik). Marshtomp is her best Pokemon, the combination of water / earth works well against electric. She will give ItemFinder. Go further along the road, there are 2 double battles. By the way, trainers (especially Poképhans) often use Plasla / Minuna. I do not advise you to do this, as Plaza and Minun work best together only in double battles (ability and Helping Hand), but why do you need 2 Pokémon with the same attacks and characteristics? There is a fisherman by the lake with 2 Wilmers and 2 Tentaculas. First, go to the store to the right of the poker center, they will give you either an Acro Bike (on it you can jump, ride the rear wheel and move along special tracks), or Mach Bike (it is faster and you can ride on slides). Choose any, then you can always change. A girl near Pokemart will give you a coin case for Harbor Mail. We arm ourselves great and ride along the bike path (if you haven’t bought Mail before). If you bought it, go to the track anyway - there are a bunch of trainers with electric pokemon. You need a lot of experience in the GIM (put EXP Share on an earth pokemon, put it in the first place and drive). Back again along the bike path. Give the girl Harbor Mail and go to the casino nearby. A man near the benches will give you 20 coins. You can win dolls or TMs here (and you don’t have any rare Pokémon, as in Crystal). Listen up! We have not received badges for a long time! Let's go to the GIM. The entrance was blocked by Wally. Fight with his Ralts (16) and win (it's hard to lose). Scott will come up to you again (the fourth time! This is no way!). Go to the GMM. Follow the switches, kill the trainers. To get to the leader, Watson (for some reason, not a double battle with him and Holmes, but a single one), you need to defeat everyone. There are already two double battles. He has Voltorb (20), Electrake (20), Magneton (22), Manektrick (24). I don’t know which of them is the strongest - my Geodud crushed everyone with one move. But they say that Manektik has the most hits. The Dynamobadge badge gives the ability to use HM Rock Smash out of combat. Plus TM Shock Wave is an electric attack that never misses. Rock Smash in the house to the right of Pokemart. A bespectacled man will give it to you. By the way, they show you on TV (this is if you were giving an interview in Slateport)! Go east from the city and kill all the trainers there. Now north, to the fourth icon (by the way, I noticed that Geodud (Graveller / Golem) and Wingull (Pelipper) work together cool, because the massive attack of Magnitude does not affect flying). By the way, there is a house where 4 trainers (family) will beat you (or you) in turn. Stop by and pick up the Macho Brace from the woman in the upper right corner. Pokemon will receive more points of effort, but this reduces its speed. My Graveller is such a terrible brake, so I gave him this thing and remembered one important thing (I probably also am a terrible brake).

Verdanturf. City of frantic gardeners.

Return to Mauville and head west. You will be taken to Verdanturf. There stands the second Battle Tent, inside of which Scott is waiting. Buy a few Nest ball in Pokémart, which catches well the lower levels than yours. Teach some Rock Smash attack so far and go into the tunnel (there is a trainer). Further north and west. Break RockSmash stone and get HM04 Strength reward. With this attack, you can then move the stones. Go to the entrance, then west and south - you will find another way out. The guy lost his glasses. Take Itemfinder out of the zagashnik and comb the terrain. Are you done? Give them to him. No, this is Blackglasses, an amplifier of dark attacks (great later I came in handy), but he needs simple ones. By the way, they are on his forehead. Go to the stones and left. The guy at the entrance will give you a Repeat ball. If you have already caught such a Pokemon of the same gender, then catching it will be three times easier if you use this pokeball. Probably, this is necessary for trade. Although the freebie pokeball still has not bothered anyone. Now you can buy the same at Pokemart in Rastboro. Went back to Verdanturf through the tunnel. Now go to Mauville, after having interrupted all the coaches along the way. And further. Halfway you will see a house. If you go into it and give the Pokemon to the old woman, she will swing it. Each step you take = 1 experience point. Content costs $ 100 + $ 100 for each level earned. Characteristics are gaining worse. My advice: if you want to pump a weak Pokemon to a distant evolution (almost to a distant evolution, because if a Pokemon hangs in the center during evolution, then it will not happen!), You do not mind the money and you are unlikely to fight this Pokemon in the six combat, this is your choice. But! If you leave two Pokémon of the same sex, but of the same kind, you will soon get an egg. Some Pokémon are obtained ONLY in this way (Magby, Elekid, Pichu, Vinaut, Azurill). В действительности вам достаточно поймать двух Мэрилл разного пола, Пикачу трудно даже одного поймать, а остальные здесь не встречаются. Дойдите до Маувилля, теперь на север.

Долгая дорога в Фалларбор.

На востоке от домика семейки Винстрэйт есть неприметная дверь. Там расположен Trainer Hill, но пока он не работает. Дальше на север. Гэбби и Тай(журналисты) возьмут у вас интервью после того, как вы их победите. Интервью из одного слова(?). На севере ещё тренеры. Проход на фуникулёр закрыт Магмой(до тех пор нам мешала Аква)! Пошли в пещеру. Там вы сможете поймать огненных покемонов. Не-обладатели Торчика, пользуйтесь! Обязательно поймайте Мачопа. Выходите из Fiery Path. Там пара тренеров. Затем на север(ещё один), ещё чуть-чуть на север. У большого дерева стоит парень. Он даст вам TM Secret Power. Сама по себе эта атака работает по-разному в зависимости от местности: в траве отравляет противника, где-то оглушает, морозит, парализует и т.д., соответственно, и выглядит по-разному. Интереснее использовать эту атаку на местности. It makes it possible to arrange a base in the bushes, on large trees and in the rocks. Move on. In the east there is a slide (you can ride through Mach Bike) and an old woman’s house, which works as a poker center. If you defeated Gabby and Ty, then you will be shown on the telly. See how much nonsense you can squeeze out of one word, one attack and two Pokemon? Now west. Nail another trainer. This is not snow, this is volcanic ash. Carefully, without touching the trainers, make your way to the house. Take the Soot Sack from the blacksmith, also, without touching the trainers, go to the poketsentr, recover. Now kill all the trainers, scrape the heaps of sand (in one of them the Double Team). Cut the grass with Cut and ride ashes for your pleasure. Visit the blacksmith from time to time, and finally, if there is enough ash, he will give you a Blue Flute. Sell ​​everything Awakening, this flute is an infinitely awakening item. Powerful thing. You can save up on other flutes, but they are more expensive (more steps). In addition, you can save up on glass tables and chairs (for Secret Base).

Fallarbor. Farmers on the volcano.

In a meteorite crater lies Nugget. The boy at Fossil Maniac's House will give you Dig. Still here lives Move Tutor. For example, Medicham at level zero teaches Fire, Ice, and ThunderPunch. But at level 17 (and you will catch him later than 17, this is 100%), he already forgets them all. You give the Move Tutor a Heart Scale (the Louvdisk has it also at the bottom of the sea), and it returns any attack that the Pokemon once knew, but forgot.
In the local Battle Tent, Scott is waiting for you. The girl standing at the computer in Pocecenter Lanette, the creator of these computers. She will run home. Let's go west. The Man with the Scion will give you Roar. Two trainers are standing next to the lake (I didn’t have a double battle, but two ordinary ones, maybe there’s a double one, I don’t know).

Meteor Falls. A plain place.

Further south. There are a couple of trainers and Seviper - the new Pokémon (Ekansa / Arboka were written off). Also, catch Swabl for collection. It sways for a long time and hard, but when it is pumped. Lanette lives in the house. She will give you a Lotad Doll. Now to the mountains! Break, destroy, smash everything and everyone in your path - get some things and a mountain of experience. Go to Meteor Falls. Only here does Solrok meet. But it's hard to catch him. Magma caught prof Cosmo. They are going to fight with me (heh), but Aqua will come and ruin all the fun. They will run away somewhere. Leave the cave through the southern exit, kill all the trainers, collect all the things. Oops, we're at Rastborough!

Pancake. Chap through the cave with Wismuram back to Verdanturf, from there to Mauville, to the north, east (easier said than done), north, to the mountain. Oh miracle! Funicular opened! Let's go inside.

Mount Chimney. Tusnyak Mammarey and cable car.

The girl will take you upstairs. By the way, the miracle bag is still collecting ash (it is also falling from the sky here). Here, several members of Aqua / Magma fight each other. To the east and north. Two battles in the Magma style, and, tram-pa-pa-pam, the boss of Magmare Maxi. Maiten, Camerup, Tooth. Favorite pokey manmarie. It was a snap. Do you have pokeballs? No? And why? Run down the cable car, take a seat in Mauville and go back. Take this tricky thing from the device the boss was staring at. Then we push this meteorite to someone somewhere. At the exit to some passage there is a granny. She sells a Lava cookie for 200 bucks. This thing is similar to Full Heal, but costs less. Buy them 20 pieces, come in handy. But I was distracted. Further south. Five trainers. Plus catch Spink for the collection. So ladies and gentlemen, this.

Lavaridge. Local Essentuki.

Grandma will give you Vinauta's egg (she is standing by the bath). In the south of the house, they sell very effective medicines that greatly reduce the happiness of the Pokemon. Use them if you are actively using Pokémon with a Frustration attack. In addition, one of the old men will give you Charcoal, a fiery attack booster. In the house next to him, a boy can teach one of the Pokémon a Mimic attack (copies the attack used by your opponent). Are you following the badge? (Rhetorical question). If you do not want to hang around hatches for a long time, follow my directions.

1. To the left.
2. Right (trainer)
3. To the left.
4. Up.
5. Down, left (2 trainers)
6. Up. There are already 2 trainers waiting for you.
7.Diagonal (up + right). There is a coach.
8. To the left.
9. Right + up. Trainer.
10. To the left.
11. Left + up. Trainer.
12. To the left.
13. Left + up.
14.Down + Right
15. Down the stairs, to the right.

Guess who it is? Miss Flannery, literally a hot girl! Her Numel and Slagma (24) roll out on concrete from the first move, Kamerupta (26) she stubbornly heals, but this is also not a problem. Torkoal (29) is harder, but I made it through 4 moves. Your Heat badge! Plus TM50 Overheat. A very powerful fire-type attack, but little PP and also reduces Sp. Attack Get out of the GIM. I also thought at first that May would fight. But she gives go-googles. This thing gives way where there is a sandstorm (route 111). Jump-jump on the stairs. Grab Nugget, he is in the north immediately after the first step.

Route 111. The white sun of the desert.

Take the combat for now, give him Exp.share, put it in 1st place and go get experience - you need it a lot of. Pack your things. I heard about some kind of mirage tower. Hm. Rummage over there. It is periodically visible. She stands next to the guy who told you about her (such a fat man in a cap, not me), is easily noticeable - she blinks.
But. When I reached the 2nd floor, I saw that Mach Bike could not be done there - the floor was cracked. Well, you can drive it to Mauville. But that later. Still, let's quickly get behind the icon. Mauville-> Verdanturf-> Rastboro-> Forest of Petalburg-> Petalburg

Petalburg Fathers and Sons.

Pretty hard. Go to the GMM. Here everyone uses the type Normal. Wait, don't laugh. It’s just that the Normals are vulnerable only to combat chambers, so it will not be very simple. Okay, first you need to get to the GMM leader. In addition to the Leader, there are 7 more trainers, of which at least three need to be defeated in order for the door to open. But I advise you to defeat everyone - experience has not stopped anyone! Coaches use different things. Which - it is clear from the inscriptions on the doors. There is an exception - the trainer in the Confusion room does not use things, but the Tweeter Dance attack. However, nobody had time to use things with me. Have you reached the room labeled "Gym Leader"? Surprise! The leader is your father, Norman! Spinda, Vigorot (27), Linun (29), Slacking (31). The strongest slacking (Mount KP). The Balance badge badge enhances the protection of all your Pokémon and makes it possible to use Surf out of combat. In principle, Surf is already a powerful attack. Norman will also give you a Facade. A normal type of attack, if the Pokémon using it is poisoned, paralyzed or burned, then the force doubles. Papa Wally will take you out of GIM and give you Surf. Now you need to Mauville. Go there by sea. Go to Brini's house. He is not there. He probably died already, after all. Teach one of your Pokémon Surf and swim! Although stop. Drive home to mom, she will give Amulet Coin. This item doubles the prize money! Do you want to become rich Richie, and at the same time ruin the Leaders? Yes? That's great. You know, while I was swimming, I decided that swimming is far, it is better to drive along the tunnel.

New Mauville. Fun at the power station.

Go to Mauville. At the crossroads is Watson. He asks you to cut down the power station. Before ditching a lot of time on the road to the next icon, be sure to complete this side quest. Go to route 110, get close to the fisherman. Use Surf, go to the islet. Here is one of my favorite joke signs. But on it, at first someone wrote 'There was an Aqua', and then someone wrote on top of the 'Magma Team rules.' It turns out a cool refuge. On the right is another island, but with a cave. That's where we need it. No stop. Not yet. Escape to Trick House. The owner probably came up with something. He is behind the right palm. In the new puzzle, the buttons and hatches that they close. More trainers. Why do you need a detailed walkthrough? Award - Timer Ball. This pokeball catches the more efficiently the more rounds have passed. It helps a lot against Pokémon who like to be treated, so their health is difficult to bring to condition. Do you want something else? Now this eccentric is in the nightstand. You will need a Pokemon with a Rock Smash attack. Click on the buttons - open some doors and close others. Again, three trainers, a scroll and a door. The wizard begins to repeat itself. Hard Stone enhances stone type attacks. Say thanks and go out. Then come back. So, let's go to New Mauville! Here is a detailed walkthrough.

Blue switch. Left, green. Up and left, up and right. In the ball Escape rope. Up and left to a room with two things. Right - Voltorb. Up, right, down. The left thing is Voltorb. Up, to the right. So we got there. Red button. Thing sting - Thunder stone. Do not pass by, there are very few of them in the game! That's all. Choose in the reverse order. Went to Watson. He will give you Thunderbolt! Great TM! This is my favorite electric attack.

The road to Fortry.

Go to the right edge of Mauville, cross the river. You will get a Good Rod if you talk to the fisherman. Gabby and Ty, zhurnalyugi, are also here. Tell them something after winning. Move on. Stephen will come up to you, but he won’t fight (you will understand my joy later). On the right are the trainers and the house of Berry Master-a. His wife will give you the berry (which one depends on the two words you say to her). A bunch of berries grows nearby. Go back to the left and go up. You cannot ride a bike through long grass - only dismounted. Then there is a lot of grass, trainers, things. The main thing is to go up all the time. Next will be the Weather Center. The bridge is blocked by Aqua. Well, to storm!

Weather Center. Weather forecasters are in danger!

Come inside. Left bed. If you press [A], you can heal all your Pokemon.
On the right are two Aqua members. Doesn't it seem strange to you that we fought with Magma on the volcano? Let them decide who is for and who is against me! The next floor is a double battle and two single. Very simple. The local director will give you Castform. Be treated and go out. Let's go right. You will meet May (beat her, Marshtomp, Slagma, Lotad, give HM2 Fly), then Scott. Now up, right (the coaches will meet). So ladies and gentlemen, we are in Fortry!

Fortry. Tree houses and a bunch of birds.

Residents of this city love trees so much that they live on them. On the ground there are only GIM, Pokemart and Pokecenter. In one house, the boy changes Volbit to Plasla. In another, if the granny answers “Right, Right, Left,” she will give Hidden Power. The old man nearby teaches the Sleep Talk attack. I prefer to call such people "Man-TM". In one of the houses, Wingull will fly away if you press [A] on it. Be sure to do it. Something blocks the road to the State Historical Museum (by the way, this is Kekleon). Let's go right. There are coaches (by the way, again Gabby and Tye). Catch Absol! This is a very powerful dark type pokemon. True, it is difficult to catch. Try Ultra Ball. I left it with 10 or less HP, three greats were not enough. Ultra is another matter. Now down to the bridge. Stephen will give you Devon Scope. This thing discovers the hidden Kekleons. Try it right there. Kekleon appears and attacks you. Catch him. Now it is possible in the GMM. There are revolving doors. If I tell you now how to pass them, I’ll ruin the whole buzz, so think for yourself. Leader Vinona. Tropius, Swabl, Altaria, Scarmori, Pelipper. Altaria knows Earthquake. Try Pokémon with a Rollout attack, as dragons are resistant to electrical attacks. If your pokemon, using Rollout (I have a Golem), lasts at least two moves - it's over with Altaria. Tropius is a grassy flying. Flying Banana Tree! Nintendo has always been original. Try fire or air attacks. Featherbadge subordinates Pokémon to level 70 and makes it possible to use Fly (logically). Aerial Ace - an attack that never misses. Come out. Scott will call this time. Leave the city, cross the bridge with Stephen, go down, right, down, right. You have come to route 121. Try to go by touching fewer trainers and cutting down the grass. You will meet Aqua - three will flee to Mt.Pyre. Run to Lilikov.

Lilikov. City with a supermarket.

That says it all. The main attraction is the supermarket. We’ll go there. Stop! May is attacking us. Tropius, Marshtomp, Slagma, Ludicolo. Pretty simple. Now she lets us go. On the ground floor there is nothing interesting - only the right cashier gives us a lottery ticket. If the ID of your Pokemon matches the ID of the lottery ticket, then you get a masterball! True, I never won him. On the second, the right cashier sells sprays, healers and two types of envelopes. Right - standard pokeballs (regular, Great, Ultra), things for restoring status and for escaping from battle and caves. On the third, the left cashier sells vitamins, and the right one is used to improve performance during one battle (such things were often used by trainers in the Petalburg State Historical Museum). On the fourth, the right cashier sells TM: 17 Protect, 20 Safeguard, 33 Reflect, 16 Light Screen. Left- 38 Fire blast, 25 Thunder, 14 Blizzard, 15 Hyper Beam. On the fifth, counting from the elevator to the stairs, the first sells dolls, the second pillows, the third posters, and the fourth rugs. On the fifth, the vending machine sells water, soda and lemonade. Buy more, it’s cheap, very effective and increases the happiness of the Pokemon. Girl-man-TM. She teaches Substitute. There is nothing more to do here. In one of the houses near the beach, a sleeping man will give Rest. Now you can drive back to route 121 and kill all the coaches. Now you can go to the Safari zone and catch rare Pokemon. But for this you need a Pokeblock Case. It can be borrowed from the left cashier in the Contest Hall (a red building with a gray roof). Here you can even find the TM22 Solarbeam! I caught here Dzhirafariga, Rayhorn, Doduo, Psidaka. They are not found anywhere else.

Mt. Pyre. Who says there are no ghosts?

Get out of the building, co

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And can this be done with others? Well, for example, I want to exchange with Dana, is that so?

Do you mean with other players?

Reply ShonyBon

Reply: new_moon_with_face: Litleo: full_moon_with_face: [lvl: 1]

To be honest, I only have answers on the basis of the theory (I have not tried the type yet, but I guess how everything should go)

If there will be an exchange between coaches on two different devices, then both should have the same emulator and the same version of the game. Also, both must connect through the same network.

If the exchange takes place at a decent distance, but with a common game and emulator, then. No, I do not know the answer to this option

And how to do it with soulSilver?

To be honest, I can not advise anything, because I did not play