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Totem animal test - how to find your patron


Even those who are not keen on astrology and horoscopes know that a certain animal is responsible for each year. There are 12 of them. But that’s not all. There are still totem animals. They are associated with the date of birth of the person. How to find out your totemic animal and establish contact with it, why they are needed and how to contact them, we will understand further.

Before turning to the question of how to recognize your totemic animal by year of birth, we will understand what totemism as a whole is. "Totem" in translation from the language of the North American tribe of the Indians means "his genus." A totem is a subject of religious worship, a relative of man. Totemism as a teaching is a religious social system. It is based on the belief that an invisible connection exists between a person and a totem. In ancient times, it was believed that the souls of gods are enclosed in every animal. Totems mediated between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

The role of totemism for society

This teaching has done much more than can be imagined at first glance. In essence, totemism is the first attempt to bring together all the knowledge gained about the world. It implements the most ancient way of socialization and the interaction of people among themselves.

A totem animal is called upon not only to protect the genus, as it was in ancient times. Previously, it bestowed luck on the hunt, on the road, or in commercial matters. He was even contacted to establish good weather. The killing of an animal symbolizing a totem was equated with the killing of a tribal leader.

Today, the totem animal is also being asked for help in difficult tasks, being asked to give stamina, wisdom and patience, protection for their loved ones, an easy way, and so on.

Who can recognize a totem animal

How to find out what your totem animal is? Is it possible to do this without having special knowledge, or is a specialist consultation needed? According to esotericists, it is not difficult to recognize your totem animal by date of birth. Here is a verified version of the call of the keeper, which will show him:

  1. Ideally, you should be alone in the room where the session will be held. Unplug your computer, phone or TV. But if you need music for meditation, you can use it.
  2. Sit comfortably, or lie on your back so that your arms and legs are not crossed.
  3. Stop the flow of thoughts, relax, breathe deeply and evenly.
  4. Imagine a place where you will feel safe. It can be a forest, a meadow full of flowers and fragrant herbs, a seashore, a waterfall, or a cozy house.
  5. Walk in this place, feel it, if there is water, go into it, feel how it washes away all the problems and hardships.
  6. Now, the most important step is how to recognize your totem animal. In the place where you are, imagine a ray of sunshine, or a luminous ball. Maybe some other image. Most importantly, there must be an accumulation of energy.
  7. Take your time, enjoy the process. Look at the animal that came to you from the depths of this energy: a horse, a wolf, a dog, or maybe someone else.
  8. Greet your patron, caress him. He will be grateful.

How to recognize your totem animal if no one came out? You can try a few more times, or simply choose from the lists that will be presented later.

Totem of the year

How to recognize a totem animal by year of birth? The following is a list of years and basic personality characteristics:

  1. Deer (1970-2002). A person is calm and conservative in beliefs. It’s hard to let change into its life and part with old habits. He loves stability. Laconic. Among the representatives of this animal there are many centenarians. The closer his target, the faster he moves towards it. Not inclined to reasoning and philosophy.
  2. Ram. (1971-2003). Soft on the outside, and very hard on the inside. Stubborn and principled. Likes crowds and festivities. In the family, he is a loving and exemplary parent. Everyone loves him. He is a big fan of the arts and often surrenders to him with his head.
  3. Mongoose (1972-2004). Creative, winner and leader by nature. He has a non-standard solution for everything. This is individuality, the most important for which is freedom of expression. Behind it you can feel the confidence of a stone wall. The miner and the owner in his house.
  4. Wolf (1973-2005). It is rude more often than gentle. Open manifestations of feelings are not characteristic of him. Often provokes others to conflict. Life with him will survive only a strong companion by nature, if we are talking about a man. It must be weak so that the wolf wants to show care and tenderness. If he feels that they are trying to control him, he will leave. Intimidation does not affect him. The wolf honors his family, but must set the tone. by yourself.
  5. Stork (1974-2006). Oddly enough, one of the main symbols of the family hearth often does not find understanding in the circle of its relatives. He has an unpredictable and difficult character. But he always reaches the planned peaks. Tenderness, moral support and affection, that is what he expects the most from his partner. If he chose someone, he will remain faithful.
  6. Spider (1975-2007). Such a person likes to work with his hands. In love, he is also successful, but may not develop relationships for a long time. For him, the best motivation is jealousy and emotions. But at the same time, it is absolutely impossible to deceive him.
  7. Snake (1976-2008). Slow-looking snake is a flexible person who loves changes and easily adapts to them. He loves expensive things. In youth, prefers partners older and vice versa comes in adulthood. He does not like obligations. He prefers civil marriage to official marriage. The shortest way to conquer the snake is affection, care and a stunning image. Take your time in a relationship with him, otherwise, he will slip out.
  8. Beaver (1977-2009). A kind person who always works for the good of his family. Loves giving presents. His feelings are serious and thorough, not inclined to have an affair. Conservative. The best way to win him over is to show that you are a responsible and serious person.
  9. Turtle (1978-2010). Representatives of this totem can often be found on the ground leaders. They are in a hurry slowly and very sedate. Although haste is not their creed, they move toward the goal with the tenacity of a tank. Restrained, do not show emotions.
  10. Magpie (1979-2011). These people are visible immediately. They are restless, always up to date with the latest gossip, they know everything about everyone. They are not punctual, therefore they cannot be trusted with important negotiations. All because the magpie is incredibly fussy and does not manage to do anything. She is always with money and acquires the necessary connections quite easily.
  11. Squirrel (1980-2012). Charming, sweet, trusting and sociable person. Very homely, economic. Likes to stockpile. Do not spend extra money unnecessarily. The squirrel is always sweet, tender and caring; friends adore it. And she values ​​the family.
  12. Raven (1981-2013) This person is always frowning, which makes him seem offended. The vulnerable, does not stand criticism. Because of these two reasons, he constantly changes jobs, hobbies, place of residence and loved ones.
  13. Rooster (1982-2014). He loves to be the center of attention and like others. He is distinguished by impulsiveness and fighting disposition. He likes to boast, and when he is praised. He has a brave heart, even the sea is “knee-deep” to him, but he is not too touchy. At such a time, it is better to wait out his anger and not to meddle with clarifications and attempts to make peace.
  14. Cow. (1983-2015). This is the one with whom it will be just warm and cozy together. Able to be gentle and caring. But at the same time he has a melancholy temperament.
  15. Badger (1984-2016). This person combines a lot of contradictions. Reliable and business badger has credulity, but he has enough fears.
  16. Camel (1953-1985-2017) is a person who has patience and worldly wisdom. You can always rely on him. Often chooses a profession associated with a risk to life. It’s easy to get along with him; he does not require much attention to his personality.
  17. Hedgehog. (1954-1986). The prickly hedgehog is not so easy to tame, it is closed and inaccessible. But if you are not afraid of his needles, he will protect you from everything, in addition, he is gentle with those who love him and can be easily controlled.
  18. Doe (1955-1987). The symbol of grace. She often lacks courage, loves art and finds expression in it. By nature, she is very artistic, but sometimes inclined to soar in the clouds, instead of standing on the ground.
  19. Elephant (1956-1988). Perhaps outwardly he is not too attractive, but not worried about this. It is difficult to get him into contact, but for loved ones he is a faithful and reliable companion.
  20. Horse (1957-1989). Hardworking, responsible and persistent people. They are emotional and often act on impulse.
  21. Bars (cheetah) (1958-1990). Hardy, impulsive and aggressive people. They are fearless, honest and noble. Sometimes they tend to wait, fighters by nature, while moving towards the goal, nothing will stop them. The best remedy for them is affection and care, they cannot stand violence against themselves and release their claws.
  22. Peacock (1959-1991). A creative person in all respects who likes to be surprised and amaze. He always has a lot of plans, agile and loves attention.
  23. The Swan (1960-1992) is an introverted man who, nevertheless, appreciates his family. Without loved ones, he fades. Faithful and reliable in love.
  24. Lynx (1961-1993). The lynx does not like negligence and disorder, but order cannot be expected from it. Things are always chaos, and the character is very changeable, she just got on, and a minute later she can bite.
  25. Donkey (1962-1994). Such people are patient, balanced. But, despite this, it is difficult to get along with them, you need to find an approach and take affection.
  26. Bear (1963-1995). Such a person is a wonderful family man. Practical, economic, slightly strict. Takes care of everyone. He has the gift of persuasion, is able to lead others. There are always many plans and ideas in my head.
  27. Eagle (1964-1996). A strong, courageous, creatively gifted person. Combines love of the world and treachery.
  28. Fox (1965-1997). Wise, cautious, enterprising people. Fast, love beautiful things. Good for teamwork.
  29. Dolphin (1966-1998). Caring people, good family people, loyal friends. Everyone loves him, he is mobile, and loves to be in the spotlight. Wise, likes to reason, inclined to philosophy.
  30. Boar (wild boar) (1967-1999). A little rude, aggressive, sexy. Reliable, but he needs affection and care. He skillfully calculates his strength and does not like to spend time in vain.
  31. Eagle Owl (1968-2000). Dreamy philosophical man. Closed, loves to create, fully communicates only with friends.
  32. Falcon (1969-2001). Confident, fearless reformer. Master of destruction.

Zodiac totem

How to recognize your totem animal by date of birth? Browse the table and find your animal:

  1. Bear. For those born from December 10 to January 9. Wise, calm, but lazy.
  2. Wolverine. From January 10 to February 9. Organized and a little closed, strong.
  3. Raven - people born from February 10 to March 9. The totem gave them a flexible mind, but they are too dreamy.
  4. Ermine. From March 10 to April 9. Independent, able to be friends.
  5. Toad - people who were born in the period from April 10 to May 9. They are distinguished by the desire for welfare.
  6. Grasshopper (from May 10 to June 11). Optimists in love with risk.
  7. Hamster (from June 10 to July 9). Lazy, until they see the goal.
  8. Snail (July 10 - August 9). Friendly and dedicated dreamers.
  9. Ant (August 10 - September 9). Hardworking and responsible workers.
  10. Magpie (September 10 - October 9) - unstable and indecisive.
  11. Beaver (from October 10 - November 9) - these people are notable for secrecy.
  12. Dog (from November 10 - December 9). Faithful, loyal, generous people.

How to choose

Now you know how to find out what your totem animal is, but how to choose from several? See which of the proposed totems has a better relationship, with whom do you associate your personality. This will be the answer. No one has canceled the choice of several animals, they can be summoned at different times in life. For example, if you need stamina and endurance, a wolf can help, and if friendliness is a dolphin, hard work in the blood of an ant. Negotiate with your patrons depending on the specific situation.

Where to place

So we smoothly moved from the question of how to recognize your totem animal to another equally important one: where to put the figure, the image of the patron saint? It all depends on imagination and desire. If, for example, your totemic animal is a wolf or a dolphin, then you can purchase pendants in paraphernalia stores, or in special esoteric departments. Toad can be found as a popular talisman - a money frog. It’s easy to buy a bear or a dog in a regular toy store. If it’s hard to find an option, place the poster on the wall or on the computer desktop. Maybe you want to place a totemic animal near your workplace, or where you spend the most time, or maybe make a special corner for the keeper. For men, a tattoo is more suitable.

So, we figured out how to recognize your totem animal by date of birth, but what to do with the knowledge gained and how life will change? Naturally, wisdom, strength or certain skills will not come in one day, but after a while you will feel the result. Having recognized his patron and having established relations with him, the personality grows, becomes stronger psychologically and physically. How to recognize a person’s totem animal if it’s not possible to talk to the subconscious? Do not be discouraged if you cannot see your patron right away. Check the date of birth with the totem calendar. After you know which animal to turn to, regularly try to create his image in the head. Sooner or later, but everything will work out.

How to handle a patron

The question is how to find out what your totem animal may not be easy, but not basic. It’s not enough to find out the appearance, you need to make contact. If you have pets at home, then you know how to get them to you. The same applies to the zodiac totem representatives of the animal world. Imagine it more often, in your subconscious, feed, care for and do not forget to thank for the little joys that will occur, whether it is a pleasant unexpected meeting with an old friend, promotion, or a successful romantic date. The more gratitude and love for the totem pet, the better circumstances will be.

What to do with the information received

Imagine that you are no longer confused by the question of how to recognize your totem animal by year and birthday, and you have already managed to build harmonious warm relations with it. What's next? Each animal has its own strengths that can be developed. Now you know how to recognize a totem animal by year of birth or zodiac and you can build relationships in a slightly different plane.

How it works? For example, consider a couple: it is Virgo by the sign of the Zodiac, by the year of the Horse, the totem animal is the wolf and ant. He: Taurus - Dog, totem animal - toad. From the girl’s horoscope, it becomes clear that she is a hardworking person. The wolf will give fidelity and endurance. This is the only animal that will attack the enemy more than itself. But a very large role is played by the goal and the stimulus. The man’s horoscope shows that he is a man standing firmly on his feet, pragmatic, a little strict, who values ​​family and traditions. In a relationship, he primarily values ​​loyalty and stability. But the toad in his horoscope pays a lot of attention to money. Such a man can easily panic because of difficulties at work. The wolf’s task here is to support him. For these animals, it’s important not so much herself, but how much her partner. At the same time, Taurus-Dog will be grateful for the opportunity to breathe in his own personal space. He regards his jealousy as a red rag, but himself an impossible owner. Relationships can be difficult due to the impulsiveness of the bull, which often butts itself with its horns inward. But if the she-wolf will remember the main goal, missing some rough edges in the relationship, notice and praise the success of the toad, everything will fall into place and be harmonious.

We hope that the information on how to recognize your totemic animal was useful and will help not only to change your own life, but also to establish relationships with others.

Methods for determining a totem animal

There are certain ways in order to understand which totem animal is a companion for the life of a particular person. It is possible to see specialized calendars or astrological tables. It is also quite possible to do some meditation. Naturally, the latter method is much more effective and better, because at the same time, each person will be able to feel and understand much better which animal is closer and dearer to him. During meditation, the subconscious and the human consciousness are closely interconnected, the latent energies become stronger and show their true essence.

You should be aware that a totem symbolizes various aspects of the individual person’s personality, so it’s quite possible to select several totems at the same time and use them. This will only make working with them easier.

Также в различных жизненных ситуациях человек станет более глубоко и прагматично. Например, в период затяжного заболевания, можно воспользоваться свойствами того тотема, который управляет землей, а при психологических и душевных проблемах использовать воздушные тотемы. When using totems, a person can use hidden opportunities, become much stronger and wiser.

Should know

Before you start looking for a totem beast, you need to know certain information. A totem is considered an animal from the world of mysticism or wildlife. Any person has their own totem or several of them at once. Moreover, everyone has a main totem and several minor ones. Each person must independently determine it, because this is a connection with his personality.

A totem may change during the course of its life. He can have a great influence on the fate of a person for a long time, and then hide in the shade, help only when it is really necessary. In different areas of life there are different totem animals. When working with them, you don’t have to worry about certain limitations, because they simply do not exist. First you need to establish a close relationship with the main totem, and then you can move on to using others. If a person commits wrong actions or deeds, then the totem can leave him.

Shamans and thoughts

If you listen to the teachings of the shamans of antiquity, it is worth remembering that if a person has the power of an animal, this does not mean the availability of his skills and energy. These qualities are in the subconscious of the personality, but they need to be constantly developed and worked with them. Totem animals were previously determined by year of birth and date. Also, the shamans were convinced that if a person is perfectly able to find contact with certain animals, then this means that he has a strong totem.

The person must find a common language and establish contact with the totem animal in order to have its own patron. You need to read the totem and show respect for it. If a totem has helped the individual in a difficult situation, then it is necessary to thank him in the shower. Since ancient times, shamans have understood how useful totems are and why they are needed. They knew that with the help of the totem, a person can get excellent health and physical condition, tremendous strength and powerful energy. Also, the totem showed individuals how to get out of a predicament with minimal losses.

Totem animal by date of birth

Each person is the owner of his totem animal, which protects him, helps to discover certain qualities and temperament. The ancient Slavic peoples recognized their totemic animal according to an ancient tradition. If a person knows his individual totem animal, then he can understand himself much better, achieve inner harmony and learn his own destiny in life. If he knows what his totemic animal is, he can discover unexpected talents in himself, engage in creativity, recognize his true nature.

  • Bear (December 10 - January 9) 1931, 1963, 1995
  • Squirrel (January 10 - February 9) 1948, 1980, 2012
  • Wolf (February 10 - March 9) 1941, 1973, 2005
  • Dog (March 10 - April 9) 1954, 1986, 2018
  • Cat or Lynx (April 10 - May 9) 1961, 1993, 2025
  • Tiger (May 10 - June 9) 1958, 1990, 2022
  • Raven (June 10 - July 9) 1949, 1981, 2013
  • Snake (July 10 - August 9) 1944, 1976, 2008
  • Dolphin (August 10 - September 9) 1966, 1998, 2030
  • Deer (September 10 - October 9) 1970, 2002, 2034
  • Buffalo or Boar (October 10 - November 9) 1967, 1999, 2031
  • Fox (November 10 - December 9) 1965, 1997, 2029

Each creature has unique features and properties. So how do you recognize a totem beast by birth date and use its power to improve life? How to discover the hidden energy in yourself and find your self? It is worth using the Celtic, Zoroastrian and Turkic astrological calendars and horoscopes.

Zodiac Totem

Finding a totem animal by date of birth does not seem complicated. You just need to look at the special calendar and understand which animal is the main patron in a certain period. You can also pay attention to secondary totems, which are able in difficult situations to help discover the hidden abilities and skills of a person.

  • Aries - Bear
  • Taurus - Tiger
  • Gemini - Eagle
  • Cancer - Crocodile
  • Leo - Peacock
  • Virgo - Wolf
  • Libra - Owl
  • Scorpio - Dolphin
  • Sagittarius - Cheetah
  • Capricorn - Elephant
  • Aquarius - Swan
  • Pisces - Turtle

Any person is able to understand who is its totem patron, you only need to be able to turn to the animal. Naturally, you should not expect an instant result, but after a certain period of time you can notice significant changes. Life will change for the better, the personality will become stronger. However, if a person cannot turn into the depths of the subconscious, he is able to simply look at the calendar or find an animal according to his zodiac sign.

Totem Search

To begin with, it is worth choosing a place for solitude and loneliness, so that no one will disturb. You should relax as much as possible and close your eyes, sit calmly, make your breathing smooth and calm. It is necessary to concentrate on meditation, to eliminate extraneous thoughts. It is necessary to maximally free your own consciousness from unnecessary fuss and focus on the main thing. It should open and free.

Inside you should imagine the endless space of black color, focus on it, feel it and feel it. This is what will be the vast Universe, which extends to infinity in all directions.

When you can feel the image, you need to imagine in the center of the universe a tiny point, as if pulsating without stopping. You need to carefully look at her and watch. She will begin gradually, at first slowly, and then faster, increase in size, acquire the shape and shape of a particular animal. It can be an insect, a bird or a huge predatory animal.

It is worth maximally concentrating on this image, presenting it in all details.

When the image begins to resemble a real one, it is worthwhile in thoughts to ask who it is, what its name is, and continue to wait. It is possible that the name and title will independently pop up in thoughts or a person will hear the necessary information. It is also likely that a person will see him even brighter and understand that he has long been familiar with him. Everything will depend on the individual characteristics and abilities of a particular person to perceive sensation through the organs of hearing, smell, touch or sight.

First you need to whisper the name of the animal in order to remember it and subsequently constantly turn to the patron. However, only a person should know him, no one should be informed about this.

It is also worthwhile to turn to the image by name and ask to talk about its properties and skills, about hidden abilities and in what situations it is worth counting on its help. You need to keep all the information in your head, no one should be told about this.

When a person managed to find out everything necessary, you need to slowly dissolve the image of the animal in the infinity of the black universe.

After this, it is worth while sitting in silence with your eyes closed. Well, when the consciousness is ready to return to reality, you can open your eyes and finish the mediation.

Varieties of totems

  • Bear - refer to those people whose birth date is in the digital equivalent from December 10 to January 9. The main positive in such people is understanding and wisdom, and also peace. But, there is no laziness anywhere.
  • Wolverine - this animal belongs to people born between January 10 and February 09. A person has the strength and ability to organize in any situation. Often such people are considered restrained and even closed.
  • Raven - refer to those whose birthday matches the dates from February 10 to March 09. A person may have the ability to correctly understand other people, listening to his inner world. The mind is the main quality of people under such auspices. But there are also negative aspects, living in one's fantasies.
  • An ermine is a person born in the period from March 10 to April 9, it is important for them to be independent from no one and from nothing. At the same time, friendship is not just a word for them.
  • Toad - near that person the day of occurrence of which falls on the period from April 10 to May 09. Well-being is important to every person.
  • Grasshopper - from May 10 to June 09. Constant striving for the best despite all the barriers and misunderstandings.
  • Hamster - laziness manifests itself in the character of this person, but at the same time, if there is a goal they can not be stopped. This is for people from June 10th to July 09th.
  • A snail - a person under this protection is always friendly and faithful, but there is a minus that is excessively fantasizing. This is typical for people born between July 10 and August 9.
  • Ant - a person born in the period from August 10 to September 09, is hardworking and does not ever depart from his goal.
  • Magpie - here is more negative than positive, the period from September 10 to October 9.
  • Beaver - there will always be next to that person the date of birth, which falls on the period from October 10 to November 09. Most often, this person is hidden and closed, which means that his soul is "dark."
  • A dog - it is she who is able to protect her person born from November 10 to December 09. Like this animal man knows how to make friends, his devotion is sometimes simply surprising, but many like it.

Different cultures and totem

In ancient times, people were convinced that animals are the ancestors of man, from which Darwin's theory is true for many. Animals have always been respected and respected. Totem animals in different cultures and peoples are almost the same. In most cases, these are wild birds and animals.

However, some animals are possessors of impressive strength and mysticism, courage and courage, determination, while others embody traits such as patience and wisdom.

In India, they were sure that all the Gods had their individual animals, which were considered messengers and allowed to move. In ancient times, it was believed that God is in every animal.

Totem Essence

How to understand which totem animal protects a particular person? The most correct way will be meditation in this matter. Some people almost instantly realize which of the animals is their patron. For example, someone makes excellent contact with dogs and rodents, the rest adore creeping and know how to handle them.

If you carefully look at how animals behave in relation to humans, you can determine your own totem without effort. The roots of the totem are capable of manifesting throughout existence, but not all people notice this. It is necessary to clearly realize that a totemic beast cannot be separated from a person, it goes hand in hand with him throughout his existence. It is the animal that shows the true essence of a particular person, his character and skills. In the totem is hidden inner qualities and energies of a certain personality.

Assistant and ally

The totem personifies the psychological state of the individual. If you look at totem animals from different peoples and cultures, you can understand that in ancient times people asked for help not only from animals, but also from plants. People used to easily reveal their potential using this knowledge. Why is this now impossible?

One has only to understand what kind of animal a patron of a person is, make contact with him and establish relationships. Then, during a difficult period in life, it will certainly come to the rescue and help to release inner potential and hidden energies, use your abilities and learn your own Self. Totems are companions of every person in such a complex and unpredictable life!

A bit of history

In ancient times, people believed that their distant ancestors were animals, so totemism was a natural manifestation. It was actively used and to this day use shamans. For example, in India it is still believed that each god has his own animal power, helping him and endowing him with special qualities. They also believe that in every living creature there is a divine principle.

Now the totem is perceived as some distinctive qualities of a person, and therefore some people are given nicknames corresponding to the names of animals on which they are similar. So, the cunning are compared with foxes, bold with lions, loners - with wolves, etc.

Patron Search

Before you begin your search for your patron animal, you need to know that each animal is able to endow its ward with both positive and negative qualities. Esotericists recommend looking for not just one, but several patrons who together would strengthen the best features of the individual and suppress the worst. The result is a balance of power that will make a person almost perfect.

Each totem, in turn, is patronized by its own element, which will affect a person in certain situations. For example, if a person is more, then the help of the earth, which gives vitality, will be invaluable. During apathy or depression, an air patron who can dispel sadness will help.

All together, the qualities of various totems will give strength, wisdom and perseverance in various situations. But remember that with the improper use of the forces of the patron, he can turn away from you forever. Totems must be respected so that cooperation is fruitful and long-term.

Throughout life, a person can choose different patrons. Many people wonder if the selected animals will not be at enmity with each other. In fact, totems are not near the wards all the time. They come when a person calls them, and having completed their functions, they go back to their world.


Drawing conclusions from everything written above, we can say:

  • a totem is a patron, giving strength, power and knowledge,
  • a person can have several patrons, each of which will help in a certain life situation,
  • a totem is an animal that has its own character, and therefore can be offended if it is not treated properly,
  • You cannot tell anyone about your totem.

What is a totem animal

A totem is a symbolic image of an animal that has unique energy and affects the entire life of a person. The knowledge of totems came to us from ancient tribes, when people worshiped certain creatures, offered sacrifices to them, asked for protection and protection.

The ancient Slavs believed that a totem animal endows a person with strength. This is a powerful egregor, connecting to which you can significantly advance in spiritual development and know yourself.

You can identify your totem sign and purchase or make an amulet that will become your powerful amulet and patron.

The purposes of using such amulets may be as follows:

  1. You will receive a powerful source of vitality and energy, advance in the development of your inner world and learn how to effectively interact with the Higher forces and surrounding people.
  2. You will learn how to easily overcome difficulties, solve problems and quickly achieve life goals. This is due to the connection on the subtle plane to the source of knowledge of the ancestors.
  3. You get the opportunity to better study your personality: identify strengths and weaknesses of character, unleash creative and intellectual potential, find talent in yourself and develop intuition.
  4. You gain contact with the Higher powers, constantly feel divine support and protection, and also receive the help of a kind and the entire tribal system.
  5. You attract powerful and powerful patrons into your life whose totems are the same as yours.

You can recognize your totem animal, and then learn how to interact with it in order to ultimately improve the quality of your life, find harmony and happiness in all areas.

Birth Date Determination

Look at the picture below and you will determine the totem animal, knowing only the year of its birth:

The ancient Slavs used a slightly different calculation method, which is based on the month and birthday of a person:

  1. From December 10 to January 9 - a bear. Patronizes people very wise, full of calm and inner dignity. Helps to become a teacher and mentor for others.
  2. From January 10 to February 9 - Wolverine. The patron of very persistent and disciplined people who are used to achieving their goals in any way.
  3. From February 10 to March 9 - a raven. Assistant purposeful people, intellectuals. Helps to develop mental potential, gain new knowledge and skills.
  4. From March 10 to April 9 - ermine. It protects creative, sensual people who are guided by emotions rather than logic in decision-making.
  5. From April 10 to May 9 - a toad. Patron of people who value stability and confidence in the future above all else.
  6. From May 10 to June 9 - a grasshopper. These are optimists, people with very positive thinking, who know how to enjoy life and enjoy even simple things.
  7. From June 10 to July 9 - a hamster. If a person is lazy, it is very important for him to learn to achieve their goals and overcome their own apathy.
  8. From July 10 to August 9 - a snail. An assistant to visionaries and people who like to dream and draw happy pictures in their imagination. These are wonderful and devoted friends.
  9. From August 10 to September 9 - ant. Работоспособные и устойчивые к жизненным трудностям люди, которые иногда могут быть излишне бескомпромиссными.
  10. С 10 сентября до 9 октября — сорока. Решительные личности, склонные к авантюрам. Им тотем помогает преодолеть страхи и избавиться от внутренних комплексов.
  11. С 10 октября до 9 ноября — бобер. Самостоятельные личности, которым неважно общественное мнение, они полагаются лишь на собственные чувства и логику. Спокойные, но довольно закрытые.
  12. С 10 ноября до 9 декабря — собака. Верные и щедрые, созданы, чтобы служить людям. They give their love and kindness, not expecting gratitude in return.

Watch a video about totem animals:

Summon Totem

In a difficult life situation, you can call your totem to help. What do we have to do:

  1. Relax and lie down. Put your left hand to your heart, close your eyes and take a breath to enter the desired state. Inhalations and exhalations should be as calm and deep as possible.
  2. Imagine that you were in a very comfortable space for you. It can be a seashore, green meadow or forest. Enjoy a state of calm and tranquility.
  3. Feel how your totemic animal appeared in space. Feel the power and power that comes from him.
  4. Talk to the totem, ask him questions that concern you, ask for help and support.
  5. After you get all the answers, thank the totem, take a few deep breaths, open your eyes and return to normal life.

This meditation can be practiced no more than once a month.

Guess today with the Tarot card "Card of the Day"!

For correct fortune-telling: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything for at least 1-2 minutes.